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Winx Club Episodes and Movie

Updated on September 25, 2012

The Winx Club - More Popular Than Ever!

The Winx Club originally started in 2004 as an Italian animated series about teen fairies that have special powers.

The television show became even more popular in 2011 when it aired on Nickelodeon in hour long specials that summarized the first 2 seasons. The network then aired seasons 3 and 4 which made the Winx Club reach new heights in popularity.

The fifth season of the Winx Club started on August 26, 2012 and can be seen on the Nickelodeon channel on Sunday mornings.

Not only are there Winx Club episodes now but there are also movies to go a long with the series as well.

*If you have missed any episodes of the Winx Club or are looking to buy the Winx Club movie you can Click Here for a full listing or check out the different seasons and movies below.

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Winx Club Episodes
Winx Club Episodes

Winx Club Characters

Before we look at the different Winx Club episodes and movies, let's take a look at some of the different main characters involved in the cartoon.


In season one Bloom discovered she had special fairy powers after saving another fairy named Stella from a troll. She is one of the most powerful fairies in the magical world. She also discovers that she is the Princess of Domino and her favorite animal is her pet blue bunny Kiko. She is known as the fairy of the Dragon Flame and has bright red hair.


She is known as the fairy of the sun and moon and even eventually becomes the Fairy Godmother. Stella is definitely a "girly girl" and loves shopping and clothes. She is from the planet Solaria, which is full of bright lights. Stella is best friends with Bloom.


We meet Aisha in the second season of the Winx Club. She is the fairy of the waves and is very athletic. She loves dancing as well as fighting. Her parents are the queen and king of Andros.


She is the fairy of nature and absolutely loves plants and flowers. She is a sensitive soul who is very in touch with nature all around her. She also enjoys writing poetry and can be seen as the shy Winx fairy. She is the princess of Linphea.


She loves music and can actually harness the power of sound. She is from the planet Melody and has long black hair. She inherited the love of music from her parents as her mother is a wonderful singer and her father is an accomplished drummer and piano player. She is best friends with the fairy Tecna.


She is the technology fairy and can control and fix anything related with technology. She is extremely smart and also awesome in mathematics. She is the most rational Winx Club member and likes to use logic before she jumps into anything.

The Trix

The Trix are the main enemies of the Winx Club and live to get rid of the fairies. The Trix include Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, who each have individual powers from dark sources.

The Specialists

The Specialists are sort of the male version of the Winx Club and attend all boys' school near Alfea. They have become boyfriends to the members of the Winx Club. The Specialists include:







Now that you have caught up with all the Winx Club characters check out the different episodes and movies below.

Winx Club Episodes

Check out below for summaries of each season as well

Buy the Winx Club Movie - Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Winx Club Movie
Winx Club Movie

Winx Club: The Secret of the Lost Kingdom Movie

The Winx Club movie takes place in between the 3rd and 4th season of the television show.

In this movie Bloom is on a mission to find and help her parents, the Queen and King of Domino. Bloom has to trust her fellow Winx Club members to help her through this journey even though evil is lurking right around the corner.

School is over for Bloom and the other girls but Bloom is not happy. She goes back to Earth but a dream she has about what happened to her real parents drives her to take the magical journey to find them. She talks to her sister Daphne, who helps her by giving her mask that can protect her and give her powers.

Bloom along with the other Winx Club fairies travel to the magical dimension to rescue her parents and restore Domino.

Winx Club Fairy Poll

Winx Club
Winx Club

Who is Your Favorite Winx Club Fairy?

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Winx Club Season 1
Winx Club Season 1

Winx Club Season 1

Season 1 starts off the Winx Club with Bloom rescuing the fairy Stella from a troll on Earth. Bloom doesn't know that she is a fairy but discovers her magical powers and goes to live at Alfea, the school for fairies in the magical dimension. Bloom starts the Winx Club with her fellow roommates and friends and also befriends The Specialists at the all boys' school next to hers.

The Trix, which are a trio of witches try to steal Bloom's "Dragon Fire" and the Winx must defeat The Trix. Along with that Bloom starts to discover more secrets about her past and her parents.

Winx Club season 2
Winx Club season 2

Winx Club Season 2

The second season of The Winx Club begins with Bloom, Tecna, Stella, and Flora, and Musa returning to the Alfea School after their summer break. We are then introduced to Layla who tells the Winx that several Pixies are being held captive by Lord Darkar.

Lord Darkar also unlocks The Trix from Fortress of Lightrock Lake where they were previously imprisoned. During this season the Winx along with the Specialists battle against The Trix to prevent them from stealing the pieces of the Codex, which Lord Darkar needs.

Near the end of the season the Charmix is introduced as a magical Winx transformation when a fairy faces her greatest fear. Each Winx fairy is earns their Charmix different ways. At the end Layla joins the Winx Club.

*Seasons 1 and 2 of the Winx Club can be seen summarized in these hour specials*

winx club season 3
winx club season 3

Winx Club Season 3

Once again banished The Trix are able to escape along with a bad sorcerer named Valtor. The Trix seek revenge on the Winx Club.

This season the Winx have an Enchantix power, that is all except Bloom. In order to get these powers a fairy must sacrifice themselves for a person from the fairies' home planet. Bloom's planet was destroyed so she must get her powers a different way.

In this season Bloom learns who her real parents are as they are the Queen and King of Domino.

*Season 3 is known as season 1 in the United States*

winx club season 4
winx club season 4

Winx Club Season 4

The fourth season of the Winx Club takes place after the Winx movie Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The Winx Club is back at Alfea but not as students as they become teachers instead.

The girls discover the Believix powers but realize that they must travel to a place where people don't believe in fairies and magical powers yet. The fairies travel to Earth to the city of Gardenia, which is where Bloom lived.

There they track the Wizards of the Black Circle to try to save the last Earth Fairy and help the people of Earth believe in fairies.

At the end of the season the Winx Club get their power up transformation into Believix fairies.

*Season 4 is known as The Power of Believix in the United States

Winx Club Season 5

The fifth season of the Winx Club is currently airing on Nickelodeon in the United States. It can be seen on Sunday mornings at 12/11c.

The season is called Beyond Believix.

Will you Be Watching Season 5 of Winx Club?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I first saw Winx Club on Fox Kids with the 4Kids dub; seasons 1 through 3. The original Rai (English) and 4Kids dubs I like however the new dubs with Nick aren't exactly my favorites. Its nice to see someone do a lens on them

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I heard about Winx from a little girl. I am just browsing through and trying to learn something new. Thanks!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      first club


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