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Weeds Season 8 - Did Nancy Get Shot and Who's the Sniper?

Updated on December 2, 2016
Who got shot?
Who got shot?

Weeds season 8 is returning to Showtime on the 1st of July 2012. The TV show continues to be popular and fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the show. Weeds will return to our screens on Sunday evenings at 10pm.

The question on everyone's lips is, "Who got shot at the end of season 7 and who shot them?" The sniper was all set up to shoot someone at the end of season 7 and seemed focused mostly on Nancy Botwin. However, when the shot was taken, the screen blacked out and the audience failed to see who got shot and who did the shooting.

The scene was a play on a Godfather type scene where Nancy is the head of the family and making a toast. She stands up and is celebrating that they are all safe and sound and have everything they want. However. she is unaware there is danger in the bushes and that a sniper is taking aim as they are about to eat, with the whole family present.

Here's a trailer and perhaps there's a clue in there as to who might have tried to shoot Nancy. Were they successful or not still remains to be seen. And who exactly they did try to shoot or actually did shoot is also still up for debate.

Weeds: Seasons 1-5
Weeds: Seasons 1-5

Catch up with the Botwins and remind yourself what's happened so far.


Weeds Season 8 Trailer

Who Gets Shot in Weeds Season 8?

Click thumbnail to view full-size

It's not clear who will die. Showtime are keeping this close to their chest and have even released posters asking the same question.

Has someone died? We don't know that either. This is the finale season of Weeds so anything is possible. Is Nancy really going to be able to get herself out of this situation this time? If she is what will the price be?

There are at least 4 posters for season 8 of Weeds asking the question "Who Got Smoked?" In each of the pictures is a different member of the Weeds main cast. The options seem to be Nancy, Andy, Shane, Silas or Doug. However, there are other people eating around the table such as Nancy's sister. Are these posters a red herring and deliberetly misleading? We won't know until season 8 of Weeds airs.

You can see each of the posters by clicking on the thumbnails on the right.

Are You The Sharp Shooter?

If someone got shot at the end of season 7 then who shot them. If Nancy got shot there are so many people who could want her dead. The video on the right gives you some idea of the number of people who would want Nancy Botwin dead. The list is pretty long and includes some of our favorite Weeds characters such as Celia, Guillermo, Heylia, Ignacio and the list goes on.

I'm actually thinking it could be Demetri or his crazy ass sister, Zoya, that thinks Nancy sent her away and will be coming to find her. Maybe she realized Nancy set her up and wants pay back.

If it's one of the characters that gets shot then that might be to hurt Nancy even more or as payback to those individual characters. Perhaps Shane will finally pay the price for killing Pilar. Maybe Silas was killed because he's he grower. Perhaps Andy got shot by a crazy ex-girlfriend. Maybe Doug got shot by the crazy secretary that worked for him at the investment firm.

With this dark comedy there's a lot of satire and it's not easy to figure out who it could be or even why. The show could go in any direction and commonly does. That's another reasons fans love it so much.


For those who don't want any season 8 spoilers for Weeds please look away now.

After all the questions and loose ends it's only fair that I tell you who got shot. The first half of the puzzle is that Nancy Botwin did get shot. In the season premiere of season 8, expect to see paramedics, a brain surgeon, a detective and some really worried family members.

If this really is the finale season of Weeds then there will be a lot of things to wrap up in 13 episodes. Will Shane pass the Polica Academy and actually become an officer of the law? Will Silas finally get free of his mother's legacy? Will Doug ever grow up and realize that the Botwin's aren't his family and what will happen with Andy? Will he finally move on with his life?

Final Season

Should Weeds Season 8 Be the Final Season?

See results

Some people are sceptical as to whether or not this is really the last season of Weeds. I really believe it is the last season for a number of reasons.

1. The actor Justin Kirk, that plays Andy Botwin, is already cast as the lead in a new sitcom, airing in the Fall season on NBC called Animal Practice.

2. The writer and creator of the show, Jenji Kohan, has also had a new show picked up, which will air later in the year.

Hopefully Weeds will go out on a high note and fans can wave goodbye to the Botwin's and their crazy lifestory. How they decide to end Weeds in season 8 will be interesting as everyone is so focused on who got shot and who's the sniper.

Perhaps in the end Nancy will retire completely and one of her kids will take over, or perhaps they'll all get out of the business. I'm hoping that they manage to survive and Stevie doesn't have to lose his mum, afterall he already lost his father.


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