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The Polling Place

Updated on July 14, 2016

The Goal

As someone who is new to the whole writing process, I wanted to create this blog for feedback. Basically, I will post polls, quizzes, and other content to hold polls on, in order to see if anything would make a potentially hot topic for a blog. As I add more blogs, some of the polls will be to see if they are still relevant enough to have traffic, and others will be to quiz you on the content. But there will always be something that does not relate to something that I have already posted for you to cast a vote or to take a quiz on, so that you do not feel pressured into checking it out. I want you to want that experience, and to be excited for it. So please scroll down and browse my current setup.

Starting a Horror Hub!

The horror hub is not up and running yet, but since I do enjoy a well written horror, I will start one, soon. It will mostly be based on my experiences, although some of them will be fictional. I will indicate which is which. I also will take submissions from other people, and I will credit them each time I use their articles.

They can choose to use their real name, a partial name, or a pseudonym, but there will be adequete indication that the post isn't my own.

Elligible stories are both superanatural/unexplained, and possible yet still terrifying (PYT).

Example of a supernatural is "A Ghost at Grammy's House" and an example of PYT "The Stalker In My Closet". Please feel free to contact me. Have a nice day.

Color poll

What is the first color that pops into your head, without looking at the choices?

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How about this?

Do little text icons like this catch your attention?

My Original Song

Song Feedback

Did you enjoy the song?

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My current ideas

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