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Top 10 Funny Doormats 2016

Updated on December 18, 2016
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My name is Chris, I like creating HubPages about products I have tested. I try to bring you the best product review possible!

Do you want to see a Smiley Face every time you open your front door? Get a Funny Doormat!

Do you want to fresh up your house entrance? Or just want to show off your humorous side to family and friends? Well then you have came to the right place! Here in this lens you will find the Top 10 Funniest Doormats 2016.

Funny Doormats are getting more and more popular, so go find a funny doormat that suits your humor now!

#10 WELL, Butter My Butt & Call Me A Biscuit Doormat

Humorous as the mat may be (and it really is humorous), it has not garnered even a single comment from users. Quite possibly that's from a dearth of people who visit our front door. Irregardless, I like the mat and suspect that visitors do too even though they don't express it in words. Even my wife has said nothing, although she has not asked that I take it away. So it remains awaiting the day when someone expresses an opinion, or perhaps a day when I find a replacement. Only time will tell.

  • Classical Colorful Type door mat.Coral velvet, soft, lint-free, lint ball, do not fade, no skin irritation, no smell, durable Natural latex non-slip bottom design, good air permeability, anti-slip guarantee the safety at home and will not scratch the surface, with the rest assured. Get one at Amazon today!

#9 My House My Music My Rules

I really like this doormat. I bought it for my front porch, but then I realized that I don't have many people over and you don't buy something like this if you don't want it to get any attention.

I brought this doormat to work and put it at the door of my cubicle. I often have people waiting to see me, and I spend a good part of my day on the phone, so the joke works well. It's funny and work-appropriate. Several people have already asked me where I got it. Bonus: my co-workers now stand ON the mat to see me rather than wandering around, so it's easy for me (and others) to see when someone is waiting for me (and who got there first).

This doormat is high quality. The lettering is clear, the lines are straight, the backing is securely on there. I haven't used it outside in the sun or for people to actually wipe muddy feet on, so I can't speak to how it stands up to fading or feet-wiping.

I was pleased to see a note on that back that this doormat was made in the USA, and I will definitely buy from this company again.

If you want people to know who is the boss, this is the doormat for you!

My rules doormat
My rules doormat | Source

#8 I Hope You Brought Beer Funny Doormats

I open the door and the people waiting there are laughing! This is the fourth of this mat that I've bought; even in a sheleted entryway they do wear out over time.
BUT it was our son (whom we gave one as a gift) who discovered the use and advisory tag on the back of the mat. Who knew? It is hilarious, and we finally saved one to show people. A truly fun product with just the right amount of irony for modern days.

If you like beer and want a cheap doormat, this got the best deal at only $4.96.


#7 Hi I'm Mat Indoor/Outdoor Doormat

OKAY. Sit down boys and girls cause yall are about to get an AWESOME review about this doormat! Now you get about five dollars more than you paid for. That being said. It is a moderate quality mat though good enough to wipe your feet on. Mine magically appeared in my house two days afterwards (my mom brought it in while I wasn't home by hey, if she had an awesome person like me, she is magic). The biggest reason I'm giving this five stars is because I appreciate some good discreetly placed humor. Not only is the mat a funny conversation piece but so are the people who make it.

Buy Mat
Buy Mat | Source

#6 Rubber-Cal "Nice Underwear" Funny Doormat Coco Fiber Mat

  • These weather mats can endure through all seasons, with mold and mildew resistance for wet conditions like rain and snow
  • Fibrous materials of natural doormat offer an excellent scraping surface to keep the mess of incoming foot traffic off your floors
  • Comical and humorous welcome mats that are naturally colored and overlain with the text "nice underwear" to make your guests laugh
  • Coco fiber mat is produced through a process with minimal impact on the environment for an eco-friendly product with sustainable resources


#5 Welcome Bitches

I bought this as a present for my 79-year-old Father to put outside his new workshop/garage. He laughed so hard I was afraid he might have another heart attack! Great quality and totally worth it!! You can get this for as low as $3.51!


#4 Oh shit not you again doormat

As others have noted, this door mat is not extremely thick. I was aware of this before I bought it, so I do not mind. The comical value on the other hand is priceless. For a whole week after I got it, I used to peer through the peep hole when guests arrive and laughed at their reactions. It also does not hurt when I see the envy on their faces and when they try to google stores for the mat. I am sorry Amazon, this is for entirely selfish reasons, but I will take the knowledge of where I got the mat to my grave!


#3 Man Cave

The rug is as other reviewers stated.....woven with the printing that does not penetrate the fibers very deeply and it does move around easily, at least on our cement porch. I cut rug grip the same size and placed it beneath it - carefully tacking the rug grip in place with tiny dots of hot glue. Now the rug stays in place and is very cushioned to step on. I have it on a very protected/covered porch. I will be able to make a better review of durability after a few months' use as I haven't used it for more than a month at this time. As other reviewers stated - it is quite a conversation piece.


#2 Welcome Beware Of Wife Kids/Pets

This always brings a smile to the face of visitors who bother to glance down. And the best part is the sticker that the manufacturer puts on the back -- I peeled it off and slapped it onto the fridge. I won't spoil the surprise by going into detail, but it's quite entertaining. Functionally, the mat works well, laying flat like it's supposed to, with enough weight and the right backing material to hold it in place, so it doesn't blow away in the high winds we sometimes get here in the desert. Dry dirt and sand are easy to shake out, and it stands up well to a water hose for a more thorough cleaning, then drip-dries in a relatively short time.


This is an Olefin mat and says specifically to keep it in a "protected" location to keep it looking nice. It is not heavily backed, and doesn't weigh a ton. It's functional, but it won't last if you leave it outside and out in the elements. If you have a covered porch, it's a good choice. If you're looking for a heavy duty, all weather door mat, look elsewhere.

Personally, I bought it because it's hysterically funny and matches my attitude perfectly.

If you buy one, read the sticker on the too is funny!

What doormat is the funniest?

What doormat is the funniest?

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