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Zak Bagans Ghost Adventurer

Updated on December 31, 2018
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Count Zakula The banisher of evil
Count Zakula The banisher of evil

Have a Ghoulish guest? Get locked down with Zak!

Zachary Alexander Bagans host of Ghost Adventures was born April 5th, 1977, in Washington D.C. His family moved to Clearwater, Florida where he was a "Typical Beach kid crabbing, fishing, boating, and surfing.", he moved to Chicago to live with his biological father for a time and then to Michigan and now Las Vegas.

In 1994 his mother and stepfather moved to Lake Tahoe California.

Zak was interested in meteorology and broadcast journalism when he was in high school. He graduated Glenbard West High School in January 1995, instead of with the class in June (I don't recall the reason for this)

He went to Western Michigan University for two weeks and left.

Zak Went to the Motion picture Institute for Documentary Filmmaking. He graduated with honors in an elite class and going overboard with his final called 'The Red Butterfly'

Zak and his sister were on a family week of Wheel of Fortune back in 1997.

He's had jobs as a valet, landscaper, selling Urinal supplies & sanitary services Used to be a mobile D.j., and party host MC'ing weddings etc and because of this to this day he gets nauseous upon hearing the song 'Celebration'

He was previously a skeptic of the paranormal until 2002. While living in Trenton, Michigan, Zak saw the ghost of a suicidal woman. He is now the lead investigator, Executive Producer and editor of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures on Saturday nights

Zak has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks all his life.

Some of his hobbies are weightlifting and MMA or Mixed Martial Arts for those who don't know. He likes going for nature walks and playing with his Dog Gracie as well as helping out at ASPCA (?) of Nevada.

He has been obsessed with Dracula (like me) since he was a kid as well as collecting Football and baseball cards and reading comics; Ironically he said Ghost Rider was his favorite!

Zak with his dog Gracie

He adopted Gracie from his local aspca
He adopted Gracie from his local aspca

Zak @ the NSPCA

A Haunting we will go

Zak has since been actively investigating and capturing evidence of the spirit world. In his investigations, Zak has been badly scratched by a demon at Bobby Mackey's Music World, Possessed (well half?) at the Princeton School of Industry, and on Poveglia Island getting overcome by a dark spirit which is the reason he got the tattoo on his back. It signifies the fight between good & evil.

Zak was the host and executive producer of Paranormal Challenge. Think of it as 'Fans Ghost Adventures'. 2 teams of amateur paranormal investigators would get locked down in a location overnight, and if they don't get scared out they present their findings to Zak and 3 other paranormal experts.

Now he is a producer of Paranormal Paparazzi, which is like a paranormal tabloid like TMZ and his own clothing line called 'Dungeon Wear' clothing and has apparel for both men & women.

Ghost Adventures celebrated their 100th Episode on October 4th 2013

Ghost Adventures - The 4 reasons they won my 'heart' (& time)

I've tried watching the rest of the paranormal investigation shows, then I found Ghost Adventures and therefore found the best. Why do I consider them the best?

1. They don't use just one or 2 devices they use a variety to get the most proof possible. It's one thing if you just use EVPs & cameras & hearing 'something' or seeing something but using night vision, ultraviolet cameras, and thermal vision well watch it for yourselves

2. It's only the 3 guys and no other camera crew. So you know it wasn't one of them.

3. All I saw in the other shows was them finding orbs, which well could have been a speck of dust.

On Ghost Adventures, they try to debunk voices, lighting/shadows and so on as well as shown the difference between what a dust particle or bug looks like on camera (especially during night-vision) and something that's more likely to be an actual orb. Besides orbs, In this show you see Shadows from nowhere, floating mists with faces and other ways that may make you a believer that there's a realm beyond ours.

4. The guys crack me up! Although Zak is quite serious doing the investigations, they can be pretty lighthearted, with a joke about something or just sending Aaron to the worse room on a lock-down. Then there's Zak provoking the spirits (well he used to) in which the spirits always seem to take it out on Nick or Aaron I Hate... Kill... and unofficially... all those cool gadgets they get to use!

