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whatcha gonna do brother, Hulkamania is running wild

Updated on January 4, 2011


Real name: Terry Gene Bollea, stage name of fame: Hulk Hogan (at times with Hollywood in front), Age:57 (b. 1953), real height(s): 6'6" now 6'4" from all the surgeries, billed height at 6'7" & 6'8" max, weight: 260 lbs, billed weight 303 lbs., eye color: blue, hair color: light blond dyed lighter to ash blond, secondary hair color/beard etc.: darker blond (lighter dyed mustache) & chest hair, children: 2, wrestling start & orgs: turned pro at 1977 worked indy circuit, WWF/E, WCW, TNA, New Japan, NWA, AWA and Memphis Wrestling.

Hulk Hogan is a semi retired wrestler, actor and reality star. His name to fame is wrestling which all know him by. Even in his early days of wrestling he still was a charismatic character as his was during the prime of his career. The main part and company that boosted his career was the then WWF although he had wrestled in other promotions before. First he started as a heel that everyone hated. He was still popular and was one of the top stars. Then a change of route came when Bob Backlund got injured and needed an opponent for the championship who was a heel, Iron Sheik. Two heels wouldn't look good so the story line was changed to make Hogan face. So Hogan came to help Bob from being attacked 3 on 1, then the crowd had a change of heart for Hogans face character. He went on to win the championship and that's when Hogan started to become an icon. This ironic twist of fate changed wrestling because he was so charismatic made pro wrestling sky rocket to popularity. Before it was not that well known. With the boost in popularity he became the first highest paid wrestler to be paid in the millions of dollars. He was also the first to have entrance music when coming to the ring. Which now all wrestlers have entrance music. The use of catch phrases became popular in wrestling which Hogan sold many shirts and items. He was the first to innovate getting the crowd into the matches with chants. If he had an opponent on the turnbuckles and was punching he would look into the crowd and the crowd would count the punches, as "1,2,3,4,.." and so on to other events. Wrestling also was able to tap into other markets like toys and video games. More one thinks about it hogan was the man in wrestling from 1983-1998 about 15 years straight. He never was the best wrestler in the business but he became a legend because he was the first the make wrestling popular and was the first to do other things in wrestling, basically he was innovative to the sport.

Another thing about Hogan is that comparing  him in is prime he still had the biggest arms in the wrestling business and history. He calls it "The 24" pythons." other wrestlers like Hernandez (TNA/AAA), Ezekiel Jackson (WWE), Chris Masters (WWE) and Rob Terry (TNA) can come close. Although some what retired Hulk still hits the weights and can lift more than most 20 & 30 year olds who are the same body mass as him.

Outside of wrestling Hulk has other career ventures and other issues. Most notably in career his reality TV shows. Which reveals although he has made lots of money during his wrestling days, he is just a regular guy and has the same problems as the common man. He has had a few issues with his daughter Brooke, she wants to be a singer and it drives him crazy. His son Nick, has gotten into a car reck racing in the streets. Which brought a big burden onto Hulk and the family, also cause friction with son's friend's family. And to make matters worst he got a divorce from his wife over his adultery suspicions with a female friend of his daughter. After that ordeal he met another woman slightly older than Brooke and is planning to marry. Also afterwards the divorce he got signed to TNA wrestling. Hulk's first show official in TNA he had its rating jump more than it ever has. Although it didn't beat rival WWE it was a clear factor that Hulkamania won't die anytime soon.


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    • AWAFlashback profile image

      David Aaron 

      5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Nice Blog. The height and weight part are interesting. When Hogan entered the AWA in the very early 80's, he was billed at 6'7" 340. This was probably an exaggeration, but he looked bigger then than he did in the WWF. He really does look short now and really hobbling. Here's my AWA blog, a Hogan piece coming soon:


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