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x factor 2010 final

Updated on November 20, 2011

Saturday Night

Saturday Night

 It was the weekend everyone had been waiting for, the finalists were nervous and the judges each wanted their act to go through. Matt, Rebecca, One Direction and Cher were all hoping to become x factor winner 2010. Starting off the show we saw all sixteen finalists back together one last time for their version of 'What a Feeling' which was typically pre recorded and mimed on the night, i don't understand why they have continued to do that this year when all the contestants were chosen for their vocal ability. What is the point of miming when we already know they can sing?

Matt Cardle was first up singing 'Here With Me' and although he has been ill for the last few weeks, Matt proved that he deserved his place on the show, he gave a fantastic performance and showed he was back on form with his vocals.

Rebecca Ferguson looked and sounded beautiful singing 'just like a star' Rebecca is no longer the shy girl who looks at the floor while singing, she is now a confident and amazing performer.

One Direction sang 'Your Song' and was met by a crowd of screams and cheers, these boys arrived at their first audition as soloists and are now the most talked about boy band in the country. They have become close friends and continue to grow together.

Cher Lloyd stayed true to herself and rapped '369' and 'Get Your Freak On' she sang, she danced and she rapped, and showed everyone that despite her tantrums she still has that swagger.

Next the finalists got the chance of  a life time when they got to perform with some of the biggest super stars in pop, Matt Cardle teamed up with Rhianna and got very up close while singing 'Unfaithful'.

Rebecca appeared star struck when she sang 'Beautiful' with Christina Aguilera, Rebecca could hardly get her words out next to Christina.

One Direction got to sing with cheeky chap Robbie Williams and seemed to be really enjoying singing 'She's the One' with their idol.

Cher sang 'Where is the love' before being joined by Will I Am singing 'I got a Feeling'. This is the only duet i didn't like as i wasn't sure that it sounded right.

As the finalists waited for their votes to be counted, Rhianna took to the stage once more singing her new single 'Whats my Name', dressed only in her little bikini which seemed to thrill host Dermott.

Next we saw Christina Aguilera perform her song 'Express' and a dance routine that would put the pussycat dolls to shame.

It was the moment of truth when the four finalists stood alongside their mentors to find out who would make it in to the grand final. Rebecca went through, One Direction went through and it was down to Matt and Cher. At this point i think everyone knew Cher was leaving and she did. Before leaving the stage Cher said her highlight of the whole show was singing with Will I Am, she then thanked everyone that had believed in her. So now it was down to the final three.........Rebecca, Matt and One Direction!!!




One Direction & Robbie Williams

Rebecca and Christina

Cher Lloyd and Will I Am


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