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Vampire Knight

Updated on November 29, 2013

What is Vampire Knight?

Vampire Knight is an anime series as well as a manga. This series was written by Matsuri Hino. This seies is about two groups of students who attend Cross Academy. These two groups are the Day Class and the Night Class. Cross Academy has two prefects, or guardians of the school. They are Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu. Their job as guardians is to protect the Night Class' secret from the Day Class students - the secret that the Night Class are all vampires.

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Vampire Knight Overview

The earliest thing that Yuki can remember is of a snowy night ten years ago. On that very night she was attacked by a vampire and saved by another vampire. The vampire that was her savior was Kaname Kuran. Yuuki was later adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy. She now attends and is also a "prefect" or guardian of the school. As a prefect she has two jobs: One is to protect the Night Class' identities as vampires and the other is to protect the Day Class human students from the Night Class vampires. The other "prefect" of this school is Zero Kiryu. When Zero was a young child his family was killed by a pureblood vampire. Because of what has happened to him, Zero hates vampires and is determined to see them. Ironically enough Zero is beginning to turn into a vampire himself because of the bite of the pureblood vampire all those years ago.

Pure Blood

A Pureblooded is vampire that has no traces of human blood in their ancestry. They are the most powerful type of vampire, but only consist of a very small portion of the vampire community. Pureblood vampires can breed and produce young, therfore marriages are focused on keeping the family and bloodline pure. In the world of the pureblood vampires, it's not unheard of, for siblings, cousins and other family members to marry as it is essential to keep the bloodline pure. Another option is to marry a member of another pureblood family.

Purebloods are treated like royalty and are the most highly reveared by the Vampire Council mainly because of their power and rarity. Because of this, purebloods are considered "treasures" by the Vampire Council. The Council hold Pureblood's powers in extremely high regard but fears their powers especially the power that lets them control lower vampires. It is against the Vampire Council's laws to kill or to even harm a Pureblood. Other vampires lust for a pureblood's blood more than anything else.

Purebloods live longer then most vampires, so, a pureblood can not die of illness or any other cause. They can only die if they commit suicide or are murdered. It's said that most purebloods kill themselves because of the long lifespan a pureblood lives. In the Vampire Knight storyline their are only seven pureblood families left, Kuran, Hiou, Shirabuki, Ouri, Hanadagi, Touma and Shoutou. Before the birth of Yuki Kuran who is youngest pureblood at the age of 16, their were thirty three Pureblood vampires of which the Vampire Council controlled nineteen of them, the rest on them had been away for a long time.

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Gender: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Age: 16 years

Quote: Kaname-sama!

Status: Guardian and Prefect of Cross Academy

Bio: On a cold, snowy night, when Yuki was 5 years old she was attacked by a Level E vampire. Kaname Kuran rescued her from the creature and brought her to the headmaster of Cross Academy. The headmaster adopted Yuki soon after and raised her as if she were his own child. Now that she is grown, Yuki is a school Guardian otherwise known as a Prefect. She, like Chairman Cross, believes that vampires and humans can live together in peace and harmony. Yuki cares very deeply for Kaname, as he does for her. Kaname is always watching out for Yuki. Yuki also cares for Zero and is always trying to take care of him.

Yuki's weapon against vampires is her staff, Artemis.

Gender: Male


Eyes: Lavender

Age: 17 years

Height: 5'11"

Quote: "What do you want Vampires?"

Status: School Guardian, Vampire Hunter, and Level D Vampire

Bio: Zero's family, one of vampire hunters, was murdered by the pureblood vampire Shizuka Hiou when he was young. He harbors a deep hatred for vampires and claims to have taken on the role of Guardian to learn how to hunt them better. In truth, Zero was bitten during the attack on his family and therefore was turned into a vampire, something that has been kept secret even from Yuki until his vampiric urges began to surface and became uncontrollable.

Zero's weapon against vampires is his gun with anti-vampire magic, Bloody Rose

Who would you choose if you were Yuuki?

Who should Yuuki choose? Kaname or Zero?