So Get gHOSTly and have a viewing party or your own investigation with all these Ghost Adventures goodies

sadly for some reason, Nick is no longer part of the GAC, though I have seen he has his own show now but I only caught it once. I never heard anything about Nick leaving, let alone why

Reviewing the Ghost World

Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew
Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures Crew

I was looking for a book (now this was in 2012 or 2013) for my Halloween reading, and I saw this on one of the show tables.

I didn't even know Zak had a book out at the time so it was an impulse buy

Barnes & Nobel is selling out, of the book, Amazon shops as well (took 2 tries on Amazon before I found one in stock!) as of Sept 23 was #18 on the NY Times Best Seller List.

Zak Bagans' (lead investigator on the Friday night Travel Channel series) book Dark world.

I didn't even hear he was coming out with one, I saw 1 copy in Barnes & Noble but didn't have enough money on me. I found a review (URL included in the THEMED list) & I usually do not read reviews until I'm done reading a book (or watching movie) so as to not affect my opinion.

I like what I hear about the book in this review as they mention that it is written as if he is sitting across from you telling all.

(Which is how The Paths We choose from Sully Erna is written & I Rave about that)

On first look through before reading, there are some pictures of him in some of the Locations Ghost Adventures has been on. There's also some Facts/Trivia also a 'Facts on Zak' & 'So you want to Date me" page (seeing the later just made me laugh in amusement.) which basically unless you can deal with him bringing the work home. (Spirits including demonic types) Which he says whatever it is, it’s always the girlfriends, he thinks maybe it's the Succubus from one of the adventures. There are also tips for other investigators. And pop cult references in it as well.

To start the book, in the forward Zak points out why he wrote the book. One of the reasons is so you can know about what went on that didn't make it to TV, as well that he doesn't do this just to find ghosts but to help those who Skeptic or not have come into contact with Ghosts. That there are skeptics that though' they've had an experience some believe now, however others still won't due to religious beliefs.

Some parts may even give you a bit of a fright esp. if you saw the episode. When I first started to watch the show, I'd get goosebumps which the other shows didn't do, I'd also get the chills & just lay under the covers while watching. This book adds to that esp. if you are watching one of the episodes that get mentioned as you are reading the book. There are parts of the book that are mentioned from the show & gives you a little more insight as to what went on but also gives a bit more of the willies as well.

My only complaint is that the 2nd to the last part where he gets into the technical speak about Physics etc. I think he should have dispersed that throughout the book. Reading it in one lump sum can give you A.D.D. That is the only part I have any problems with. Don't get me wrong, the information is helpful and thought-provoking but reading that one chapter felt like being back in school watching the clock as the teacher drones on.

Zak also includes some colleagues opinions at the end as to the future of what they hope will happen in the field what we'll see or wish to.

I'd say fan of the show, skeptic or not...from what I've read & interesting read

no convinced? see the media section of Zak's official site


in an issue of Rebel Ink

Zak has written another book!

I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead
I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead

find my preview here

We get an introduction to the GAC (Ghost Adventures Crew) I just hope there’s an explanation as to why Nick Groff has been missing in the current season)

A chapter on the Demon house mentions at the end that there will be a movie set to come out in 2015 (I’m guessing it’s a travel channel documentary)

One of the pictures in the book made me laugh but it’s not because of the pose or the item that made me laugh. He has a bracelet with a cross wrapped around his fingers… and as I said it’s not the pose etc. but the fact I’ve seen those same bracelets in the dollar store!

Most of the pages seem to be only a few pages (maybe 15 or fewer minutes of reading time) so far the only one I’ve seen that seems to be a ‘full chapter’ of pages is the one on the demon house.

So Zak being a Vampire FANatic like myself (& a card-carrying, err Fang barring member) he has been inducted to the Sabertooth Clan and you can see a couple of pictures of Zak with his fangs on.

