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Tinkerbell Online Printable Coloring Pages

Updated on August 21, 2015

Tinkerbell and Ballerina Printable

For those familiar with the life and story of Tinkerbell, they know that when she saw the toy ballerina that she wanted to become like here.

That's the premise behind this printable with Tinkerbell sitting there with a contemplative and somewhat sad and perplexed look on her face as she tries to figure out this ballerina problem while looking at the little figure.

It is a terrific opportunity to talk to a child about their dreams and thinking about their purpose and goals in life.

The ballerina, Tinkerbell and the design on the base of the ballerina offer a nice design for children that are at an intermediate or more advanced coloring level.

Children just learning don't care too much about that stuff, as they're just pleased to be able to use a crayon and scribble it about to see the color.

Tinkerbell Printables

Tinkerbell, over the years, has become an increasingly popular character, especially for little girls, and she is seen in a increasing number of stories which has only made her more popular with fans.

That lends itself to a booming demand in everything Tinkerbell, including printables or coloring pages which children love to color in.

In this article I've gathered together a gallery of photos and printables of Tinkerbell for immediate download and use, or to generate some ideas of what's out there. If those included here aren't what you want, simply type in the phrase "Tinkerbell printables" or "Tinkerbell coloring pages" and you'll find as many to choose from than you could ever use.

Some children have certain things they think of when contemplating Tinkerbell, so they may want to see her with Peter Pan, other fairy friends, or other denizens of the places she visits when flying about.

With that in mind, the printables in this article were gathered with the idea of having other characters or interesting objects or elements included with the Tinkerbell coloring pages. I mention that because there are a plethora of Tinkerbell printables that have her as the only person or thing in it.

While many children wouldn't mind it, having her with other people or things makes it more interesting and offers opportunities to interact with the child while they're coloring.

Tinkerbell Sitting and Dreaming

tinkerbell ballarina
tinkerbell ballarina | Source

Tinkerbell Dancing as Ballerina

Speaking of Tinkerbell and her ballerina dream, here's a wonderful image of her attempting to dance as she sees a ballerina doing it. It's very cute and little girls would love it.

It appears she's looking down into the hand mirror as she's dancing to see how she's doing.

The thimble, thread and ball are nice additions to give the little fairy context as to her size. It keeps the feel of how tiny Tinkerbell really is.

Tinkerbell Dancing


Printable of Tinkerbell Being Trapped by Captain Hook

Captain Hook was always the nemesis of Peter Pan, and his little friend Tinkerbell, as seen here, was sometimes the victim of that battle, being held captive by Hook in this coloring page.

Here is a good example of how you can use an activity time and the subject matter to provide your children or grandchildren some lessons in life.

You can be sure you'll get some eager ears when you take the side of Tinkerbell against Captain Hook, as they'll definitely think of him as the villain he is.

Tinkerbell Trapped


Tinkerbell Pixie Dust Magic Deluxe Coloring Book

Tinkerbell and Bees Coloring Page

Here we have Tinkerbell looking a bit different. Her hair and slippers are different than usual. Normally she wears a little set of cute slippers with the little ball on them. You'll see that in the other coloring pages in the article.

The wings and outfit also add more opportunities for children to use different colors, as do the bees.

It's a fantastic image to see Tinkerbell working with the friendly bees to collect some honey that is being shared by them. What she's using for a container also looks great.


Tinkerbell Surrounded by Butterflies and Dragonflies

Even most small children will identify the butterflies and dragonflies surrounding Tinkerbell in this printable, which will delight them no doubt.

And if they aren't sure what a dragonfly is, it is a teaching opportunity to share with them a little about them.

What is fun about this is that wonderful, welcoming, friendly smile of Tinkerbell here, and how she attracts other friendly living things to her because of that.

All of this little figures are great to have children use different crayons to learn their colors (in the case of younger children), and more advanced little artists will appreciate all the little figures they get to work on and challenge them.


Tinkerbell Coloring Pages, Printables

As you can see from these wonderful Tinkerbell printables and coloring pages, children will delight and them and be engaged in coloring them in.

What's fantastic about online printables is they can almost instantaneously be accessed, downloaded, and be handed over to a child or children for immediate use and gratification. When thinking of the short attention span of most youngsters, this is a real strength to consider.

Taking and using certain images can also be used to train and teach children about important things in life, making it even a better experience for all.

Tinkerbell is a terrific way to implement all of that, and there are more than enough online coloring pages and story lines to last for a long time.


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