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Teething - Organic Baby Teethers Are Safe and Best for Your Baby - Baby Teething Tips

Updated on January 31, 2015

Organic Baby Teethers Are Safe and Best for Your Baby

Organic baby teethers, green baby teethers, eco-friendly baby teethers, or some call it natural baby teethers -- different terms but it is one and the same -- it is the safest and best for your baby when they are teething. The reason is that organic baby teethers are composed of natural materials that is proven to be good for babies. Natural and organic is the way to go for babies.

Parents always anticipate the teething of their babies because it is considered a milestone in their babies lives. Some babies experience difficulty when the teeth start to come out but there are ways to help babies ease the symptoms of teething.

The use of baby teethers is one of them and organic baby teethers are the safest and best for your baby when they are teething. As parents, we want the best care for our baby and whatever objects that are put in their mouth should be deemed safe.

It is also during this time when babies are teething that we need all the patience and tender loving care we can give them as they can get cranky and irritable.

Some Facts About Baby Teething

  • Some children might have difficulties when they are teething while some don't experience any difficulties at all.
  • Some start to have teeth earlier, as early as three months according to experts, while some later. The average age for babies to have their first teeth is six to ten month.
  • Usually the first teeth to appear are : front upper and lower incisors
  • Several days before the teeth will come out, that's when symptoms are start to be felt, but once the teeth comes out already, the symptoms start to disappear.

First Baby Teeth -- lower part -- the white one incisor

image courtesy of wikipedia
image courtesy of wikipedia

Simple way to check if your baby is teething -- mind they will bite

the image is credited to -- fernholz -- in photobucket
the image is credited to -- fernholz -- in photobucket

Some of the symptoms of teething are :

These symptoms may be experienced by babies combination

  • swollen gum
  • the baby is drooling
  • baby is cranky, fussiness, moody and cries a lot
  • can't sleep even if it is their schedule to sleep
  • keep on biting toys and other stuff -- (That's why organic baby teethers are the best for babies who are teething as opposed to the stuff which they put in their mouth (we aren't sure if they are clean)
  • refused to be fed
  • Biting the nipple of the or bottle or moms breast
  • slight fever
  • Keep on touching their gums
  • In my experience, my babies will have softer and watery stool when they are teething

That is why organic baby teethers are needed because they have the tendency to bite stuff and it is deemed safe as it contains natural materials unlike other teethers which are not organic,

Baby teething tips : simple test to check if your baby is teething

  • Aside from the symptoms of teething, one way to check if your baby is teething is that by checking the gum -- if it is swelling, other than that if the baby is crying non stop, your healthcare provider is the best person to advise you on this matter. If in doubt always seek the help of your healthcare provider.

Baby Teething tips -- natural treatments for baby teething : the use of organic teethers

  • Put a cold cloth in baby's mouth with ice and touch it in the gum to ease the pain
  • Carry them touch them so that the pain will be ease
  • Buy an organic teethers as soon as possible
  • Parents need extra patience during these times -- tender loving care
  • Gentle massage on the back of the baby and soothing lullabies can help the baby sleep

Baby Teething Tips : Why Use Natural or Organic Baby Teethers?

Even when there was news of recall of some baby tetthers, the importance of natural ways and means for baby care are already gaining popularity. We want the best and natural ways for our babies overall health safety. (Remember when there are recalls of unsafe baby teethers? Nuby -- manufacturers of teethers recently recalled teethers which are gel filled and found out that there are bacteria on it, It was a voluntary recall by the company however,)

  • Organic simple teethers without gels, water inside are the best and safe for baby
  • Organic teethers don't have synthetic and chemicals which are good for the baby in general
  • It is also helpful to go green for environmental protection. In out own little ways we help to take care of environment.


Teething is part of the overall growth of the baby and it is considered a milestone. The first baby teeth is always anticipated by the parents. Some babies may have difficulties when they are teething while for some they don't have any symptoms at all. There are lots of symptoms when the baby is teething and as parents we should be sensitive to it as accompanying the symptoms are some difficulties for the baby, and some of the symptoms are : babies can get cranky, cry a lot and have a sore gum.Organic baby teethers are best for your babies when they are teething because it is natural and safe so to speak. There are also teething tips stated here that you may find useful. Ever since organic baby products are introduced many parents see the overall importance of it in the baby's health. Parents want the best for their babies specially when it comes to the stuff baby puts in their mouth. Teethers are good solutions for teething babies. In addition to organic baby teethers, parents should have extra patience when babies are teething because they are irritable and cry a lot. Gentle touch and baby massage can help the little babies get to sleep and ease the accompanying pains when they are teething.

I hope you find the teething tips here useful, enjoy the moments with your baby!


Your healthcare provider is the best person you can consult about the overall health of your baby.


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