One of the questions the book asks is if more than one spirit can inhabit a body, Zak covers the health risks of the job and for a guy who hates clowns & Dolls and with some just the looks of some I can understand and if you saw the episode Harold the Doll is no joke! Zak also covers the weather’s ‘Paranormal’ connection and his own to Kurt Cobain & Lane Stanley 2 members from the grunge rock era that were taken by their own demons. Speaking of which demons, Zak finally covers Ouija boards which people always recklessly use thinking it’s a ‘game’ Try looking up the rules and be sure to follow them.

Other topics is Location disappointments, debunking, Guest Investigators (which I love when someone comes in I recognize.. Vince Neil & What was that characters name from the Roadhouse on Supernatural?) and GHosts of Girlfriends past or well more so the fact that they get chased away by them and how some of his fans scare him.


Zak's Muscle and Fitness feature

Zak Kiddie pic

Zak Kiddie pic
Zak Kiddie pic

Two Faced 'demon' tattoo

Two Faced 'demon' tattoo
Two Faced 'demon' tattoo

Zak The impaler by @Hanna Preston

Zak The impaler by @Hanna Preston
Zak The impaler by @Hanna Preston

Zak tattoos

Bottom Right is the cross on his finger
Bottom Right is the cross on his finger

TMZ on Zaks album

Zak Facts

These are facts I've read about him and heard straight from his mouth during the show, interviews & fingers (on Twitter)

Not enough of facts here for you? Check out his book Dark World (you can easily order it above

Its scary the amount of stuff we share in common.. its like he's the male version of me.

(I thought I was the only one who had an aversion to the shower curtain... he hates it for the same reason I do.)


*Zak has been inducted into the Sabretooth Vampire Clan of Paris

*If he could live in another time, it would be the 1880s. I think one of the reasons for this is because he's said he has dreams of his past lives. One in which was a colonial-era ship deckhand and has always felt like he was a miner in another past life.

* Zak has 7 tattoos

(those that I know about)

*1 on his back of a 2 faced 'demon' signifying the fight between good & Evil

*2 on his 'shoulders' one on each (on his left is Celtic cross)

*1 on the inside of his right wrist (I've heard its Dracula's Cross)

*1 on his right index finger of a Cross

* Newest Tattoo (Dec '11) "Denn die todten reiten schnell" German "For the Dead Travel Fast" inside left forearm

the one on his right shoulder has not gotten a good look at; and as for the others I haven't even heard where they are (tho I think I've seen one peeking above his pant on his side)

  1. Lives in Las Vegas
  2. Grew up in Florida
  3. Has his own dungeon (I've seriously got the green eyes of Jealousy for that)
  4. Keep him away from Shrimp He says he's allergic (& I've heard red food dye as well)
  5. Has a fear of Snakes, Heights, & creepy dolls,
  6. He used to be a wedding D.J. (& I've read that's how he met Nick, for his wedding)
  7. His fave ice cream is Cookies & Cream (we'd get along well lol)
  8. He's an Aries
  9. He can bench press 300lbs
  10. His belief in the paranormal started when he lived in Michigan and saw the ghost of a woman who committed suicide. Since then he's on a mission for life documenting paranormal events
  11. Some of his favorite music is

    Assemblage 23, Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, NIN, Static-X, Korn, Slipknot, Tool, Lisa Gerrard, Dead Can Dance, James Horner (Apocolyptico Soundtrack), Wojciech Kilar (Bram Stoker's Dracula Soundtrack), Enigma, Radiohead, & Nox Arcana

  12. He likes to eat wild Onions
  13. if you couldn't tell by what he wears, he likes Black & Red
  14. Likes science fiction
  15. Hates animal cruelty & got his dog Gracie from the Nevada ASPCA
  16. thinks baseball is boring (noted in his book...& I agree)
  17. roots for the Detroit Tigers (wait isn't that baseball? WTF? I thought he said he doesn't like baseball))
  18. You may have heard You are what you eat but Zak is what he hates!

