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"A Quickie: TLC Movie Review"

Updated on November 16, 2013

It's Finally Here!

I cannot describe to you the excitement I had waiting for this movie yesterday. I planned my day accordingly because missing “The TLC Story” was non-negotiable. I honestly have no idea why this movie was so important for me to watch. I do not know them personally. I have never met these women a day in my life. I could not even tell you the names of their children. I only know what everyone else hears; good ol’ 90s music. I only know what everyone else sees (thanks to our wonderful media); a group of women who gave us much to talk about. I do know where I was when I first heard that CrazySexyCool album. I remember Waterfalls coming on BET every hour, you know, when they were still playing music videos. I now realize that TLC is unconsciously a part of me.

TLC album cover for "CrazySexyCool."
TLC album cover for "CrazySexyCool." | Source

Diggin' on You...

I was obsessed with learning the lyrics to “Diggin’ on Me.” My oldest sister (who is lucky enough to have experienced the young TLC with the condoms over their eyes) had their cd. I remember not understanding what “CrazySexyCool” meant but I liked how the girls looked. They were pretty! I grew up in a home where “secular” music was heavily monitored so going to my sister’s house was my window to the “outside world.” I drew close to Toni Braxton and was introduced to Boyz II Men but TLC was what I heard everyone singing so I had to learn their songs. “Diggin’ on Me” was so beautiful to me. I really feel in love with the music. I can say that and mean it because looking back I had no clue what they were even talking about.


The TLC Story

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” really took me back; not only into my childhood but back into the lives of three women that I never bothered to really get to know. I mean, I heard that Left-Eye was crazy and that T-Boz had sickle cell (again, not knowing how serious that condition is) and that Chilli got cheated on by Usher. I knew what most people knew about these women but this movie allowed me to see their story; the testament of their life thus far. If I would have watched this as a child/teenager, I wouldn’t understand the significance of this movie or this group, let alone understand the struggle, pain and hurt that come with life. I probably would have watched because it was a trending topic on Twitter but I’m so glad I saw this when I did. This movie told many different stories and shared a lot about an industry that most forget is incredibly greedy. We were introduced to Tionne, Rozonda and Lisa; a group of girls who wanted to “make it” in life. They were determined to succeed and while succeeding Tionne fights her health constantly, Lisa battles her demons and Rozonda strives to love and be loved.


Meet the Cast

The casting for this film was phenomenal! Actress, and everybody’s favorite Akeelah, Keke Palmer did a good job as Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. I purposely chose the adjective “good” because it was not bad, she just did not blow me away. Singer/Actress Ms.Drew Sidora caused my mouth to drop. Now, if you’re like myself, when you think of Drew Sidora you think of Tia Mowry (or her character Melonie Barnett) tapping that behind! As a huge “The Game” fan, I was anxious to see her play such a major role. Drew was amazing! I did not see her, I did not see her character from the other show, I saw Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins! Many kudos to her for such an outstanding job in this role. The true breakout star of this film has unanimously been declared to be Niatia “Lil Mama” Kirkland. Now, I really could go on and on about how people love to hate on this young lady but that’s for a whole different forum. I WILL say that she gave an UNDENIABLY, EXTRAORDINARILY BRILLANT performance as Ms. Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes. She embodied that part with all she had and you can tell. All the Left-Eye lovers would agree that she literally brought her back to life. I will say in advance "CONGRATULATIONS" to Lil Mama for all her upcoming awards! YOU DID THAT, BOO! (Sorry…let’s keep it professional)


Crazy, Sexy and Cool

If you did not get a chance to catch the movie premiere of “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” it's all good! You can always count on VH1 to play re-run after re-run! In case they do not, they do have it available on their VH1 app! The video below documents the last few months of Lisa’s life. If you have never seen it, please take some time to check it out. Great job to all involved in this film! I know that it took a lot of work, money, patience and courage to make this film, so congratulations again! The world fell in love with TLC all over again.

Interview on Wendy Williams

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    • Kevina Oyatedor profile image

      kevina oyatedor 4 years ago

      Loved this movie and loved TLC since I was in elementary school in the 90s. The movie really showed what they went through. Great hub.