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Why Rap Artist's Should Lease Rap Beats For Sale

Updated on November 5, 2012

Why should You Lease Rap beats For Sale Online?

This is just a short blog entry that will explain why rap artist' should lease rap beats for sale. When your making a mixtape you must study your budget and see how much you need to spend on all aspects. Having the right beats that suit your style is a must to progress in the music industry. I can be difficult to find the right beat but there plenty of music sites that offer low cost music that you can use for mixtapes. This is know as the lease or the non-exclusive right to a piece of music where by you can use the rap beat in your song but the producer still owns the right the instrumental. This will save you lost of money in the long run as if you where to pay for exclusive right for each beat it would end up costing you thousands.

Lease Rap Beats For Sale

Rap Beats For Sale

Leasing a beat from a music producer give your the non exclusive rights to the use of this hip hop instrumental. Depending on the terms of the producer this will give you a low cost use of the beat to create a song. Not every artist can afford the high costs of exclusive rights beats and may only need the beat for a hip hop mixtape or free Ep.

Leasing a beat is better for those who are trying get a foot in the door in the music industry by lease hip hop instrumentals you could a whole quality mixtape done for about a $100. There are plenty of music producers online who of this low cost service and there are plenty of them out there with talent.

Exclusive instrumentals may cost you a fortune depending on the music producer. I can understand that when you lease a beat the producer still obtains the right to resell the lease of that beat over and over. But that doesn't matter as you must believe in your own music and the ability to write a better song than most other rap artist.

Benefits Of Leasing rap beats for sale

By leasing Rap beats for sale you now have cheap Beats to rap to. It will give you a better understanding of what the song will sound like and if it's actually worth investing in the exclusive rights. Imagine if you paid like $500 for a beat but couldn't write that perfect song to it you just wasted your money.

The best thing you can do is to buy the non-exclusive right or the lease of the instrumental and most producers online if you get to Know them enough will give you more beats free to keep you as a customer.

Learn to haggle with them tell them that you will buy rap beats for sale from them if the give you two free rap instrumental of your own choice. This is called networking. Producers online pay a lot of money for equipment and promotion and websites so you have to ask yourself how much are you paying for your music.

Find Good Rap Beats To Rap To

I noticed that lots of people paying for mixtape cover's and they look great but the music is such bad quality with free soundclick beats covered in producer tags. So you pay a graphic designer from $50-$100 for a cover art but invest in noting in the music your rapping over ?

This is no way to start a music career. Why pay the graphic's designer for a mixtape cover and then not pay for the beat your rapping over. Your song is the product and you must treat it like a product and it must be quality.

So if your short on cash lease the music from beat makers online that make hip hop beats. This will give you a better quality for your mixtape using cheap beats. You then have much more money left to promote yourself online. Leasing rap instrumentals is the way to go for rap artist's online a gives you better standing on what songs are worth the investment for exclusive rights beats.

Exclusive rights should only be paid for when your under a indie label or have large following. When you lease rap beats you can play shows with your mixtapes and sell the mixtapes physical copies and merchandise to make your money back nearly with one or two shows if your clever with your marketing.

Where To Find Rap Beats For Sale

The Corporatethief Beats visit my site for Rap Beats For Sale

Or you can check this site out

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