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The Night Class was founded so that humans and vampires could co-exist in a peaceful world. The headmaster is conducting an experiment with them. Vampires in Cross Academy are forbidden to drink blood so instead of them drinking blood they are to take blood tablets instead. The blood tablets are pills that are to be dissolved in water to drink. They are meant to curb a vampire's craving for blood. They help but they are nowhere as good as blood to a vampire. The Night Class' dorm is called the Moon Dorm.


Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Red/Brown

Age: 18 years

Height: 6'0"

Quote: "Yuki my dear girl. The only one in the entire world."

Status: President of the Night Class and Pureblood Vampire

Bio: Kaname is a seemingly nice vampire. Ever since he rescued Yuki from her vampire attacker 10 years ago he has watched over and protected her. He cares for Yuki very deeply. Kaname is one of the only pureblood vampires left in existance. His grandfather was the head of the vampire hierarchy. Because of his status Kaname is very respected among the students of the Night Class.

Gender: Male

Alias: Idol

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Teal Blue

Age: about 17-18

Height: 5'10"

Quote: "What's your blood type?"

Status: Aristrocrat Vampire/Level B

Bio: Aidou is the vampire that is always in trouble. Though he may seem childish and silly at times, he can be serious when he needs to be. Most of the time he can be found trying to drink the Day Class girls' blood. Aidou really doesn't like the fact that Kaname gives Yuki such respect. He also has the ability to control ice. He likes sweets. He is the long awaited first son of the Aido Noble Family. He and Kain Akatsuki are cousins and roomates.

Gender: Male

Alias: Wild

Hair: Light Red or Dark Blond

Eyes: Brownish orange

Age: 17

Height: 6'2"

Status: Aristocratic Vampire/Level B

Bio: Akatsuki Kain is Hanabusa Aidou's cousin and roommate. Kain's ability is the opposite of Aidou's being that he can control fire. He seems to have feelings for Ruka, a female vampire of the Night Class. He is incredibly perceptive and is frequently sensitive to others' feelings, most particularly with Aidou and Ruka's.

Gender: Male

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Green


Height: 6'0"

Status: Aristocratic Vampire/Level B

Bio: Takuma is the Vice President of the Moon Dorm. He is Kaname's close childhood friend. He is very kind, and friendly, making him seem more human than vampire. He is also one of the more responsible of the Night Class vampires.

Gender: Female

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Blue


Status: Aristocratic Vampire/Level B

Bio: Rima Toya is a member of the night class at Cross Academy. She works as a model with Senri Shiki. Rima likes to boss Shiki around, but she cares deeply for Shiki. Rima and Shiki are always seen together, and she was worried about Shiki when she was unable to contact him after New Year's.

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown/Maroon

Eyes: Blue

Age: 16

Height: 5'8"

Status: Aristocratic Vampire/Level B

Quote: "She seems like she'd be tasty...that girl..."

Bio: Shiki is one of the youngest Night Class students. He is often found with Ichijo Takuma and Rima Touya. Rima works as a model along side Shiki. His mother was an actress, and his family is well know. His father is Rido Kuran, making him Yuuki Cross and Kaname Kuran's cousin.

Gender: Female

Hair: White/Lavendar

Eyes: Lavendar

Age: 18

Status: Aristocratic Vampire/Level B

Bio: Seiren (星煉, Seiren?) A student of the Night Class, she is Kaname's unofficial bodyguard. She is usually the first to defend Kaname from anyone she regards as a threat. For example, she barely refrains from killing Zero when he points a gun at Kaname for comparing Zero to a level-E. It seems she also acts as a spy for Kaname.

Gender: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Age: 17

Status: Aristocratic Vampire/Level B

Quote: "I don't want to dance with some strange boy."

Bio: Ruka Souen is a member of the night class at Cross Academy. She loved Kaname a long time ago. She became upset when Kaname refuse to drink her blood. She dislikes Yuki because Kaname loves her. She admired Kaname when she was a little girl, before she even met Kaname. She gets jealous when she sees a girl speaking with Kaname.

Who's your favorite Night Class student?

