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Top Work Related Songs

Updated on May 21, 2012

Work Songs That Express How You Feel

Love or hate your job?

That question can change from day to day if you are like most people who have a love/hate relationship with their work. Well believe it or not there is literally a song for about every type of emotion you might have over your job.

This page is dedicated to all of us who work hard for that paycheck and need a little mood music to go with the hard work. I like to listen to these songs on my way into work and some of them while I work. I hope you find one or more on the list that makes your own work day go a little better or gives you a smile on the way into work.

I suggest "Take This Job And Shove It" for all those days when you have simply had enough of that boss!

Top Five Working Man Songs

This is my top five favorite working man songs and I hope you enjoy them too the next time you swing a hammer or work up a sweat.

# 1 Hard Working Man By Brooks and Dunn

This song is completely dedicated to the hard working man out there and talks directly to workers that wear hard hats and swing hammers. The song is perfect for the construction worker or even the home handyman that can do just about everything with his hard working hands. "Hard Working Man" by the country group Brooks and Dunn is probably the best blue collar worker song around. My favorite lyrics are "Got everything I own, By the sweat of my brow" which speaks volumes about working hard to get what you want which is a long standing great American motto.

# 2 Working Man By Rush

The rock song named "Working Man" by the band Rush is themed around the worker who gets up at seven, starts at nine and works until five o'clock. There are also lyrics describing how a person knows they could be working an easier job like an executive desk job, but that is just not their way and that is why everyone calls them the "Working Man". A very upbeat tempo and catchy tune that will have anyone in the mood to get the job done and feel good about it too.

# 3 Working Man's PH.D. By Aaron Tippin

A great song no matter what your profession is the song "Working Man's PH.D." by country singer Aaron Tippin. With great lyrics like "With your heart in your hands and the sweat on your brow, you build the things that really make the world go around" how could you not love this song? This song really captures the true meaning of being a hard working man.

# 4 Workin' For a Livin' By Huey Lewis and the News

Great for anyone on an assembly line or doing a job that requires you to be on your toes the song "Workin' for a Livin'" by the pop group sensation Huey Lewis and The News will start your day out great and have you dancing around a little jig while you work. This song has a very catchy hook and once you have it in your head be prepared to sing it all day long.

# 5 Workin' Man Blues By Merle Haggard

If you are looking for a great family man song about working hard to take care of the ones you love then look no further then the country song titled "Workin' Man Blues" by singer Merle Haggard. The song has lyrics like "I been a workin' man dang near all my life, I'll be working long as my two hands are fit to use" and can make just about anyone feel for this man. I love a song that tells a story and this one really does take you to another person's life and just about anyone can relate to the lyrics about being this hard working man.

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Top Five Working Women Songs

Even though we are all still waiting for the first female American President, women have broken through the glass ceiling on virtually every other job title and not without a lot of hard work, sweat and tears. Even with that being said there are still women out there who are not paid as well as their male counterparts for doing the exact same job. We have come a long way but there is still a long way to go and in the meantime why not try listening to some of the best hard working women songs of all time to get you inspired to make it happen even faster.

# 1 She Works Hard For the Money By Donna Summer

Probably the most wildly popular theme song for all hard working women is the song titled "She Works Hard For The Money" by Donna Summer. This song has an incredibly addictive hook and you will have it in your mind all day or week depending on how many times you listen to it. What woman wouldn't love the lyrics "She works hard for the money, so hard for it, honey. She works hard for the money, so you better treat her right" these are perfect lyrics for all the hard working women out there.

# 2 Independent Woman By Destiny's Child

This pop song is all about having confidence, working hard to buy your own things and feeling proud that you did it by yourself and for yourself. The song "Independent Woman" by Destiny's Child is by far the most motivational song on the list for any woman out there, single or married and no matter what she does for a living. With lyrics like "The shoes on my feet, I bought 'em. The clothes I'm wearing, I bought 'em. The rock I'm rockin' I bought it. The house I live in, I bought, 'Cause I depend on me" what working woman out there does not strive to be financially independent and maybe even be the bread winner in her own family? This song will inspire all hard working women to work even harder to get everything they want and do it all on their own.

# 3 Nine to Five By Dolly Pardon

Written for the 1980 movie "9 to 5" the song "Nine to Five" was written and performed by Dolly Parton who also had a leading role in the movie. The lyrics describe the day to day grind of your average hard working woman who at that time was being taken advantage of by a horrible groping boss and the glass ceiling that women of that time could not break through. The most powerful of the lyrics being "They let you dream just to watch them shatter, you're just a step on the boss man's ladder" which speaks volumes about the way things were back in the 80's for most women in the business world.

