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How to see Movies in YouTube

Updated on August 4, 2014

For a long time, I had no idea that YouTube has a remarkable collection of movies,called youtube movies, covering almost all the category of movies such as action, adventure, comedy, horror, science fiction, romance, mystery, documentaries and even Indian movies. If you want to watch new movies on YouTube, then simply it is not possible-only trailers are available .They usually provide popular old movies in their movie page of the site. However, you can watch some very good old movies in YouTube for free. In this hub I will list some of the interesting movies especially documentary and biography type movies that you can watch for free in their full length.

How to find YouTube Movies Online

There is no directly link to the movie section, unless in the main page you find any movie link in their “Most Popular” video section. It is better to enter directly the youtube movies page by going at When you enter the movie page, on the top-left side you will see category section; click on the double arrow button to see all the available movie categories. Now, click on any category to see all the available movies on that particular subject.

Most Popular YouTube Movies

Jackie Chan movies are more popular in YouTube than any other movies. Apart from Jackie Chan, the other YouTube popular movie figure is Adolph Hitler. No, not any of his movies (I never heard of his acting in any film). One of the documentary made about the secret life of Hitler is among the most viewed YouTube movies. The following three Jackie Chan movies have record views in YouTube.

  • Wheels on Meals
  • The Young Master
  • Fantasy Mission Force

youtube movies
youtube movies | Source

Do you know which videos are most watched in videos. Take a look at the

Most viewed youtube music video list.

Recommended movies

If you love Lord of the Ring then I will suggest you to watch: The Hunt for Gollum - LOTR Prequel

This Lord of Ring Prequel is a 40-minute film about the search for Gollum. The two popular LOTR characters Aragorn and Gandalf were played by two replacement actors-this is a movie made by LOTR fans for its fans. The total cost of this movie is less than $5000 USD, but once you start watching it you will feel like you are watching real multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster.

You can start hunting this Gollum right now by going at-Hunt for Gollum. Alternatively, you can continue reading this hub and read my favorite YouTube section called biography and documentary. I usually buy documentary CDs in every week or at least twice a week. Mostly I love documentary about almost anything, ranging from space, origin or universe, black holes, to second world wars. Just look at my recommended list of YouTube documentary that can give you wealth of historical and scientific knowledge

Recommended Documentary & Biography on YouTube Movies

  • Home
  • The Secret Life of Adolph Hitler
  • Muhammad Ali - The Greatest
  • The Day My God Died
  • Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes
  • The Nazis Strike
  • The Legend of Marilyn Monroe

Home- this documentary film has been viewed over 12 million times in YouTube and has received 49,777 “likes” vote by you tubers. This film is about the existence of our planet Earth. The way our natural resource are being depleted, we have perhaps 10 more years in hand to take major steps to change the rate of natural resource destruction, otherwise we may face a catastrophic change in Earth climate. This is a must watch documentary and also one of the popular among YouTube users

The secret Life of Adolph Hitler-Paula Wolf, Hitler sister’s, interview is an interesting part of this documentary. In addition, you can see some rare actual footage shot and a few unknown information about Hitler’s girl friend Eva Braun.

The legend of Marilyn Monroe-this is a very informative documentary about the career and life of legendary Hollywood actor Marilyn Monroe, directed by John Huston who also has worked with Monroe in one of her movie. In this file you will watch many unseen clips of Marilyn movie that were cut from her movies, interviews with Monroe friends, cast can crew who really know what kind of person Merilyn was in real life.

Recommended Comedy Movies

  • Diary Of A Nudist
  • Trader Hornee
  • The Best of the Three Stooges

Horror Movies

  • Horror of The Zombies
  • Night of the Living Dead
  • House of Haunted Hill
  • Snake People

Science Fiction

The following list includes all the science fiction movies available on YouTube

  • Metropolis
  • Freezer burn
  • People from space
  • Destination Moon
  • Sleep stream
  • Conquest of Space
  • Hideous Sun Demon
  • Doomsday Machine
  • Voyage of the Planet of Prehistoric Women
  • Robinson Crusoe On Mars
  • The Last Man on Earth
  • Cat Women Of The Moon
  • The Day The Sky Exploded
  • Gammera Invincible
  • Mesa Of Lost Women
  • Warning From Space
  • Evil Brain from Outer Space
  • Capture of Bigfoot, The

Classic Movies in YouTube

  • Santa Claus
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Life of Jesus, Part 1
  • Beat Girl

Mystery and Suspense

  • Wake
  • “M”
  • Shattered Illusions
  • The Inside Man

To watch any of the recommended YouTube movie, type the movie title in the search bar after going at


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    • profile image

      Reggie 4 years ago

      So true. Honesty and everything recdonizeg.

    • ChristineVianello profile image

      ChristineVianello 6 years ago from Philadelphia

      No idea that youtube did that, very nice.

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      @Lady_E-I agree with you that some movies and documentaries are just for one time watch and buying such type of movies just increase the collection of junks.Thanks a lot :)

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thanks for this info. It will save buying them (which I don't mind) except that most times after watching it, I don't watch it again.

      Best Wishes.

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      @samiaali-Wish you a belated happy New Year.So many great movies are there that many not be easily available in the market.I love this movie sit.Thanks a lot :)

    • samiaali profile image

      samiaali 7 years ago

      Happy New Year andromida, I knew that there were movies on YouTube, but never realized there are so many. Thank you for your informative hubpage! :)

    • andromida profile image

      syras mamun 7 years ago

      @Jessyferi1-Youtube documentary section is very rich, I visit it frequently.Hope you will enjoy it now,thanks a lot :)

      @HVR-Thank you so much for stopping by.I hope you will enjoy it too.

      @Jalus-Youtube movies is great to for those who loves to watch classic movies.I hope you are having a great time.Thank you :)

    • profile image

      Jalus 7 years ago

      Thanks for the information - I had no idea there were movies on youtube either. Great timing too with all of the free time over the holidays.

    • Highvoltagewriter profile image

      William Benner 7 years ago from Savannah GA.

      I had known about this but never paid much attention to it. It is about time I check it out!

    • jessyferari1 profile image

      jessyferari1 7 years ago from New York

      I had no idea even though i have an account with youtube