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Vampire Knight Opening For Season 1

Vampire Knight Closing for Season 1

Season 1 Episode Guide

Episodes are currently only in Japanese

Episode 1 "Night of the Vampires"

"Vampaia no Naito"

Original Air date: April 7, 2008

Yuki's very first memories are of the time when Kaname saved her life from an insane vampire when she was five. In present time, Yuki is 15 and attends Cross Academy, which is divided into Day Class and Night Class. The Night Class consists entirely of vampires, including Kaname. Yuki is a school guardian who protects the Night Class' secret from other people along with Zero, who despises vampires. Zero's family was killed by a pureblood vampire and he was the lone survivor.

Episode 2 "Memory of Blood"

"Chi no Memorii"

Original Air Date: April 14, 2008

Yuki and Zero manage the commotion on Valentine's Day, when they watch over the members of the Day Class giving chocolate to the Night Class. Kaname receives chocolate, but he only keeps the one from Yuki and gives away the others. Yuki also gives chocolate to Zero.

Episode 3 "Fangs of Repentance"

"Sange no Fangu"

Original Air Date: April 21, 2008

Yuki tries to figure out what Zero is keeping from her. She is attacked by a Level E Vampire while in the city however Kaname saves her. Later, when she encounters Zero in agony, he bites her and awakens as a vampire.

Episode 4 "Trigger of Conviction"

"Danzai no Torigaa"

Original Air Date: April 28, 2008

Kaname attends to Yuki after Zero bites her and Yuki learns of Zero's fate of possibly becoming a Level E vampire. Zero tries to leave the school, but Yuki stops him.

Episode 5 "The Feast Under the Moon"

"Gekka no Sabato"

Original Air Date: May 5, 2008

Yuki is given a bracelet that, when pressed to Zero's tattoo, can stop him when he needs controlled. A new teacher arrives at Cross Academy. Why does Zero seem to know him? Zero and Yuki leave Cross Academy to run an errand for the Headmaster, but Yuki is attacked by a vampire. Yuki and Zero attend a birthday party for one of the Night Class students.

Episode 6 "Their Choice"

Original Air Date: May 12, 2008

Yagari, who trained Zero to be a vampire hunter, must make a choice about what to do with Zero. Seeing Zero attack Yuki has only made things worse. Yuki is determined to save Zero and is willing to try anything to help.

Episode 7 Scarlet Labyrinth

Original Air Date: May 19, 2008

After Zero tells Yuki that he knows how she feels about Kaname, Yuki leaves the room feeling as though she has been spied on. Yuki reminisces about how she felt when she first met Kaname. She remembers how things were when she and Zero first came to live at Cross Academy. Things like the beginning of the Night Class and seeing Kaname drink Ruka's blood.

Episode 8 "Blast of Grief"

Original Air Date: May 26, 2008

Everyone in the Moon Dorm is getting ready for a visit from Ichijou's grandfather, Ichiou. Ichijou is in a panic from the news that his grandfather will visit. What is the purpose of this visit he wonders? Zero also gets his first mission as a Vampire Hunter. He is to track down a Level E that has killed four teenage girls. Whether he wants to or not, Zero has no choice but to fulfill his duty as a Vampire Hunter.

Episode 9 "Crimson Eyes"

Original Air Date: June 2, 2008

The upcomming ball for both the Day and Night classes has everyone excited! All of the Day Class girls are hoping for a chance to dance with their favorite Night Class guy. Meanwhile there is a new student starting at Cross Academy. Her name is Kurenai Maria and she will be attending the Night Class. Who is this new girl and why does she arouse so many suspicions? Could she actually be the pureblood that everyone thought was dead for four years now?

Episode 10 "Prisoner of Darkness"

Original Air Date: June 9, 2008

Something has been bothering Zero, and it involves Maria. What role did she have in Zero's past, and who is her mysterious helper?

Episode 11 "A Wish's Price"

Original Air Date: June 16, 2008

What does Ichiru have planned for Zero? Cross Academy hosts a dance where both the Day and Night classes can attend. Will Yuki agree to Maria's trade in order to save Zero from becoming a Level E?

Episode 12 "The Pureblood Vow"

Original Air Date: June 23, 2008

What will happen to Yuki now that she has decided to sacrifice herself? Can Zero save her, or will Shizuka, who returns to her body, stop him?