    Zak was born the Chinese year of the Snake (fire element)

  19. Says the 1932 movies 'Freaks' is the scariest he's ever seen
  20. He's lived at 8mile in middle belt in Livonia, Trenton, & Grosse lle
  21. Likes playing games like Checkers, Yahtzee & Scrabble
  22. Claims Scotland is his fave Country
  23. Zak has tweeted a few times that he loves cheese (gee I do love rodents!)
  24. Like me, he hates Wikipedia as a lot of times you find false info. (he mentioned it on Twitter after someone mentioned of hearing of an upcoming Australia episode on the site)
  25. ever notice that Zak has a striking resemblance to a couple paintings in haunted locations .. in Stanley Hotel & Magnolia plantation (on the plantation I agree, will have to check out the other one when I can)
  26. Zak has said the creepiest thing is when a spirit called him by his first and last name
  27. Zak is part German & Scottish as he tweeted and through his mom's research into family, he's also 'half' Slavic. Russian, Czech & Hungarian decent, besides the Italian & German they already knew. (Wait his last name is scottish.. but he certainly does not look it nor Italian, I'm guessing that Slavic half is the looks!
  28. Zak prefers soft 'tacos' to the crunchy kind
  29. Zak has mentioned that 3 of his favorite albums, while he was in High School, was

    Pearl Jam "Ten", Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine, & The Lords of Acid "Lust"

  30. Zak graduated from Glenbard West H.S. in Chicago, the school seen in the movie Lucas
  31. he says 11 is his favorite number.
  32. He liked going with his mom to the grocery store because of the free samples the older ladies would cook in the aisles. (then he'd Love Stew Leonard's here)
  33. has said his fave toys as a kid were Garbage Pail Kids & Micro Machines
  34. His black glasses are Oakleys
  35. Someone asked Zak what his favorite part of Halloween was His reply...

    Death, Blood & Demons.. (I guess that's his version of --- drugs & Rock n Roll!)

  36. Lived in Detroit from 1998-2002
  37. Grew up in Florida & spent summers in Chicago
  38. Zak lived in Glen Ellis Illinois and graduated High School from there in 1995
  39. Zak was a banner barrer n the 4th of July parade for Lumbard West High School
  40. His favorite class...(I almost fell when I heard this) Poetry! (um Zak wanna read mine?)
  41. Tooele Hospital was one of his favorite episodes ever
  42. has said that the one thing missing in his life is true love
  43. he loves the macabre energy of Halloween which (mostly) everyone becomes submissive to on the day)
  44. He bench presses 275 pounds & does 320 pounds on some kind of Machine press
  45. He worked on his album NEcrofusion with Praga Kahn for a year
  46. prefers Silver to Gold.. actually, I think he ONLY wears Silver.
  47. Zak says he LOVES the techno song at the beginning of "Blade" (movie) (Man can't we meet?? I don't normally like that sort of music but LOVE that one heck I saw Blade 3x in theaters)
  48. When a fan asked Zak (on Twitter who his Celeb crush was ; he said Danica Patrick .."hot girl who can drive a race car..Oh Yes"
  49. Zak & His sister were contestants on Wheel of Fortune Family week back in the mid 90s & they solved the final puzzle
  50. His mother is an interior designer and stepdad a law enforcement deputy chief of police
  51. He likes Thunderstorms and will stay out while others run indoors. (This is too creepy... he likes too much of the same I do...) I've always been the same way. I still purposely run out when I hear it the rumble of thunder.
  52. He got his first car while in high school it was a 1982 Ford Fairmount (2 tone) for $400 had speakers in the back seat and turned it into a beach wagon easily enough by dumping sand on the floorboards
  53. Good relationship with his older sis

Zak article - Scanned (no idea what mag)

EVPs - Comments

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Angelgirl1976: Ah Thanks! I notice now that a lot of the paranormal people are doing what Zak does.. yelling at the ghosts

    • Angelgirl1976 profile image


      5 years ago

      I have to admit, Zak is my guilty secret ;)

      Fantastic lens 10/10 from me :)


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