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10 Reasons Why Teens Fall For Anything

Updated on January 12, 2018

10. Teenage life is the most creative part of someone's life.

Some of the teens reading this may find this point not relevant to him, but it is true. The creativity and excitement at this age are so overwhelming. You know you had thought a lot to make your toy look cool, or your character in-game looks awesome, or you had tried to make DIY stuff to save money or something else that got you worked up so hard. It's all because of that brain is pushing you to do all that stuff and it's good, it's all normal. Creativity is the key to success, be creative because many life-changing innovations come from creativity.

9. Getting addiction

Sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's good. Teens get addicted to many things, not just one thing. Addiction to different things changes over time, it's directly proportional.Getting addicted to bad things like drugs or alcohol leads to dark life while getting addicted to good things will lead to good life. I was addicted to gaming on my PC, now I'm addicted to gaming on my smartphone, see, it changes. Jokes aside, it's hard to focus on one thing at this age but, if you can overcome and focus on only one thing, you'll definitely be successful at the early age. Many people who got successful at their teen were addicted to that one thing that leads them to success, it was music for them, dance to someone else or any other passion that turned into a profession.

8. Stubbornness is necessary

Believe me or not, the person who is stubborn is most unlikely to fall for everything. A fixed mindset is what drove that person and he/she doesn't give a damn about anything else. You may have met many peoples in your life but not all of them are interested in what you like. It's because they care about their own goals of life and it's important to have one. A pillar of the house is supporting the house because it is fixed but, if it starts moving, the house will fall off.

7. A non-supportive family

Majority of teens don't have good family bonds, they may have good friends but not good communications. This is the main reason for the falling of a teen. In my opinion, its necessary for parents to make their children comfortable and talk to them freely. Be friends with them and teach them about aspects of life. Teenagers learn everything that their parents teach them, they behave like their parents even if they don't have strong connections, they follow their parent's way of living. A teen is like a person walking into the dark woods, they need light.

6. Is Peer Pressure a boon or a ban?

It can be controversial but many teens get indulged in bad habits because of peer pressure. Peer pressure exposes teens to many wrong habits, it's said that "We are average of all the close friends of our circle". Having friends is good but don't let them decide what you want to do, a good friend always supports his/her friend's decision, but only what is good for everyone. Don't make friends with people who just forces you to do stuff you seriously don't like. Peer pressure leads to destruction in the life of a teen if it is for the bad. Get help from parents and psychiatrist if you're under deep pressure. Stop stressing your mind and think for a way out. Peer pressure also helps people to overcome or to perform better. Having people cheering for you when you're in the marathon than your performance will be much better than when no one is cheering for you, it's a fact and been proved lots of times through experiments.

5. Decision making

.Many still fighting with this issue even at their adulthood. I know it's hard but not rocket science. One of my friends told me that, "Sometimes when you don't know what to choose, just flip a coin", and this is what I do to choose between which flavoured ice-cream I want or which shoe I want to order online because I always stuck with two choices at the end. Clearly, this is not a good way to choose career or wife but, it holds up pretty well in small decisions. These small decisions that you haven't made but your luck did, gives you satisfaction and clearly states that "This is better for me, another one was great too but, I can live with this too". Decision making is so hard for some people, always seek help from experts and chose what is best for you. Making life-changing decisions are not easy.

4. Motivation

Hard to find and doesn't last long, a person needs a firm grip to never let it go. Having a motivation to do something always boost your knowledge. People give up easily than give in, it's a fact. They always need the motivation to work, they go to different palaces and events to gain motivation but, a motivation can be a vital force that you get from inside or it is get induced by watching others. You might meet a person who always copies you or copies others. He finds motivation in you. That person knew that his on the track to beat you someday, he knows your tactics and your motivation, so don't let him beat you, always perform better and show him that you're the one he's coping. If you're still watching videos no social networking sites for motivation then you might just better off by reading real stories of successful peoples. They put themselves in drastic situations and improve.

3. Scams

Teens like to make money or become popular overnight but, it's not that easy. Don't fall for anything like that. Don't click on the ads or the links that can make money for you easily. The word "easily" is enough to call it a scam, to some extent. But what about teens who got rich by doing this or that over the internet? The answer is simple, just by mere luck. You must have played HQ Trivia which is an online trivia game, it's more depended on luck than knowledge. Even a person who is having an encyclopedic knowledge may not be able to get all the answers right, it's because questions at the end of the game are not everyone can answer mainly because not many of us haven't heard about it. Don't fall for online money scams, life is hard and it always is, you just need to work harder. Online scams are increasing day by day, there's no stopping them, all we can do is avoid them and always have an antivirus to protect your data.

2. Bullying or get bullied

It is not a bad thing if your seniors not bulling for just anything, they might bully you to test you or to overcome your fear of talking to others. Bullying is bad, and teens find so stressed up that they move to bad things like drug abuse or suicide. But this is not a solution if you're getting bullied for almost everything, then just contact your teachers and parents, they will help you. Try to be nice and don't fight them, if they say "you're an idiot", just say "yes I am". You have come to this world for your goals, don't care what others think about you. A selfish person is a successful person. Nowadays, the situation is getting better. Better laws and rules have been made to stop bullying to some extent. It's still an issue in some places but I hope it will change.

1. Love is in the air

Many reading this probably waiting for this one. A relationship is a mutual understanding between both the partners. I might be wrong but not all teen relationships work out to be a lifelong relationship, as always, it's a mere luck. Teens fall in love with each other and it's common, they even get so deep that it became like life-death situation for them. But I will tell you, it's not a true love. You're just with her maybe for the physical relationship or just to show to your friends that I have a girlfriend. Teenage life is most crucial to everyone if you're in a relationship, then make sure that you and your partner are not hindering each other's goals. You need to work hard to get a good job and make money or to choose a career, that all need to be decided that this age. Be sure you're not ruining your future for anyone. A perfect partner will help you to grow, not hinder your success.
Don't fall for that all looks because what's in the heart is all matters.

Teenage is like a thin glass that can be broken easily, you need to protect it at all costs to achieve success. And whatever is the situation, always be positive and happy, taking stress and tension will lower your performance. Help others and gain people support, help your parents and relatives, in future they will help you someday. It all pays off, whether it's good or bad, depends on you, what you choose. Don't believe in your luck, believe in your hard work.


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    • Max Modem profile imageAUTHOR

      Max Modem 

      9 months ago from India

      Thanks for your feedback :)

    • Tahera M profile image

      Tahera M 

      10 months ago

      A very helpful article indeed !!


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