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White Collar - Original Series On USA with Neil Caffrey

Updated on August 1, 2017

Neal Caffery from the new tv show White Collar

Neal Caffery from White Collar.
Neal Caffery from White Collar.

New FBI Tv Show Hit!

White Collar is a new series on USA that has had a massive opening premiere on October 23, 2009! The show, about an FBI and criminal connection appears to be a cross between Mad Men and the movie Catch Me iIf You Can. The flow of the story is quick paced, no needless fill ins and always something going on. It comes with some laughs, as Neal the con artist does things totally different to his FBI catcher and now watcher, Peter. This is a great series for all to watch, and really is innovative in its storyline!


In the start, we are introduced to a cleaver escape from jail. Super con-artist Neal Caffery is super smart when it comes to all things illegal. Obstacles aren't much of a challenge for long to him. Thinking of loopholes and forgery as his specialty, this series has no room to go but to grow. His counterpart, FBI agent Peter Burke has been after Neal for years, only to get him to put away for four years. Realizing the agency needs someone like him, he finds the loophole to get out of jail, only if an FBI agent will but him in his custody. Peter, knowing him more then anyone in the world (and vice-versa) accepts the proposal and now a team has been made. If there are any other White Collar thieves out there, be ready to get caught by one of your own!

White Collar Main Characters

White Collar has 4 main characters, which all in someway help achieve the overall goal in the end to create Neil's and Peter's lives better.

Neil Caffrey from White Collar

White Collar's main star and con-artist, Neil Caffrey
White Collar's main star and con-artist, Neil Caffrey

Neil Caffrey

Neil Caffery is the super pro con-artist in the industry. Used to be a forger and can con his way into anything, anywhere, at any time Neil is not a person to take lightly. Neil is super educated in detecting false documents, common scams, and even going from having nothing to a lot quickly. Other then being smart, he is extremely good looking and has a great stage presence in the series. In only a few days, Neil went from jailmate to white collar in only a few days. His playful nature with Peter adds a perfect amount of humor to the show. Neil's focus is to go after and get back the love of his life, Kate.

Peter Burke from White Collar

FBI agent Peter Burke is the over worked stressed White Collar worker who takes custody of Neil.
FBI agent Peter Burke is the over worked stressed White Collar worker who takes custody of Neil.

Peter Burke

Peter Burke is a white collar FBI agent who arrested Neil after chasing him down for years. Too focused on his job, he neglects his wife and is aiming to get on better terms with her. Ticked off that he chose to look after Neil, Neil actually came though as promised. Neils edge to getting Peter to accept custody is the "imbecile" agents he has to work with. Peter adds the most laughs to the show with his comments to Neil and about what he does.

Elizabeth from White Collar

Elizabeth is Peters wife in White Collar.
Elizabeth is Peters wife in White Collar.


Elizabeth is Peter's wife. She is somewhat sad because Peter spends so much time and effort on work instead of her. She gets to meet Neil just to annoy Peter and learn more about him. Both Neil and Peter help work towards a nice gift for her.

Mozzie from White Collar

Mozzie is Neil's friend and contact in White Collar.
Mozzie is Neil's friend and contact in White Collar.


Mozzie was Neils best friend and contact. Mozzie helps Neil figure things out using his own knowledge and street smarts. Mozzie is "that guy on the street" to hear rumors and other events going on.

White Collar

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White Collar Tv Show Cast

Neil Caffrey- Matt Bomer

Peter Burke- Tim Dekay

Elizabeth- Tiffani Thiessen

Mozzie- Willie Garson

White Collar Tv Show Trailer


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    • profile image

      Titan 7 years ago

      no problem. normaly the mistakes that we writers miss are the simple but big ones. we know what we want it to say and sometimes our minds will trick us into seeing the correct word rather than the mistakes. Beta's are good to have. ;)

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 7 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Thank you Titan! I didn't notice I put Mozzie instead of Kate, my apologies.

      The descriptions are based on the first episode only (again, sorry for the small scope of detail). I actually published this the night the first show was on, right after, in a rush.


    • profile image

      Titan 7 years ago

      umm this needs desparately to be changed. its an excellent show but this description has a lot of mistakes. the love of neils life is NOT mozzie. moz is his best friend who is helping him find the love of his life Kate! also this needs some serious proof reading, spell check and better descriptions. if i hadnt already seen the show then i most likely would not want to see it after reading this.

      really people it is a very awsome show and i highly reccomend it to anyone. if anyone ever saw that old show "It Takes A Theif" (not the one where the 2 reformed burgalars help people with home security) you will absolutltly love this show.

    • a2z Support profile image

      a2z Support 7 years ago from Canada

      The best new show this season, by far. I know some people don't feel that way and say it's too "stupid" and not smart, referring to some of the ways the directors play out some scenes.. like the first episode where Neal ordered police uniform over the internet while in a jail. That's just how the story goes, it doesn't focus on the little details, it just goes on with the show.. just like Chuck! Leave the masterminds to Prison Break!

    • BrianS profile image

      Brian Stephens 7 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

      Not seen this as I live in France but maybe we will get over here soon as well.