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You've Got Mail

Updated on March 13, 2018

Online Love Story

From the time I've been online to even now I love to get email. Don't you? Especially fun email's from a love. This movie brings back memories of the first time I signed up on the online dating sites. It was rather scary but fun because you weren't sure who was on the other end of the wire or should I say screen. Everyone had such unique names they go by such as NY152 and Shop Girl from this movie. My first online name was Patches. I got the nickname because I wore a patch sewed on my the butt of my jeans. Not everyone meets ahead of time as these two did before they knew each other. That's what makes the story interesting.

They meet when Joe takes his kids to the book store the Shop Around the Corner. He knows all about her store because he is the owner of Fox Books that is being built nearby. Kathleen doesn't realize he's the owner of the new book store until they both end up the same party where she realizes who he is; neither like each other too well. Kinda funny because here they are chatting and sending emails online to each other but don't know it is eachother. They think who they are talking to online is the greatest but in real life don't like each other until the end. That scenario doesn't happen often.

I was much like Kathleen; I'd hurry to see if I had an email from the one favorite I enjoyed talking to. I was always careful to not give out my phone number, address or where I worked in case they tried looking me up with me knowing it. A mutual agreement to meet is always the best way to go at first. Although once I found out I was talking to someone who came to the Library where I worked. It freaked me out because I thought he knew he was talking to me online. It was later after we stopped talking he figured it out. It wasn't a bad a thing; we just didn't have enough in common to keep talking so we stopped. We did joke about it a bit when he'd come to the desk to check out his books. Guess Kathleen and I had the book thing in common except I worked in a Library.

Even though Kathleen and Joe met before they knew they were talking to each other online there ending is very romantic. By the time they meet, there both in love with each other because of the time they didn't like each other to the time they became friends; then realized they were talking to each other online. They finally meet at the park. Kathleen was so exasperated and surprised when Joe rounds the corner. He comes up to her and says don't cry Shop Girl. She says I wanted it to be you so badly. They kiss and all is great! What a wonderful ending to a story of You've Got Mail.

Meg Ryan Movies

Meg Ryan is a superb actress. She has played in so many good movies. I can't think of one that I didn't like. I love them all but I've picked some that are my favorites to share with you. I'm such a sucker for quirky and romantic love stories.

When Harry Meets Sally

I so love this movie in how they meet in earlier days to when they come back into contact in later years. They end up friends, dating then not dating to actually realizing they are in love with each other in the end of it all.

Hanging Up

A movie about three sisters and each have very different lives. There Dad is sick in the hospital. They call each other but seem to hang up a lot. In the end they come together because of their Dad's passing. I have 2 sisters and we talk a lot on the phone. Our Dad passed too but we didn't get into it as these three sisters did or lead their kind of lives.

French Kiss

Now this is an interesting love story. Kates fiancee suddenly flys to Paris so she gets over her fear of flying to follow him there. On the flight Kate and meets Luc. Of all things he is an arrogant stereotypically French guy. From there the mishap of running into each other after the flight to the time they fall in love is quite the story. It's one you don't want to miss!

You've Got Mail Movie Clips

Here's the story of Kathleen and Joe and how they meet online and offline.

Movie Trailer

Shop Girl Meets NY152

Which Is Your Favorite Meg Ryan Movie

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