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The Walking Dead Wallpapers

Updated on May 28, 2014

Wallpapers from "The Walking Dead"

"The Walking Dead" TV series has quickly turned itself into what is becoming a cult classic, with a huge following of fans that can't get enough of the rapidly changing storyline and loss of and introduction of new characters into the zombie tale.

As a result of this an enormous amount of wallpapers are being made which show a favorite character in the show, zombies, and specific scenes which are forever etched in the minds of those that live, eat and breath the "Dead."

To that end I've gathered together a few of my favorite wallpapers of the TV show, focusing on those characters that are still alive as of this article when it was first published in December 2012.

What's interesting and compelling about the show outside of its focus on a zombie apocalypse is that the writers and director have introduced new characters that aren't part of the famous comic books series, as well as changing up some of the storyline so former fans can't be sure exactly how a certain situation will play out, even if some of the settings are the same.

For example the farm, prison, and Governor and his people are similar to the story, but some things about the places and characters are altered so there is no way for those familiar with the story can know specifically how certain parts of the story will play out.

That unpredictability for long-term and new fans is what makes it so enjoyable to watch and follow.

Let's look at a few awesome wallpapers from "The Walking Dead" now.

Wallpaper of Rick from "The Walking Dead" Pointing Gun

Arguably the most identifiable and compelling image from "The Walking Dead" is that of Rick pointing his big gun while being ready to use it.

This wallpaper depicting that is a great one that captures the essence of who he is and the actions he must take as the leader of the group to protect them.

As time has went on with the series and the story his face has taken on a more stressed and ominous look.

Rick of "The Walking Dead"

rick of walking dead pointing gun
rick of walking dead pointing gun | Source

Zombie Wallpaper from "The Walking Dead"

This is a pretty familiar image of a zombie not able to get around good but still insatiably hungry for human flesh and blood.

It lends itself to the image of the undead reaching out with its hand in an attempt to reach the person or animal near to it.

Fans of "The Walking Dead" never seem to get enough of the variety of zombies and how they are made to look. It's also a major challenge to the crew to be able to make them look a little different than other zombies we get so familiar with seeing.

I think that's why sometimes there are different genders and age groups to allow for some diversity among the zombie clan.

Zombie from Walking Dead

zombie | Source

Walking Zombies Wallpaper

This is the reason for naming the TV show and book series "The Walking Dead," as this group of hungry zombies look about for some human food to eat.

One way the zombies are differentiated are through the way they were clothed when they met their demise. Different hair colors and shuffles also add to making stand out like the former people they were at one time.

For those fearing the zombie apocalypse, this is the nightmare you never want to see.

Group of Zombies

group of walking zombies
group of walking zombies | Source

Daryl Holding Trusty Crossbow

Daryl is one of my favorite characters from "The Walking Dead," as he has a controlled passion and ability which differentiates him from his more volatile brother, who is unpredictable to say the least.

He also represents a quiet way of disposing of the zombies when a noise like a gun shot would attract more of them and bring them down upon the group.

This is a very cool wallpaper showing Daryl in one of his more familiar posed before he brings the crossbow down ready for action.

Daryl is one I hope they don't kill off, but there have been new characters brought in from the past that help make up for the loss of other beloved characters in the plot line.


daryl the walking dead
daryl the walking dead | Source

Michonne Wallpaper When First Introduced

Another very iconic and powerful image from "The Walking Dead" is that of Michonne when she was first introduced into the TV series in the last episode of season 2.

This is the first glimpse a person that had been with the group for some time had of Michonne. It would definitely be disconcerting to see this visual even after being saved from being bitten by a zombie.

You would have to wonder what you have gotten yourself into even though being still alive.

I think this is an image that will stick with all of us who were introduced the same way to Michonne.


michonne the walking dead
michonne the walking dead | Source

I really like the visual of Rick running towards the building with the background of a bright light as he runs towards it.

Not only is it a statement of attempting to help, but also one that suggests something about Rick himself, which seems to be he's always running away from something within him, even though he aggressively took over undisputed leadership of the group after Shane's death.

Including the dark, burning cloud with the bright light reflecting off the side of the building was a terrific one. Rick running towards it with his pistol ready at his side reflects who he has become in the new world he is forced to deal with.


rick walking dead
rick walking dead | Source

"The Walking Dead" Wallpapers

Wallpapers from "The Walking Dead" are really a bunch of cool and powerful images extracted from the show and depicting the world everyone, including the undead, are now dealing with.

It also shows how the individuals and groups of people still alive are changed by the circumstances, and how there is never any guarantee they'll be alive beyond the moment.

There is tension created from this, but also an appreciation for living every moment as if it's your last.

Having "The Walking Dead" wallpapers on a computer or other screen is a great way to remind ourselves of this fact while being able to enjoy awesome images from the show.


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