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City Girl Meets Country Life

Updated on September 27, 2021

Howdy There!!!!

Here is my little sarcastic tale about a city girl trying to rough it in the country. I have learned in the two years that I have lived in the country that it is completely different from the city life I'm accustomed to. There is not one darn thing to do out here, well at least nothing that would not require a raincoat and a pair of full-coverage, water-proof boots. The local Wally world and local coin car wash are over run by obnoxious teenagers during the weekend because these are their favorite places to hangout. Let me tell you there's nothing more annoying than having to chase away rowdy teens, so you can wash your car without them trying to sit on it. There are no clubs, art museums or fine dining establishments around here. Just a few little bars that have like 80 year old cowboys standing beside jukeboxes in them and a few fast-food restaurants. They don't even have a decent Cinema for crying out loud, I swear it is like watching an episode of Heehaw in slow motion.

If you think city drivers are crazy you will change your mind, once you nearly get ran off the road by a big over-sized truck with clucking chickens in it. Or better yet one of those huge wide load trucks with a mobile home on it trying to go down a road the size of a sidewalk, "talk about a tight squeeze." Laws are not even in check here, the speed limit signs must be an option. They turn left on red lights and over half the roads do not have guard rails or sidewalks. So if you get ran off the road by one of those crazy hillbilly road warriors you had better hope you can swim or climb.


Beautiful Shrubbery

I am not saying that it is absolutely terrible here. The country has some good qualities as well, you have lots of privacy back in these woods. Mainly because your nearest neighbor is like ten miles away but still very peaceful and quiet. You could lay butt naked in your back yard and nobody would ever see you. Well maybe a few animals or hunters but they ain't going to be calling the cops. There are also so many beautiful trees and surroundings even I have to admit the country has such amazing scenery.

All and all I am one city girl who is just ready to go back home. I have tried the quiet country life and it just was not for me. I even miss the sound of traffic and super bright lights at night, all I hear here is crickets and howling animals. Nothing chills me down to my bones more than the sound of tree limbs breaking at night. The thing I miss the most though is having fun hanging out and going to a coffee shop every once in a while with a few good friends. Actually going shopping in a real department store instead of just Wally world all the time, getting my hair done by my favorite spiky haired tattoo hairdresser and not having to drive an hour or more to get to the nearest store. If you are into quiet private areas with no trespassing signs every where. Driving a tractor or four wheeler than the country could be something you might be able to adjust to, but as soon as I save a little more cash this city girl is going back to her roots. I so need a mani-pedi my nails are horrid.



This is not meant to be taken serious, I was born and raised in Tennessee so pretty much everything is country anyway, even the so-called city parts.


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