Episode 13 "A Deep Red Chain"

Original Air Date: June 30, 2008

As Shizuka lays dying, Ichiru experiences flashbacks of the past. Can Zero be saved now that Shizuka is gone, or will he become a Level E vampire? The vampires of the Night Class are confused about the recent events.

Vampire Knight - Guilty Opening

The opening song from Vampire Knight - Guilty

Vampire Knight closing song

Vampire Knight Guilty Episode Guide

Episode 1 "The Sinners of Fate"

Shukumei no tsumibito tachi

Original Air Date: October 6, 2008

While separating the Day Class students from the Night Class students to allow them to go to class, Yuki accidentally calls Zero Kaname, which angers him. That evening, Maria awakens and tells Zero that Shizuka was seeking the pureblood vampire who changed the execution list of the Hunter's Association that resulted in the death of her lover. Yuki is attacked by vampires sent by the Vampire Council to execute Zero for killing Shizuka, and Zero saves her. Before the remaining vampires can attack, the Night Class students appear, and Kaname orders the Council assassins to leave. When Kaname insinuates that Zero was the one who killed Shizuka, Yuki claims that she will not speak to him until he admits Zero is innocent. Later, Zero dreams about Shizuka, and awakens calling Yuki's name. When Yuki comes to comfort him, he nearly kisses her, but stops.

Episode 2 "Eternal Promise" (Paradox)

Eien no yakusoku (paradokkusu)

Original Air Date: October 13, 3008

Yuki and her friend Yori walk through the nearby town, and encounter a lost boy. Yuki offers to take him back to his parents, and the child takes her to an abandoned building. He kisses her in gratitude, which knocks Yuki unconscious. She awakens to find Kaname watching her. Kaname reveals that there is a party for vampires in the building, and asks Yuki not to leave the room. Meanwhile, Zero has been assigned to oversee the party by the Hunter's Association. The child goes to Yuki's room to apologize, and Yuki follows him. She views the party as Kaname enters, and Hanabusa's father offers his daughter in marriage to Kaname. Yuki returns to her room, and Kaname returns. He lies down beside her, and asks if she wants to be a vampire and live forever with him. She agrees, and Kaname claims he would never force her to become a vampire.

Episode 3 "The Lapis Lazuli Portrait" (Mirage)

Ruri dama no shouzou (miraaju)

Original Air Date: October 20, 2008

The students of the Cross Academy leave for the holiday, and Rima, Ruka, Kaname, Akatsuki, and Takuma go to the Aido family residence; however, Hanabusa stays on campus. Shiki goes to his home rather than the Aido residence, as he was summoned by his uncle. In the Night Class dorm, Hanabusa recalls asking Akatsuki to investigate Kaname's family while at the Aido residence. Hanabusa goes to the Day Class dorm, and meets Yuki and Zero, who makes dinner for him. Afterwards, Hanabusa takes a bath and recalls meeting Kaname when he was younger, noting the change in his personality before and after Kaname's parents died. While making dinner, Yuki cuts herself and tells Zero to drink the blood, a scene witnessed by Hanabusa. He returns to the Night Class dorm and enters Kaname's study, where he realizes Kaname is planning something.

Episode 4 "The Devil's Quickening"

Akuma no taidou

Original Air Date: October 27, 2008

Shiki's uncle takes him to a man immersed in a tub of blood, and claims that he is Shiki's father. Shiki's father awakens and asks Shiki to lend him his power. Seiren informs Kaname of this, and Kaname returns to the Academy. Meanwhile, Yuki is recalling her conversation with Zero when she hallucinates that her bath is filled with blood. Zero suggests that she look in the records of the Hunter's Association for clues about her past. They travel to the Hunter's Association headquarters, where Yuki discovers that Kaien was formerly a vampire hunter. The Association president confronts Zero, and reveals he can only save himself from becoming a Level E by drinking a pureblood vampire's blood or reversing the "Cursed Twins". Outside, the book Yuki is reading bursts into flames. That evening, Hanabusa confronts Kaname about his plans, and Kaname reveals that his parents were murdered. Meanwhile, Takuma meets his grandfather, who addresses Shiki as his lord.

