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TKVDW: Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck

Updated on December 29, 2013

Pevita Pearce - Behind The Scene "Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck"

Pevita Pearce latest movie, Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck, going on in theaters next month. Acting out Hayati in a movie made based on the famous novel by Buya Hamka, a major challenge for Pevita who starred in this film together Herjunot Ali and Reza Rahadian. The girl that born October 6, 1992 confessed of a tomboy, very different from Hayati the Minang girl. In addition, he had felt the culture shock when reading the film script set in the realm of Minangkabau. "I've never experienced life in 1930. For me that is of little big in Jakarta, there is a bit of culture shock," I Pevita in Soraya Intercine Films, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/11). As part of the preparation, in addition to reading the novel, Pevita deepen his character by conducting various researches. He chatted with Minang society, including indigenous Datu Pengulu that tells local customs. The results of this research so the footing to form the character Hayati Pevita style. "So, Hayati I played here is Hayati I imagined and based on research," She explained. Although preparation is ripe, Pevita still lack confidence. In reading phase over the past 6 months, Pevita almost every day crying. Seven days before the shooting, she reveals her insecurity to Sunil Soraya, the producer. "I told Mr. Sunil, 'Sir, it looks like I can not, I can not believe myself.' But Mr. Sunil confident and gives me the motivation to self-confidence. "Strong teamwork in the making of this film also makes Pevita more motivated. Already confident and motivated, the challenge has not been exhausted. Doing it herself some stunts, Pevita was injured. Two days before filming ended, Pevita perform scenes taken under the dark water, at 9 pm to 3 am. He was required to go down to a depth of 5 meters. Since the down into the water and then rise quickly and use the iron ballast, Pevita feel pain in his ears. "Maybe because it uses a ballast so the decline is too rapid. Suddenly my ear pain, as there was a 'ngiiing'. Finally I rise and cry because of the pain," She said. Pevita immediately rushed to the ENT doctor. The doctor forbid her down into the water too deep for a while--allowed to limit the depth of 1.5 meters--or get on a plane, because there should be no pressure on the ear. Filming was be handled. "On the last day we all work together and I went down to a depth of 1 meter only and interspersed rest. Once I'm ready, just come down again," She said. In a scene he did with her co-star, Herjunot Ali, Pevita should pursue the magic hour that occurs at sunset from about 17:45 until 18:15 local time. For a scene that appears only about 2-3 minutes in the movie, it took 3 days to finalize. "We only had about half an hour every day, but there anyway the constraints," said movie star 5Cm and Lost in Love. This scene requires a delicate moment: when they say a dialogue, the sun should be there right in between them. Location filming far enough and requires them to ride the raft. When taking a picture, there anyway events that are not reckoned, such as the sudden sound of a buffalo, even though the sun is just right and the intensity of the players had already obtained. However, because the sound of the buffalo makes Pevita and Junot had to repeat the scene from the beginning. The next picture, fail again. "It was still the sound of the azan, there are farmers who herded buffalo around the place of filming, and there are currently people carry wedding nearby. The next day, the new area is clear," She says. Wow, yes heavy struggle.


Herjunot Ali Screaming in Filming Location Due to Depressed


In the movie TENGGELAMNYA KAPAL VAN DER WIJK, Herjunot Ali trusted as the main character. He collided acting with Pevita Pearce and Reza Rahardian. Certainly important scenes to be acted by him. Because of the variety of important scenes, he felt tremendous pressure. Even he gets to shout to vent feelings of frustration. "I actually grateful to participate in this project. But with great pressure, I was shouted loud on the set, though reduced, "said Junot in office Soraya Intercine Films, Menteng, Central Jakarta (19/11). Junot tell he felt a big challenge when playing in the movie based of the HAMKA's bestselling novel. There is one scene which scene takes 3 days to process. Whereas in the film that will air December 19 later, the scene only has a duration of 3 minutes. "There's a love scene made during the three days. Technique is not difficult, but we chase the magic hour, when the sky was sunset. Also when there was the sound of a buffalo fitting romantic scenes. It really bother you", He said.


