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Transformers Autobot Cars

Updated on October 22, 2017

Autobot Cars

They say strength in numbers and when it came to the Autobots and them winning battles against the Decepticons, that theory came true for the Autobots did outnumber the Decepticons at one point thanks in part of the Autobot cars. They were smaller than their leader, Optimus Prime, but they were taller than the mini Autobots. They each had something to contribute to the battle with a few of them having a special ability to add to their arsenal. So let's come and break down the Autobot Cars that we have grown to love from the original Transformers series.



He could transform from a police car and back. He was also the unofficial second in command next to Optimus Prime. He wasn’t the one to always say much, but he spoke louder when in battle. He met his maker as he was taken down during the attack of the Autobot ship that was on it’s way back the Autobot City on Earth.



He was similar to Prowl in appearance, but that’s where the similarities ended. Though he did transform to a similar car, he was more of on the soldier side. He would wisecrack with the rest of the Autobots, but always took his job on the battlefield seriously.


Hound did his thing his way and by that, he would always have the use of his secret weapon that was right on his shoulder. It was a holographic weapon where he could trick any Decepticon into thinking something was there when it’s only just a hologram. He would also transform into a jeep.



If there were a time when you wanted to jam to some music, then Jazz is your man. This race car would either make the best of his loud speakers by putting them to use against the Decepticons, or make it worse as he would sometimes get on his allies nerves with the loud music. He can’t help it sometimes because he’s just being Jazz.



Another race car from the Autobots, Mirage had the special ability to make himself invisible. Being able to walk up to a Decepticon and take him down while no one else was looking which was a very valuable asset to the Autobots.



Sideswipe was the Autobot with all the jokes and always found the time make his Autobot buddies laugh. But when it came to battle, not only did he take it to the ground, but he took it to the skies as well for he had his trusted jet pack to accompany him with .



The brother of Sideswipe wasn’t anything like him. He was more of a classy robot where the worse thing that can go wrong with him is when someone tries to ruin his paint job. But none less, he was a great asset in battle when pair with his brother, Sideswipe.



Wheeljack was the robot to go to when it came to creating something. Whenever he had an invention on his mind, he would go on to create it right away. Some went right and some didn’t. But that didn’t stop Wheeljack from making it. Unfortunately he was last seen defeated during the battle against the Decepticons during the battle at Autobot City.



When it comes to creating a force field to protect his own, Trailbreaker was the man to do it. With that special ability alone made him a must when going into battle with the Decepticons.



Resident Autobot medic and Wheeljack’s best friend, Ratchet would take care those who needed to take care of in battle. The Autobots can surely say that without Ratchet, they would have never had gotten through half the battles they’ve been in. Too bad that he was last seen defeated shortly after Prowl on the same ship that he was on by the Decepticons.



Close buddy to Optimus Prime, though he always seem cranky and moody, he never back down from a fight with the Decepticons. Kind of a hot head as well, but if you needed someone to have your back in a battle, Ironhide was the Autobot you can count.

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