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Why reggae is my best music genre

Updated on February 7, 2015

Why reggae is my best music genre

My interest in music transpires a lot of music genre but my best is reggae . Though whenever you talk about reggae some people's mind jump to the unkempt dread and all .However , reggae music addresses social issues like wars, racism ,love of God and peace

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Reggae logo
Reggae logo

Why Reggae is my best Music Genre

One of my Best Reggae Musician

I like music of all genres ,from rhythm and blues to jazz but among all of them reggae is my best. Apart from the beating and the drums, the message in reggae music is highly informative .It addresses social issues like racism, wars ,love and above all the love of God. Although they mention God as Jah ,it is still talking about the same God .This music is for those who have a mind open enough to forget whatever the messenger was high on, to listen to the wordings .Although some people are repulsed about the unkempt dread and all ,however, according to Morgan Heritage one doesn't need a dread to become a rasta neither does one has to be a rasta to enjoy the melodies

Reggae originated in Jamaica around 1960 where it derived it's name from ragged man or street man . It is a combination of folk music and American rhythm and blues .The home of reggae, Jamaica has produced many musicians of world acclaim, notable among them being Bob Marley . He was a singer ,songwriter and guitarist who wooed the masses with his magical fingers .He combined soulful melodies with strident lyrics inspired by the biblical mysticism and Afrocentric awareness.

Bob Marley set the pace for many other reggae musicians who came after him .In the African Continent ,one of the most celebrated reggae musicians of all time is no other than Lucky Dube .Born Philip Dube on august 3 1964 in one of the dusty townships of south Africa. His case was that of grass to grace because he started by slinging his drum on his thin frame and moving from club to club to keep the wolf away from the door .Tough times forced him to be transferred from his single mother's house to a series of uncles in succession but he never gave up his dreams.Finally he was able to raise some quid to start a band known as mbaqanga brothers with some of his friends and from that group to brothers of love.After many years of struggling he finally made it on the world stage.In no other place than the home of reggae music ,Jamaica and in-front of the most critical audience. His rugged and rough upbringing became a great inspiration for most of his music.

His music is so melodious that listening to it not only send me to dream- land ,it also excite ,entertain and educate me at the same time.Before he was gruesomely cut-down in his prime by some dimwitted hoodlums, he has so many tracks and albums in his kitty .Some of them include slave,prisoner and a host of other melodious renditions too numerous to be mentioned . Most of his songs are best -sellers till today.

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The best of Lucky dube - Best tracks from Lucky dube

Feel the beating and rhythm, a trial will convince you

Serious Reggae Business
Serious Reggae Business

This music is a must have for all lovers of reggae and anyone who loves good music.The rhythms and rhymes are out of this world . It not only entertains but educates and relaxes the mind at the same time.It contains some of the best albums of Lucky Dube

House of Exile
House of Exile

House of exile contains a compilations of Lucky Dube's experiences while in exile .It is a delight to listen to and contains must of his personal beliefs and observations about the way things are run .For those who needs entertainment and education at the same time ,house of exile is the right album to have in your kitty .

Captured Live
Captured Live

This is a life performance of some of Lucky Dube's best albums . Watch the DVD and get thrilled by his eccentric dancers and his then newly acquired dance steps . One can watch it over and over again without getting bored .


Reggae makes me feel Irreeeee

Don't scrutinize the messenger ,listen to the message

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    • weakbond profile image

      Nnadi bonaventure Chima 4 years ago from Johanesburg

      @NibsyNell: Thanks for the comment

    • NibsyNell profile image

      NibsyNell 4 years ago

      Yes! I love reggae! :)

    • libertyloudspeak profile image

      libertyloudspeak 5 years ago

      I like Hip Hop and Rap. Also listen to Reggae from time to time. You have many great lenses...thanks!