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Top five romantic movies for couples

Updated on November 29, 2010
Sometimes the TV can be just as romantic as sunset.
Sometimes the TV can be just as romantic as sunset. | Source

Romantic Movies for Couples

We all know the cliché that only women watch romantic movies, that all men dread the "chick flicks", and would much prefer to watch something be blown up. Well, there might be some truth to that, but it is also true that not all romantic movies are created equally, and some are created with enough humor, action, and romance to appeal to both sexes. During my search to find five movies that appeal to both sexes, I came to the conclusion that there are numerous movies that you might both enjoy, but these five men will actually admit to liking!

1. Jerry Maguire- This Tom Cruise classic has been a favorite since it first came out in 1996, Jerry Maguire has the sentimental love stuff that you want in a romantic movie, but it also has some laugh out loud moments and some catch phrases that you still hear today,"Show me the money!", anyone?

2. When Harry Met Sally- A must see for practically everybody, When Harry Met Sally offers a much more realistic and life like love story than most romantic movies on the market. The characters are likeable and easy to relate to, and seeing Meg Ryan fake the big "O" in public is well worth the price of the movie.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall- A romantic comedy after your own heart, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is dramatic, romantic, but mostly it is just hilarious. If you enjoyed Knocked Up, Superbad, or The 40 year old virgin you will love Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

4.Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind- A perfect blend of romantic comedy and science fiction. If you have ever had an ex you wish you could forget, or a relationship that came unraveled slowly before you broke it off, this movie will strike a chord with you.

5. The Princess Bride- How often do you get to mix giants, sword fighting, and torture with romance? Not very often, but The Princess Bride does just that, and it does it well. This movie starts off in much the same way that any other adventure movie does, but the romantic undertones and fairy tale story line makes it appealing to all.

Happy Movie Watching,



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    • andrebreynolds profile image

      andrebreynolds 6 years ago

      I also love The Notebook.

    • Rattigan profile image

      Rattigan 6 years ago from St Catharines, Ontario

      I can't stand most romantic comedies, but this isn't a bad list. I'd have switched off if you'd mentioned Love Actually, though!

    • MrsInfertility profile image

      Carisa Blades 7 years ago from Ogden, Utah

      Love actually was awesome, I debated on adding it. Maybe I'll have to do a top ten list and add those two as well. Thanks for commenting!

    • gksquire9 profile image

      gksquire9 7 years ago from America

      Good list. Love Actually. The Notebook.