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The Weirdest Moments from Dancing with the Stars through the years

Updated on April 2, 2016

Dancing with the Stars has been entertaining fans since 2005. It is a great show that gives the audience live performances filled with excitement, fun, dance, and entertainment. The show has given us dance routines that will live on in the viewer’s mind. The viewers may start remembering some of the best performances of the show, but how about the weirdest moments?

Billy Ray Cyrus and Karina paired up in season four. They dance to “I Want My Mullet Back”. It was supposed to be a cha cha cha, but the dance turned into as Len Goodman put it a hoe down. Billy was stomping around shaking his hair, but doing very little real dancing. The funny part came when Billy was supposed to pull of Karina’s wig, but it was bobby pins in it and wasn’t budging. Billy looked more like a scalper than a dancer. He admitted he wasn’t a dancer and never danced before and painfully things never got any better for him. Though his dancing never scored him higher than a 7 he made it to fifth place which wasn’t too shabby. Try as I might after seeing the video of "I Want My Mullet Back" on Dancing With The Stars I was unable to find it for the article. I am placing Billy Ray's video of the song.

Marie Osmond and Jonathan Roberts were on hand for season five. The first weird moment was when Marie fainted when she and Jonathan were awaiting scores from the samba they had just performed. Marie had trouble breathing that day because there were wild fires in the area at the time and the room itself was hot all of this combined to make Marie fall out. When she fell to the floor people wondered if she was trying to be funny, but when she didn’t move everyone knew something was wrong. When she was revived Marie said “Oh crap. I fainted on live tv.” The second weird moment came near the end of the season in the free style dance. Marie dressed like a doll and she didn’t really dance but staggered around the stage. Bruno said it best when saying it was like Baby Jane and Chucky. Marie is a doll designer and decided to be a doll brought to life. It may have been good on paper, but the result was awkward and strange. Marie got to third place in that season, and she might have won like Donny did later if she had picked another concept.

Steve Wozniak and Karina Smirnoff were partnered in season eight and Steve’s lack of rhythm spelled a short run for him. The night they did the samba to “Jum in Line (Shake Senora)” Steve did a samba, but he had pulled a hamstring in practice and the condition was bothering him during that dance. Steve was on the floor half the time on his knees and then all the way on the floor doing the worm. It was a little hard to watch. Steve scored a 4,3, and 3 but somehow he made it through to the next week. It was the week after that he was eliminated in week 4. Steve lasted as long as he did because you could tell he really loved being out on the dance floor. Steve may have been a computer genius, but his footwork didn’t share the same talent in dance.

Master P and Ashly Delgrosso were paired in season 2. Master P stepped in when his son Romeo was forced to quit due to injury. In hindsight it may have been better if he hadn’t have stepped in. Master P refused to do anything to help him improve in dancing, He refused to wear the dancing shoes that would have made the dance moves smoother and he looked a little like Frankenstein moving out on the dance floor. Howard Stern didn’t help matters when he kept asking listeners to vote for Master P to shake things up in the show. Master P looked like he was stomping around and never really did the dance moves the way they should have been done. Carrie Ann seemed overly generous giving him 6s, but Bruno and Len voted the truth and they only managed to ever score him 5’s, 4’s, and 2’s. It may have been the lowest score ever given. Master P was voted out on week 4.

Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower were on the show in season 11 in 2010. Michael did not last very long on the show and his second dance proved very hurtful to Chelsie and Michael. Bruno said that Michael’s jive was the worst he had seen since the show began. The scores given them that week were 4,5, and 3. Michael was upset and said that Bruno owed him an apology. Michael had flown his 90 year mother in to see the show. The dance was a bit strange and the audience decided that after two performances, Hound Dog, was to be his last.

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya were partnered in Season 13 and it was fun to watch. Carson really couldn’t dance but his enthusiasm and showmanship bought him some time on the show. His most fun dance was to “Moves Like Jagger” in which he struts around like Mick himself. Len Goodman said it was fun and entertainment and it certainly was. The weirdest dance that he did was “Wake me up before you go go” in which Ann and Carson are cheerleaders. When you think of cheerleaders you usually think of more than 2 at a time and they are usually cheering on a team. While it was weird, it was an appropriate theme for Carson. He was the cheerleader for that season and he hung around till week 5 leaving with consistent scores of 6, 6, and 7. It was sad to see him leave because was enjoying himself so much.

Billy Dee Williams and Emma Slater were in Dancing With The Stars Season 18. Sometimes you get a contestant on the show and wonder why they ever agreed to be on it. Whenever you get more props on the dance floor you know the dancing is probably trying to be hidden by it. Such is the case for Billy and Emma’s “Star Wars Theme” cha cha cha. The judges were not impress and gave it solid 5’s across the board. Surprisingly they were not eliminated in week one that honor went to Diana Nyad. Billy isn’t really dancing more like walking and Emma is dancing overtime to hide the lack of Billy’s dancing. Billy knew he bit off more than he could chew and by his 3rd week he bowed out due to back problems. It was for the best.

Last, but not least, on our list of weird routines is the Season 7 in the year of 2008. The pairing was Corky Ballas (father of Mark Ballas) and Cloris Leachman who was 82 at the time. Cloris Leachman was quite the character and she brought so much fun and laughter and sometimes a few good dance steps along the way. Corky had his hands full with Cloris who could be a bit naughty, but he didn’t mind and encouraged her bad girl behavior. They were a fun team to watch. The mambo routine had Cloris looking like the Chiquita banana girl and there was zaniness throughout the dance. They scored a 5, 5, and 6 with that routine. I was unable to find a video of it, but put in a video which highlights the entertainment that they put into the show. Corky stated that they couldn’t keep up with the young bucks on technique but they could do it with entertaining, and so they did. In video shown they repeated scores of a 5, 5, and 6.

Dancing With The Stars has many moments that are awe inspiring and so beautiful to watch, but there are also moments where things can go haywire and very strange. It has an audience remembering it for another reason entirely, but remember it they will, and that is what is so fantastic about this show.


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