# 4 National Working Woman's Holiday By Sammy Kershaw

It is kind of unusual to have a male singer on this list but country singer Sammy Kershaw did a fabulous job of singing about hard working women with his song " National Working Woman's Holiday". He is singing about how hard his wife works and that she should have a day off for all her hard work. May we all be so lucky to have a supportive man at home but the truth is most men don't have respect for all that women do each and every day for their families while working a full time job too.

# 5 Independent By Salt N Pepper

Rap singers Salt n Pepper released a song titled "Independent" that speaks volumes about the fact that when women work hard for what they have they build a certain self confidence and are less likely to ever be abused by a man. One of the best lyrics in the song is "I make my own money so don't tell me how to spend it because you need me, and I don't need you".

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Top Five "Hate My Job" Songs

We have all been there at one time or another (some of us unlucky ones more then once) working for a boss you hate, at a company your hate even more. The question is can you really afford to quit, find a new job and have the ability to tell that evil boss off? Well, whether you can or can't right now, you can at least have a good selection of "hate my job" songs in the car for all those long dreadful commutes while you are waiting for that lucky day that you can say "I Quit".

#1 Take This Job and Shove It By Johnny Paycheck

This song says everything that you would want to say on your very last day of a job that you truly hate and to the person you hate the most, your boss! "Take This Job and Shove It" by Johnny Paycheck is a classic country song and has such a catchy hook that you will be singing that song title the whole drive home from work. Definitely keep this song handy in the car for all those days when you need a good scream after work or better yet for the day you finally quit that awful place. Caution playing this tune on your last day will make you not only feel very good but I bet you have a real good laugh too when you hear the lyrics "One of these days I'll blow my top and somebody's gonna pay".

# 2 The Johnny Cash Song By Jason Aldean

An upbeat country song by Jason Aldean titled "The Johnny Cash Song" starts out with the lyrics "Quit my job, flipped off the boss and took my name of the payroll". Clearly this was written for anyone who hated their job and wanted to start over and have more fun. The song also talks about leaving town and having a good time, sounds a lot like something Johnny Cash would have done in his younger years.

# 3 It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta By Geto Boys

The rap song "It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta" by the Geto Boys is most commonly known as the theme song of the movie "Office Space" which was about a guy who hated his cubicle job, his horrible boss and reports. The song is played once he takes on a new attitude and starts taking apart his cubicle and telling the boss how it is. Keep in mind this is a rap song so there is a parental guidance on the rating for the lyrics.

# 4 Gives You H*** By American Rejects

This song is hilarious since it starts with the lyrics "I wake up every evening with a big smile on my face and it never feels out of place and you're still probably working at a 9 to 5 pace, I wonder how bad that tastes", okay if that does not scream revenge I don't know what does. The song "Gives You H***" by American Rejects was written for an ex girlfriend but those opening lyrics alone are too perfect for your first day off when you wake up at noon knowing full well that your boss is at work slaving all day.

# 5 Socialized Death Sentence By Dystopia

For all the heavy metal fans there is a song by Dystopia called "Socialized Death Sentence" that rants about minimum wage, hating the boss, working much too hard and being taxed to death by the government. This song takes things much further then just the hate for a job, the truth is though sometimes you can really get to this point when pushed day in and day out all because you have to pay the bills.

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Top Five Coal Miner Songs

Coal mining has been going on for years and years in the United States and it is a very dangerous job, more then 100,000 coal miners have been killed in accidents alone in the last century. Mining is a way of life for some families and communities and they really are a tight knit group of people like no other. One can only admire the way the coal mining workers and their families stick together and help each other during trying times. This is a list of the best coal miner songs some for the workers, some for the families and a few that just touch the soul with stories of triumph over struggles.

# 1 Working In a Coal Mine By Lee Dorsey

The classic song "Working in a Coal Mine" by Lee Dorsey is that get you out of bed and get you on your way to the mine song that you need to hear first thing in the morning. There is a great hook and an upbeat tempo that will have you tapping the steering wheel and maybe even the dash the whole ride to work.

# 2 Coal Miners Daughter By Loretta Lynn

This song was written by the legendary country singer Loretta Lynn and she really pours her heart and soul out in the lyrics telling how hard her father worked in those mines to provide for her family. The song "Coal Miners Daughter" is a story about a families struggle to survive on a coal miners income and she also add the lyrics "Yeah, I'm proud to be a coal miner's daughter" which is a testament of a daughter who is very proud of a father that worked so hard for his family.

