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A Hilarious Take on a City Girls Adventure in the Countryside

Updated on August 14, 2023
prettynutjob30 profile image

I am a wine-loving, adventure seeker with a unique obsession for anything that's denim, lace, or drizzled in chocolate.


Howdy there! Let me share a tale about a city girl attempting to rough it in the country. Brace yourself for a humorous journey as I recount the stark differences between city life and the rural wonderland that awaited me. In my two-year adventure, I discovered that country living is a whole new ball game, with raincoats, waterproof boots, and rowdy teenagers making regular appearances.

Exploring the "Happening" Hangout Spots:

When it comes to finding some excitement, the countryside falls a bit short. It's not like you can stroll down the street to a 24-hour diner for a late-night snack or visit a trendy art exhibit. No, instead we have a local Wally World where obnoxious teenagers turn the coin car wash into their exclusive clubhouse. Trust me, nothing's more frustrating than fending off rowdy teens attempting to turn your car into a makeshift beanbag chair. As for fine dining, well, let's just say our culinary options are limited to cowboy-filled bars and fast-food joints. I swear, watching a movie feels like an episode of Hee Haw in slow-motion without a decent cinema.

Thrills of Country Roads and Drivers:

City drivers may be infamous for their daring maneuvers, but let me tell you, nothing compares to the country. Just when you thought your road trip couldn't get any more eventful, a gigantic truck brimming with clucking chickens nearly runs you off the road. And let's not forget those "wide load" trucks with mobile homes that attempt to navigate roads narrower than a sidewalk—talk about extreme off-roading! Traffic laws? Who needs 'em? Here, speeding signs seem to be more like suggestions, and left turns on red lights are the norm. Plus, good luck finding guard rails and sidewalks; they're as rare as a city slicker learning how to drive a tractor!

Finding Peace and Privacy in the Wilderness:

Now, don't get me wrong; country living does have its charming moments. Privacy is a whole new level out here, as your nearest neighbor may be miles away. You could indulge in some naked sunbathing in your backyard without a soul to witness it (except for maybe a few animals or curious hunters, but they'll probably just tip their hats and move along). And oh, the scenery! The country boasts breathtaking trees and landscapes that even this city girl must admit are quite spectacular.

Longing for City Life:

Yet, after my adventurous stint in the countryside, I find myself yearning for the hustle and bustle of city life. I miss the cacophony of traffic and the glaring city lights that mesmerize you at night. Instead, I'm surrounded by the symphony of crickets and the eerie sounds of howling animals. Not to mention, nothing sends shivers down my spine like the cracking of tree limbs in the darkness. What I miss most, though, is the simple pleasure of hanging out with friends at a coffee shop or exploring a real department store instead of endlessly roaming the shelves of Wally World. And let's not forget the desperate need for a mani-pedi to rescue my neglected nails!



In conclusion, my country escapade, though filled with humorous encounters and breathtaking scenery, has reaffirmed my love for the city. So, as I diligently save up my cash, this city girl will soon be back where she belongs. But hey, if you're into private spaces, no-trespassing signs, and mastering the art of tractor driving, the country may just be your kind of paradise. As for me, I'm relieved to have had this experience and can't wait to embrace the familiarity of city life once again!


Before I bid adieu, please note that this tale is all in good fun. As a Tennessee native, I assure you, even our so-called city areas have a touch of country charm!

I hope you enjoy the revised article with added humor and search engine-friendly content! If you have any more requests or need further assistance, feel free to ask, partner!


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