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Voice Over Recording Studio Tips

Updated on July 18, 2014

Improve Your Voice Over Recordings

In this article we will go over the basic points when producing your voice overs in the recording studio, whether youâre recording for network TV, Film, Youtube or an internal Corporate Video. These tips apply to both male voice talent and female voice talent.

Get 'er done!

Rent several microphones and try each one. You may happen upon the perfect microphone that matches your voice quality.

Keep the voice over artist 2″-4″ from the microphone.

Use a windscreen or pop filter to block wind from hitting the microphone.

Use the best sounding audio converters you can buy.

Try recording without compression or EQ. You can always add more during the mix.

Keep your input levels peaking around -3dB.

More Tips for Your Voice Overs

When setting your input levels, keep them lower than you think. Many voice over artists 'warm up' much quieter than they will perform during the actual recording session.

Warm up the artist by getting them to read a few lines from the actual script, and take this time to adjust your input levels and check all your settings. But be careful that they don't overuse their voice before the official recording.

Try switching the pick-up pattern of the microphones between cardioid and omni.

If your microphone is picking up too much 'room' sound, switch to cardioid.

Have plenty of water on hand for your voice-over talent. Discourage any coffee, tea, milk, pop drinks until the session is finished.

And Finally

Try to comp voice over together from full takes during the post production mixing, rather than getting the talent to punch in one or two words.

Keep the voice over talent from moving around too much. Ask them to stay as still as comfortably possible. If they can't help it then try switching the mic to omni. This will get rid of the bass proximity effect.

Use a sturdy music stand for their script, and have plenty of pens, pencils and highlighters available.

Make sure you get their headphone volume levels perfect. Tell them not to be afraid of being too picky with their headphone mix.

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