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British Comedy - Vicar Of Dibley

Updated on February 12, 2010

The Vicar of Dibley

When the village of Dibley's vicar died in the middle of the service, the locals did not know what awaits them. They get a woman vicar with a bob cut and magnificent bosom. The modern music loving vicar with a passion for chocolate is not the only eccentric character in the village. The parish council is full of them.

There's local Tory councillor David Horton CBE, gentleman farmer and self-acknowledged pillar of the community. As chairman of the parish council, he is generally the first person to oppose anything that even remotely sounds like fun.

His dim but well-meaning son Hugo is his father's opposite in every way. He eventually manages to woo Alice, the equally spaciously-brained verger and Geraldine's best friend.Though her lack of intelligance can sometimes make her more of a hindrance than a help, Alice's relationship with Geraldine is genuinely affectionate. she named her first child after the vicar. Actually, she named her first child after the vicar, her favourite Tellytubby and her favourite TV chef: Geraldine Laa Laa Ainsley Harriott Horton.

Other members of the parish council who keep the vicar busy include foul-mouthed farmer Owen Newitt, who takes a rather unhealthy interest in the bowel movements of his cows. There's also pedantic parish council secretary Frank Pickle; when Mr Horton called him a "pedantic old fart" for keeping the minutes so fastidiously, Frank's response was "Should I actually write 'fart', or 'f**t'?". There's stammering Jim Trott, who prefaces every sentence with "No-no-no-no-no-no", generally leading to confusion about whether he's supporting or against something. The much-missed Letitia Cropley, "the queen of Cordon Bleurgh", was a feature of the first series, famous for her idiosyncratic recipes such as parsnip brownies and lard and fishpaste pancakes.

About Dibley - Is Alice a Moron?

The show was first aired on the BBC in 1994 and run for 23 episodes which included 2 hour long specials. Three short specials normally for comic relief charity night.

It is filmed on location in the tiny village of Turville in Buckinghamshire, with St. Mary the Virgin church doubling as Saint Barnabus of Dibley. villagers from Turville can sometimes be seen appearing as members of the congregation.Famous guest stars have included Rachel Hunter, Sean Bean, Darcey Bussell, Johnny Depp, Kylie Minogue, Terry Wogan and Sarah, Duchess of York.

The thought of a woman vicar being sexy and cracking ribald gags was revolutionary in itself. Most of the episodes featured a short post-credits sequence where Geraldine tells Alice a bawdy joke. As Alice is a bit too dense to understand them - reacting in a number of weird ways, all inappropriate.

One of my all time favourites was one of the christmas specials where they recreat the story of Jesus being born and ends up with Alice actually giving birth. Sadly the last ever vicar of dibley was this years comic relief special and was a wife swap spoof episode. Eventually the vicar finds her man and she gets married in the very last ever ?? episode and goes off into the sunset. However, I never get bored watching the episodes of this great comedy and hope you will enjoy them as well

the end joke

Vicar of dibley

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    • hayleylou lm profile image

      hayleylou lm 

      9 years ago

      I love the Vicar of Dibley - I especially like the episode where she falls in that puddle - great lens 5stars. I have added a link to this lens on my Blossom TV lens.


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