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Why Learn Music?

Updated on March 17, 2012

Learn music to...

1. Improve IQ

Many studies have been done to prove the links between music and IQ. Studies have shown that music can improve memory and concentration. Although some tests have been inconclusive, but the fact that music has on average been proven to be beneficial should be a good enough reason to let your children learn music. Do not think that music will prevent your child from performing well at school. Instead, you may find that music could lead to an improvement in academic results.

2. Serenade your loved ones

It is impressive when you are able to serenade your loved ones with their favourite song, be it on the piano or guitar or any other instrument. A very good example would be in various Korean and Japanese dramas where the lead male character is usually good at playing an instrument, including Bae Yong Jun's character in Winter Sonata (korean drama).

3. Relax

Music can help to sooth the soul and can be a good method to relax after a hard day at school or work. Relaxation can come from music, and not just travelling to a quiet beach or island. When playing an instrument, one can express his or her emotions freely. You may not be comfortable expressing anger, but you can always release your anger by playing a rock song or by playing the drums.

Learn to play Amazing Grace on the guitar

After learning music....

Once you have learn how to recognised the notes or to play some tunes, you should always practise. This is because without practise whatever skills that you have may fade away. In the long run, you will find it hard to play at your original level.

Why waste your initial efforts to learn music? Find the time to play whenever you are free...

Can you play any musical instrument?

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