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Who Is Quinn Perkins From Scandal?

Updated on June 5, 2012
Now it makes sense why everyone is sitting around Quinn Perkins
Now it makes sense why everyone is sitting around Quinn Perkins

Unanswered Questions in Scandal

Scandal fans tuned in to watch the finale of the first season and were left with one question. It came as a surprise what that question was and came out from no-where. the random question that emerged during the finale episode of Scandal was, "Who is Quinn Perkins?"

Viewers probably thought the season finale cliffhanger would end with some kind of love scene between Olivia Pope and the President. However, it soon became evident that Olivia's morals wouldn't allow her to have all her desires come true at the cost of the future of America. She gave up her love for the President and sent him back to his wife, in order for him to keep his Presidentcy.

We even found out who was really responsible for the murder of Amanda Tanner. It may have come as a surprise to some, but I had already seen it coming. Afterall, this personal was completely dedicated to the President and wouldn't allow anything to come in-between the sacrifices they feel they have made to get to where they currently are.

Loose ends were tied up and people even committed suicide, but were really murdered. That really just left one thing to wrap up and that was the murder of the reporter that Quinn Perkins was dating leading to the question of who Quinn Perkins really is.

Katie Lowes plays Quinn Perkins, but who is Quinn Perkins??
Katie Lowes plays Quinn Perkins, but who is Quinn Perkins??

Who Was Gideon Wallace Really Dating?

Quinn knew her boyfriend was working on a story. She didn't know the exact details of that story, but she stayed the night while he worked in the other room. The following morning she left to go to work. Meanwhile, reporter Gideon Wallace puts two and two together and figures out who the real father of Amanda Tanner's baby is, and it's not the President. He figures this out by tracing the dog that Amanda Tanner had. When he finds out who's caring for that dog it raises alarm bells. When he looks back through pictures of Amanda Tanner in public on the campaign trail, it quickly becomes evident who she's been sleeping with.

Gideon makes a dumb move and invites this person over to his apartment to discuss the matter. He doesn't tell anyone what he's discovered and he fails to update Quinn on the situation.

Scandal: The Complete First Season
Scandal: The Complete First Season

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When Quinn returns to Gideon's apartment. She discovers him struggling to breathe on the floor with a pair of scissors deeply embedded in his neck. We are astounded when she doesn't call the police straight away. Instead, she elects to pull the scissors out, leading to a huge fountain of blood and Gideon quickly dies from there.

Quinn has no idea why Gideon was killed or by whom. Viewers were wondering when she would call the police when she finally does the sensible thing and calls Olivia Pope. If there was ever a reason to call Olivia Pope, this would be it.

When Quinn calls Olivia, Olivia tells her to stay put and that she'll deal with it. Olivia brings the whole team to Gideon Wallace's apartment. The team want to call the police, but Olivia knows this will put Quinn in a bad situation; not because she's at the scene of a murder but because she's not Quinn Perkins.

Will the real Quinn Perkins please stand up?
Will the real Quinn Perkins please stand up?

Who Is Quinn Perkins From Scandal?

The audience were led to believe that she is an attorney that was hired mysteriously by Olivia Pope. Quinn didn't apply for the job and wondered herself why Olivia wanted her on her team. We never really got the answer to this and as far as we got was Huck telling her that Olivia Pope fixes people and that she needs fixing.

We were given a very brief insight into there might be more to Quinn Perkins than meets the eye. When the White House investigated Olivia Pope, and her team, they mentioned that there was no record of Quinn Perkins until a few years ago. This was quickly passed over as events with Amanda Tanner were dealt with and Olivia smoothed over relations at the White House.

However, once Gideon died with Quinn's fingerprints all over the apartment and murder weapon, serious decisions had to be made. Although the other partners wanted to call the police, the decision was taken to protect Quinn and to "clean" the apartment so there was no trace of her presence. However, this also meant they would be removing any evidence of the real killer too.

Although the other people who work for Olivia all want to know who Quinn is, but they failed to get an answer. Eventually, Quinn is taken by the police for questioning, with everyone's goal not to have her fingerprints taken. However, Quinn is tricked into drinking a cup of coffee and the US Attorney, David Rosen, asks her what would happen if he took her down to be processed and they ran her prints.

David returns to Olivia's office, with Quinn in tow, explaining that he ran her prints when everyone else had left for the day. The rest of the team gather around, clueless as to what Quinn's secret is. Olivia gives Quinn the choice of telling everyone or offering to do it for her.

How much do you want to know who Quinn Perkins really is?

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Who is Quinn Perkins? - Theories

Since the Scandal TV show season finale people have been asking who is Quinn Perkins?. Clearly David Rosen knows who she is. We can only assume that if she was a criminal that he would have turned her over already. Yet he is giving Olivia the benefit of the doubt, which makes me think Quinn probably isn't a criminal.

The most likely theories are that Quinn is in Witness Protection. Hence why Quinn Perkins didn't exist until a few years ago. It would also explain why she wouldn't want her finger prints taken as she may be a material witness. A special message probably came up when her prints were scanned.

Another theory is that Quinn worked for a government organization such as the CIA and was given a new identity, for whatever reason. I find this harder to believe as she doesn't seem to have gone through any kind of CIA training. She can't lie to save her life and constantly steps on land mines where ever she goes.

Another theory is that she is on the run from her past, but not in a form mentioned above. She is clearly in the system if her finger prints are such bones of contention. Why her finger prints would cause an uproar is interesting and why David hasn't handed her over to the authorities makes the issue even more intriguing.

Clearly Olivia, David and Quinn know the truth. The audience are dying to find out the big secret and hope it will be worth the wait. Olivia's team are curious as to the secret that's been under their nose the whole time, but Abby seems to want to know the most.

If you want to know the real identity of Quinn Perkins you'll have to tune in to season 2 of Scandal. If you have any information or ideas about the real identity of Quinn Perkins then please leave a share them with us in the comments section below.


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    • Lauryallan profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      After the first episode of season 2, it might be that Quinn Perkins or should we say Lyndsey Dwyer, might not be the client afterall.

      If you haven't watched the episode yet, then this is a kind of spoiler. We found out that Lyndsey may have blown up an office because her boyfriend cheated on her. However, she claims not to have done it and claims she was abducted and woke up with a new identity across the country in Washington.

      At the very end of the episode Olivia Pope calls someone and tells them that they can't win Lyndsey's case. Miraculously the case is dropped and Lyndsey is free to go. Meanwhile, Huck is busy covering the evidence of what really happened as he an Olivia and the ones responsible for Quinn's new identity and for the abduction across country.

      Now I'm wondering if perhaps this has nothing to do with Lyndsey Dwyer at all. What if Olivia is working for someone else and Lyndsey just got caught in the cross-fire? Makes you wonder who she's working for that has the power to get to a judge to change a verdict.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I think she is the daughter of the President

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I feel she is the daughter of the President who may have been given up for adoption a long time ago!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      witness protection but also high profile, like a mob heiress? or a daughter of a foreign dictator?

    • Lauryallan profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      It's a possibility I guess but I have the feeling the vice president's daughter is younger. I also can't see why that would be such a big deal unless she was given up at birth or something and even then why would her finger prints be in "the system". That theory doesn't sit right with me but anything is possible I guess.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Could Quinn be the daughter of the Vice President?


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