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Tips and Tricks for Online Video Creation

Updated on June 2, 2020
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The author is a young boy who loves video creation and makes videos online


The online media has suddenly had great popularity. People are showing more attention to online media and liking it. But, people are attracted to some media which is easy to understand and use. Yes, I am talking about video, video is something which many people love to watch and create since it is easy to use and make.

Video Shooting
Video Shooting

Various Elements of a Video

Elements of a good video are:

Program title

The title is a very important element which will help you in SEO. A good title will rank in the google search engine and will give more traffic giving more chance to become popular video creator.

Location selection

A good video must have a good background and it must look attractive, to make the viewers give more watch time (in hours). For example, a garden view is attractive, but, if you don’t have a garden too you can use chroma key. In short, you can choose a background which is of uniform colour, and then you may use virtual background using either your editor or you may download a background remover for your device.

Importance of script

Scripting is very useful and its importance is very high. If you want to make a good video then the use of the script will be better than the words coming out from your own mouth.

For scripting, you need a peaceful mind and fast thinking. The better you think the better video you make.

These are the main elements for a good video. When you have these then you can easily make a nice video of your choice.

Types of Presentations

  • Speech

    Speech is one of the most used presentations, which many people watch. For speech, you should think that the camera as your audience. In this way, the audience will think you are looking right at them.

  • Interview

    An interview is a presentation in which one or two people will be interviewing someone. In this presentation, many people fail to get the attention of viewers because they look at the other person instead of looking at the camera. Because of this, you may get a better view if you follow this.

  • Live Shootout

    Shootout of a live program is a way to get popular easily. Just take a camera and with the permission of the presenters of the live program you may edit it and keep subtitles and this may be more noticed by viewers.

A live interview shootout
A live interview shootout
  • Gaming

    Gaming is now viewed a lot and is easily coming in the trending page if you keep uploading gaming videos. Gaming channels in YouTube have up to 300k views easily.

  • Questions and Answer

    Question and answer commonly known as QNA is a fun video where a person interacts to his viewers’ question and answers them.

  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    FAQs are common in science and entertainment, in which a person answers question in a scientific manner by speech or experiment

  • Reviews

    Reviewing videos are very popular and is educating videos in which a person reviews something in his/ her views. Making videos which you review a Smartphone also gets nice views.

  • Stand-up Comedy

    Stand-up comedies are one of the best things we can watch in times when we cannot pass time. The comedian in front of his audience cracks jokes and makes them laugh their stomachs off.
  • V-log

    V-log is something we do in certain adventure tour, some people record fun stuff they do in their houses also. Some people do place reviews ion form of a V-log, all you need is a camera and an editing skill, even if you can’t travel you may make videos on “what I eat for my daily life” videos like this attract many people.

  • How-to-do

    A ‘how-to-do video is something where you teach your viewers how to do some things. Like “how to make a red velvet cake”. People who love to eat or make things on their own will surely get dragged to your videos.

Importance of Anchoring

Anchoring is the main part of the video if you are doing it alone. Looking straight into the camera and speak boldly. Express what you have come for. Say about your ideas and explain in such a manner without stuttering so that your viewers will become your subscribers. If they are too fond of your videos they will share it with their friends. Then they will see your videos and will also be your subscribers. This will continue and you will end up in a very good state of video creation. Hence anchoring is useful for your channel growth also.

In a very good state of video creation. Hence anchoring is useful for your channel growth also.

A good anchor transfers viewers from another platform to his videos easily.

System Requirements

A good system is always useful for the users to save their videos for a backup, in case he has to shift or re-upload this will be very useful. A low-end system will be a problem for your journey towards success and this may be a very sad idea not to switch to a good system if you do success is just some miles away from you.

Back-end Editing

A good edited video will be attractive for the viewers and it will remove the part where you have committed a mistake and will increase you watch time easily since the viewers will watch till you go on and end up giving you many hours of watch time.

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Filmora 9 a free video editing softwareAdobe Priemiere another paid editing software
Filmora 9 a free video editing software
Filmora 9 a free video editing software
Adobe Priemiere another paid editing software
Adobe Priemiere another paid editing software


Monetization is one of the many steps towards success in your video creation journey. It may be easy to think, but it is not, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube and in Vimeo, you need to be a premium member. Your channel and content must be adhering to the partnership program of YouTube.


If your channel is good and people like your channel then you may get sponsorship easily. You must mention the sponsor in your video to give respect to them. Sometimes you may get a sponsor from apps also.


Once you complete your monetization ads start coming in every video of yours which have more than 1000 views. Ads will be matching to your video, for example, if you make tech videos some tech website or app will show their ads in the starting and in some portion of your video where you want them to be.


When the latest technologies are available it is wise always to make use of them for our benefit. Making use of the visual technology for reaching the public is the best way when the majority of the technology users are empowered with Smartphones, Computers and Smart TVs.


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