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Web Episodes

Updated on August 16, 2009

Warehouse 13

 So I was catching up on my DVR today watching some episodes of Warehouse 13 on the SyFy channel. I love the way they implement history into this show with different artifacts and relics. Sometimes a bit exaggerated but a good relief in this world of reality TV and the lives of celebrities. Personally I can't stand them at all that but somehow my wife loves em. The episode I was watching today featured Joe Flanigan from another excellent SyFy show Stargate Atlantis. It involved four sculptures that were being stolen with the use of a Native American cloak that allowed it's user to walk through objects and walls. The ultimate goal was to bring the four statues together to form a map that led to an underground cave where an ultimate power was unleashed. For more information about this TV series visit also this show airs on Tuesdays at 9 est and 8 cst.

Race To Witch Mountain

 Great Disney movie, enjoy Dwayne Johnson as an actor one of the best moves he ever made. I've also read the book when I was younger and this movie pretty much fits it to a T. Great for kids and adults alike.


Watchmen Review

Ok just finished the Watchmen movie and I'm sorry but I personally didn't enjoy this movie as much as I thought I would. Way to many flashbacks and changes in the story, poor audio couldn't hear a word even with the TV all the way up. The movie draged on and on. The characters themselves were quite interesting but nothing what you would expect from seeing the commercials. In my opinion one of the worst movies I've seen in awhile. What do yall think?

Next will be Race to Witch Mountain.


Welcome to Wepisodes

 Hello and Welcome to Wepisodes, this being my first post let me introduce myself. My name is Thomas Mitchell, I enjoy watching television shows and movies and I believe your here for the same reason. The name Wepisodes comes from Web-Episodes. My goal here is to have an open discussion with people about recent and up coming episodes of TV shows and movies. Currently my favorite shows are Warehouse 13 on the SyFy channel, Mythbusters on Discovery, Royal Pains on USA, and Whale Wars on the Animal Planet channel. There are numerous other shows and movies that I also enjoy watching but to many to list all at once.

Just a bit on the lighter side a short Family Guy clip via

A good thing for anyone who loves there TV shows is a TiVo or DVR box if you have cable. Its worth the 6 or 7 extra dollars. And those of you who can't get a DVR then I suggest a new upcoming site you might have heard of it. is a great way to see missed episodes. I've checked it out quite a few times they show episodes of Family Guy, 30 Rock, SNL, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and much more.

Also don't miss out House, M.D. Season 5 is being released August 25th 2009

Some noteworthy recent movie releases that you need to see include the new Fast and the Furious movie. I personally enjoyed the first 2 movies the 3 got old and I began to lose intrest but this one brought back all the main characters which really boosted my decision to watch it and so should you. Another one is Coraline, I really enjoy Tim Burton's movies bringing about a sense of reality and unreality with a twist. However please note you might want to watch first to decide if you would like your kids to see it, that decision is ultimately up to you the parent.

Tonight I am watching the Watchmen and Race to Witch Mountain both I have heard good things about. I will let everyone know tonight if not tomorrow.



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