# 3 Coalmine By Sara Evans

A love story unfolds in the country song "Coalmine" by Sara Evans about a woman who loves her coal mining man. She waits for him to emerge out of the mine at whistle blowing time each and every day and tells about all the fun they intend to have before he goes back to that coal mine come morning. This song is very upbeat and fun and you can feel her excitement and love for her coal miner throughout the entire song. One of the best lyrics in the song are "Power's out, well that's all right, we'll make love by a miner's light", definitely a great fun song for any wife or girlfriend of a coal miner.

# 4 Miners Blues By Frank Hutchison

Frank Hutchinson who sang the song "Miners Blues" was a coal miner back in 1920 when the West Virginia Mine Wars were going on and he wrote this song about the fight between the United Mine Workers and the mining companies during the time period of 1920-1921. This is a good piece of mining history and gives a pretty good depiction of what a single coal miner was feeling during that time period fighting for worker's rights.

# 5 Coal Mine Blues By Marty Stuart

The song "Coal Mine Blues" written and performed by country singer Marty Stuart was a ballad of a man who is wore out from working in the mines after many years. The song also touches on the fear that a coal miner has in the back of their head each day while they work with the lyrics "Oh every time it thunders, I hear them sad ole taps and if this mountain shakes, it's gonna fall right in my lap", and I am sure every miner has felt a scare or two at some point like the one he describes.

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Top Five Detroit Autoworker Songs

A lot of music artists have set their sites on bringing the state of the economy issue to light through songs focused on the unemployed Detroit Michigan auto workers. Things are looking up for the Detroit auto makers with an impressive showing at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show but there is still plenty to do before all of the unemployed are back to work.

# 1 Shuttin' Detroit Down By John Rich

The song "Shuttin' Detroit Down" by Country singer John Rich is about an auto plant worker who has over thirty years in at the factory and is losing his job. The song focuses on that Americans are raised on the belief that if you work hard enough everything will be okay and that is clearly not always true by what we now see with people continuously losing their jobs. There is also mention of the wall street bailouts with the lyrics "their losing billions and it's up to me and you to come running to the rescue." The song is perfect for telling the story of the plight of the average Detroit Michigan unemployed worker.

# 2 Times Like These By Kid Rock

A beautiful ballad about the hard times the Detroit auto workers are having that speaks volumes on what is really going on with the American economy. This song "Times Like These" by Detroit's own Kid Rock is inspirational by sending the message to stay in your hometown and help each other and also promotes community involvement by all. The lyrics "I heard them say that you can't save that town, but I won't leave, I will stand my ground" is a great message to anyone who needs some kind words of support. The song also touches on religious views about having faith and trusting in the Lord to get you through the hard times. Definitely a great song that can be shared with anyone going through a difficult time.

# 3 One Piece at a Time By Johnny Cash

A little humorous song about working on the assembly line at a Detroit Michigan auto plant. This is a funny song about taking one little piece at a time to make your own car at home. Definitely not a suggestion to do this, but I guess this will probably bring a smile to any unemployed worker's face. The song "One Piece At A Time" by country legend Johnny Cash is perfect for seeing a little bit of humor in a crazy situation that is beyond our control. The lyrics "I could hear everybody laughin' for blocks around, but up there at the courthouse they didn't laugh 'Cause to type it up it took the whole staff and when they got through the title weighed sixty pounds" will have a auto worker laughing so hard they may shed a tear.

# 4 Beautiful By Eminem

The song "Beautiful" by Detroit rapper Eminem describes the depression someone can go through after losing everything. It also reminds us that some people will pretty much go into a depressed state of mind and put themselves into seclusion after losing their job or home. The song is also inspiring and reminds that you need to get back up and strive for something better. I think the most powerful lyrics in the song are "Are you calling me, are you trying to get through, are you reaching out for me, I'm reaching out for you", which reminds us all to be a positive support to anyone who has lost their job or home during these tough times. This is a rap song so there are explicit lyrics but the message is good and can relate to anyone and not just a Detroit Michigan unemployed auto worker.

# 5 40 Hour Week By Alabama

A great motivational song by the country group Alabama is "40 hour week" and this song also sends a big message of "Thank You" for making all those wonderful automobiles that we have loved to drive over the years. The lyrics "Hello Detroit auto workers, let me thank you for your time, you work a forty hour week for a livin', just to send it on down the line" is a nice sentiment because laid off or working everyone appreciates being thanked and recognized. This song has been around for years and years and has always been a favorite of mine because it really shows American pride in our workers, no matter what the trade of work is.

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What Work Song is Your Favorite?

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