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Who Is Tobi ? Theories and Facts

Updated on February 11, 2013

Who Is Tobi In Naruto All The Theories

From the moment he was first introduce at the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, people started speculating about the real identity of the Akatsuki member, Tobi. This page will list all the known theories about whom Tobi really is. If you have a theory of your own, don't hesitate to share it in the comment section.

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha Theory

Who is Obito?

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha Theory

Obito Uchiha was a young chunin ninja from Konoha. Like his name implies it, he was a member of the Uchiha clan and also a shinobi from Konoha. He belonged to team Minato, one of his teammate was Kakashi Hatake and their sensei was Minato Namikaze (before he became the fourth Hokage).

While Obito was mentioned before by Kakashi, the first time we see him in the manga is in a series of chapter that tells the tale of young Kakashi. The events in these chapters are set during the Third Shinobi World War. At this point in time, Obito is 13 years old and is a ninja with a carefree attitude. He sees Kakashi has his rival even though Kakashi does not seem to pay much attention to him.

During the chapters we follow the team as they try to accomplish a mission while they are separated from Minato. The mission goes wrong and one of Obito's teammate, Rin, gets kidnapped. In their attempt to save Rin, Kakashi and Obito become closer and Obito awakens his Sharingan. While the team does succeed in saving Rin, Kakashi looses an eye and Obito gets badly hurt when a cave they were in, cave in and smash half of Obito's body. Knowing that he has little chance of surviving, Obito gives his left eye (with the sharingan) to Kakashi as a gift.

After that Kakashi and Rin escape the cave, are attacked by enemies, but quickly saved by Minato who came back to help them. We never see Obito again after those events and it is generally presumed that he's dead.

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha?

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha Theory

This one is probably the oldest theory about Tobi and at one point was one of the most believed one too. A lot of people have speculated about how Tobi could be Obito. Most of the time people who believe in this theory talk about how the two of them have a similar haircut. They both had a carefree attitude when first seen and for a long time Tobi only showed one of his eyes, making people speculate about the fact that he might be missing the other one. Both of them have a very similar name too. Another hint would be that Kakashi's mangekyou sharingan power looks a lot like the power that Tobi uses to wrap himself and others and as of now the two of them are the only sharingan user to have shown this ability.

But, how could a young boy who was crushed by rocks and lost half of his body, come back as one of the most powerful and evil ninja in the Naruto universe and why would he do. Most people think that Obito would have replaced part of his crushed body with Zetsu's limb. The fact that Tobi often lose his arm and always seems to get it back somehow would also be a hint that maybe a part of his body is not real.

As for motivation it is kind of hard to see why a boy who had nothing against his village would become Tobi, the guy who hates all villages. Well if he survived we don't know what might have happen to him after that so it is possible that he somehow grew to hate the ninja world. Another possibility would be that this is just Obito's body and that someone has been using it just like Orochimaru often used someone else's body to extend his life.

Reasons Why Tobi Could Be Obito

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha Theory

  • They have similar sharingan power
  • They have similar hair style
  • When first seen they both showed similar personality
  • Their names are similar (almost the same letters)
  • Tobi seems to be missing parts of his body (like Obito)

Reasons Why Tobi Could Not Be Obito

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha Theory

  • Obito has no known motive for hating the ninja world
  • Tobi has shown that he has 2 eyes
  • Tobi has shown other parts of his face and it's not crushed or abnormal
  • Glimpses of Tobi's face show that he looks older than the age Obito would have right now
  • Obito is presumed dead

Tobi Is Obito Uchiha Pool - Tobi Is Obito Uchiha Theory

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