Secrets of the Titanic

Secrets of the Titanic: Anniversary Edition
Secrets of the Titanic: Anniversary Edition
TKVDW: Titanic Kapal Van Der Wijck LoL

"Love Scene" Pevita Pearce & Herjunot Ali Disturbed by the sound of a buffalo


Pevita Herjunot Pearce and Ali were lovers in the movie "Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck", which will start airing on December 19 the coming. To illustrate the depth of feeling between them, Sunil Soraya, the director, designing a love scene that so complicated. The process takes up to three days, because a lot of factors that make an important scene that have to be repeated. In addition to chasing the perfect position when the sun goes down, the situation in the set is also very influential. "Everything is good, But suddenly there was the sound of a buffalo that could damage the intensity, "said Pevita, in a press conference at the office Soraya Intercine Film, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/11). After "5cm.", the girl that born on October 6, 1992 considers the film adaptation of the novel by Buya Hamka as the hardest. "The most challenging so far," She said.


The Duration of TKVDW Movie is Almost 3 Hours


To give satisfaction to the audience, Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijk, the movie based on the novel by Buya Hamka is scheduled to air on December 19, 2013 in cinemas all over Indonesia, has a duration of nearly three hours. "So that the audience knows the storyline, the film is aired with a duration of 2 hours 45 minutes, "said Sunil Soraya, director and producer of the film in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (19/11). Preparation of the film also acknowledged by Sunil takes a long time, almost five years. For writing--the screenplay written by H. Imam Tantowi and Donny Dhirgantoro--alone takes two years. "To be perfect and have a taste, this script have to be revised again up to two years," says Sunil. The movie tells the (painful) love story between Zainuddin (Herjunot Ali) the Makassar, and Hayati (Pevita Pearce) the Minang, to be created by Sunil actually resembles the novel, with a visual form. Sunil wants to invite the audience to enjoy the beauty of Nusantara: display the properties of an authentic 1930s. Even, Sunil also re-create a replica of ship Van Der Wijck, the ship sunk off the coast of Nusantara in the 1930s. "It is difficult to find the blue print, I think it was here, apparently there in the Netherlands. Building the ship took more than a year", He said. With proper preparation, Sunil hopes the movie will be a spectacular movie closes the end of 2013. However, when asked about the cost of film which is estimated to high-cost, Sunil reluctant to say the details. "Most Expensive than the previous movie," said Sunil. Besides Herjunot Ali and Pevita Pearce, the film was also Powered with the acting skills of Reza Rahardian, Randy 'Nidji', Gesya Shandy, Jajang C. Noer, Afrizal Anode, Fany Bauty and much more.


Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck Spent 5 Years for Movie Making


Late last year, Soraya Intercine Films released the movie "5cm". However, long before the 5Cm was made, Soraya had planned to work on the movie Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijk (TKVDW). Two artist in the movie 5Cm, Herjunot Ali and Pevita Pearce, was initially comes to Soraya for casting movie TKVDW, not for the 5Cm. But, Soraya decided to produce the 5Cm first. "The preparation for TKVDW is very long. Observation, costumes, transformation the novel into a script, ship creation alone spent three years. All of them takes five years. So we pending them", said a representative of Soraya Intercine Films, when the first road show movies TKVDW at the State Islamic University, Jakarta, Monday (18/11). The movie is indeed be prepared properly because the producer and director, Sunil Soraya, would like to present a spectacular movie, considering the film is adapted from the bestselling novel by Hamka. "We wish, audience who have paid price for the movie feel worth it and not lose after watching", He said. The movie was shot in Padang, Bukittinggi, Padang Panjang, and Surabaya. Filming process itself takes six months. According to the plan, the TKTDV--that scripted by Donny Dhirgantoro (scriptwriter of 5Cm)--will be released December 19, 2013.


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