Episode 5 "The Subordinate's Trap"

"Juzoku no Torappu"

Original Air Date: November 4, 2008

Yuki continues to hallucinate that her surroundings are drenched in blood, and is determined to ask Kaname about her past. Zero allows Ichiru to join the Day Class, and Kaien hopes that the brothers can repair their relationship. During her night patrol, Yuki hallucinates that blood is on her hand and she inadvertenly attacks Kaname. Kaname comforts her and tells her that he loves her. Zero confronts Kaname about Yuki's memories, and Kaname forces Zero to drink his blood to stop his transformation into a Level E vampire. Yuki resolves to talk with Kaname, and Kaname reveals that he is worried that Yuki will hate him when she learns the truth about her memories. Yuki claims that she could never hate him, and Kaname asks Yuki to become his lover to prove her devotion

Episode 6 "The Fake Lovers"

"Itsuwari no Ravazu"

Original Air Date: November 11, 2008

Kaname orders several Night Class students to guard Yuki after she agrees to become his lover. Yuki begins to have nightmares and continues to see images of blood on everything she sees. When she collapses from these images, she is taken to the infirmary, where Ichiru attempts to give her a vial of blood, and he is stopped by Hanabusa. Yuki meets with Kaname, and due to the awkwardness of their meeting, cannot ask any questions about her past. Yuki and Kaien invite Ichiru to dinner with Zero, but Yuki brings up that she saw Ichiru in the infirmary and thought he was Zero. Zero's furious response to this causes Ichiru to leave. Shiki and Takuma return to the Night Class dorm, and Rima realizes that someone is possessing Shiki after seeing that one of his eyes is colored red.

Episode 7 "The Thorny Kiss"

"Ibara no Kisu"

Original Air Date: November 18, 2008

Shiki approaches Kaname and Kaname realizes that he is possessed by Rido Kuran, Kaname's uncle. Kaname attacks Shiki, but Takuma stops him, claiming that he will not allow Kaname to harm Shiki. Yuki begs Kaname to return her memories, and she collapses in his arms after hallucinating again. Kaname takes Yuki to Kaien, who reveals that it is time to awaken Yuki. Yuki awakens in her bed and hallucinates that the room is covered in blood. When Zero comes into the room, Yuki involuntarily attempts to strangle him. After Zero offers no resistance, he tells her that she needs Kaname more than she needs him. Kaname arrives and takes Yuki onto the roof of the building. He bites her, drinks his own blood, and transfers his blood to Yuki by kissing her. Zero arrives, furious that Kaname has turned Yuki into a vampire, and Yuki reveals that Kaname is her older brother.

Episode 8 "The Spiral of Recollection"

"Tsuioku no Supairaru"

Original Air date: November 25, 2008

aname leaves with Yuki, who recalls that her father, Haruka Kuran, died fighting Rido, and that her mother, Juri Kuran, sacrificed herself to seal Yuki's memories and transform her into a human. Kaname meets Akatsuki and Hanabusa, and reveals that Yuki is his sister and his fiancée. Upon awakening, Yuki drinks Kaname's blood, and is saddened that Juri and Haruka sacrificed themselves to save her. Yuki realizes that her parents were siblings, and Kaname reveals that they are engaged. Kaname orders the Night Class students to keep the Day Class students in their dorms. Meanwhile, Rima battles Shiki, and is seriously injured; however, she pleas to Shiki to regain control, and Rido is unable to move Shiki's body. Yuki decides to talk to Zero, and despite Akatsuki's and Hanabusa's pleas, goes to the Day Class dorms. When Yuki arrives at the door to Zero's room, she senses that Zero has pointed Bloody Rose at her.

Episode 9 "Revival of the Emperor"

"Fukkatsu no Enpera"

Original Air Date: December 2, 2008

Zero claims that he can only sense an arrogant pureblood vampire on the other side of the door, and Yuki accepts this, revealing that the vampire side of her ate the other side. She leaves the dorm and Hanabusa brings her shoes. As Yuki begins to cry, Hanabusa reveals that it is unheard of to see pureblood vampires cry. Meanwhile, Kaname goes to where Rido's original body is kept, and asks Ichiru to open his coffin. He claims that he is surprised to see Ichiru, as twins in vampire hunter families attempt to consume one another when they are in the womb. Kaname takes Ichiru's sword and stabs his hand to give Rido the necessary blood to revive. As Kaname leaves, he reveals that he is the original member of the Kuran family, and Rido summoned him from his slumber, rendering Kaname unable to kill Rido. Kaien and Yagari meet, and Zero arrives, asking Yagari to kill him. Yagari refuses and leaves in a room as Zero reminisces about what Yuki said to him.

Episode 10 "The Battle's Prelude"

"Tatakai no Purerydo"

Original Air date: December 9, 2008

Yuki sees the sun for the first time as a vampire, and returns to her room with Hanabusa. Yagari confronts the vampire hunters sent to take Zero, and demands that the Association president come. Kaien and Yagari gather the Day Class students to evacuate them, and many are attacked by Rido's vampire servants. The Night Class students dispatch them, and when Yori is attacked by one of Rido's servants, Yuki attempts to defend her. However, her anti-vampire staff, Artemis, rejects her, and Hanabusa kills the vampires. When Yuki tells Yori she is a vampire, Yori accepts this, telling Yuki that she is her friend. Yuki returns to her room and dreams of Shizuka. She is awakened by Kaname, and asks to stay to defend her friends. Kaname refuses, claiming that he had spent ten years protecting Yuki, and asks her to stay in the room. After Kaname leaves, Yuki convinces Hanabusa to allow her to leave and takes a gun from the room.

Episode 11 "Our Two Lives"

"Futari no Raibuzu"

Original Air date: December 16, 2008

Kaien is confronted by the Association president, who demands that Kaien give him Zero. Kaien refuses and fights the Association president, forcing him to retreat. As Zero sits in silence, Kaname arrives, claiming that Zero is the "knight" he has prepared for the past years to kill Rido. He reveals that Zero has been strengthened by drinking the blood of three purebloods - Yuki, Kaname, and Shizuka - and is the stronger twin child of a vampire hunter. When Zero tells Kaname to kill Rido, Kaname reveals that Rido will hunt Yuki, and claims that Zero will never betray Yuki. After Kaname leaves, Ichiru arrives and shoots Zero with the Bloody Rose. Zero recalls the close relationship he had with Ichiru when they were children, and remembers Shizuka killing his parents. Ichiru reveals that he was injured while attempting to kill Rido for Shizuka's sake, and asks Zero to consume him. Zero does so and leaves the room.

Episode 12 "End of the World"

"Sekai no Piriodo"

Original Air date: December 23, 2008

Surrounded by his servants, Rido drinks their blood, and waits for Yuki to come to him. While the Night Class students battle Rido's servants, Yagari fights the vampires sent by the Hunter's Association. The Association president goes to Ichijo and asks for his blood to maintain his beauty; Ichijo kills him instead. Kaname goes to the meeting place of the Vampire Council and kills all of them except Ichijo, who manages to escape. As he leaves the building, Ichijo is confronted by Takuma, who uses an anti-vampire sword to fight him. Kaien arrives to fight the vampires sent by the Hunter's Association, and Yuki and several Night Class students leave to fight Rido. When they attempt to fight him, he instantly paralyzes all of the Night Class members, and attempts to drink Yuki's blood, Yuki transforms Artemis into a scythe and injures him. Zero arrives and is overcome by his power he acquired from Ichiru until Yuki slashes him with Artemis.

Episode 13 Vampire Knight

"Vanpaia no Naito"

Original Air Date: December 30, 2008

Using his new power, Zero injures Rido with Bloody Rose and Rido flees to the surrounding forest. He attempts to drink the blood of his servants to recover, and is confronted by Kaname. As Kaname fights Rido, Zero arrives and kills Rido with Bloody Rose. Zero meets with Yuki to say farewell. When he reveals that he does not believe that Yuki is a vampire, he asks her to drink his blood, and she does so. Zero reveals that he will continue to kill purebloods and will ultimately kill Yuki. Yuki meets with Kaname, claiming that she wishes to protect him despite the pain he has caused her by protecting her the previous ten years. After Yuki says farewell to Kaien, she and Kaname leave the Academy with Hanabusa, Akatsuki, and Ruka.

So which is better? Day or Night Class?


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