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10 Ways To Play With Your Baby Using Paper Cups

Updated on May 22, 2016

Paper Cups: A fun alternative

Baby toys are so expensive and sometimes they can quickly become boring, especially as your baby gets older. Here are some games you can play with your crawling baby who is ready to explore. These games are fun and never get old for the little one. Paper cups are inexpensive and easy to clean. When destroyed, just throw them in the trash. When you run out, just add them to your grocery cart the next time you go shopping. The cups are fun and entertaining for all ages--as you will soon learn.

1. Tower Toppling

Stack the cups so that every two has one on top. Stack them as high as you want. Once you are finished stacking, release the baby. Always applaud the baby after complete destruction. If baby destroys tower before you are done still applaud baby because this is a game for the baby. If baby finds it fun to knock it down early, then it is fun to knock it down early!

2. Arena Destruction

You build a cylinder of stacked cups as high and as wide as you want. When ready, place baby inside and watch the destruction.

Arena destroyed!
Arena destroyed!
Go, baby, go!
Go, baby, go!

3. Baby Racing

Place the cups out like traffics cones on either side creating a path. Place baby at one end of the path and coax the baby to come to you from the other end of the path. Make it a goal for the baby to not knock any cups over and then try again, encouraging baby to knock all of them over.

4. Dodge the Cups

Place the cups one in front of the other. Hold your baby's hands and walk them around the cones dodging each one. Then walk around the cones kicking each one.

Watch out, villagers!
Watch out, villagers!
Sometimes the monster needs a little help!
Sometimes the monster needs a little help!

5. Monster Destroys Village

Stack the cups up in towers of three. Build as many as can fit on your floor. For fun, make a few towers with five cups. Hold your baby's fingers and kick down the village while roaring over the baby's laughter. If baby wants to crawl, roar and clap each time a tower is knocked down. Baby will giggle along with you in the fun.

6. Cup Throwing

Can't get baby's attention? Paper cups are light and have no sharp edges. Toss the cup underhanded towards the baby. As it bounces off the baby's chest and head, baby will turn to look in your direction. You giggle and laugh to earn a winning smile from the baby.

7. Entertainment Ears

Baby not smiling? Take the bottoms off of three cups. Place two on your ears and one in your mouth and pretend to be a siren. Your baby will crawl into your lap and go for the one in your mouth. Laughter and giggles are the results of this game!

8. Balancing Act

Place cup on baby's head and count (aloud) how many seconds it stays on top. Each time a record is broken, cheer and clap; your baby will love it just as much as you do.

9. Count to Ten

Stack the cups in piles one through ten (or five). The first is just one cup by itself, the next has two cups, then three, and so on. Point to each one and say the number of cups. You can also show the number by using your fingers. Let the baby knock over the cups and tell the baby how many cups were knocked over each time. It's a fun way to learn how to count to ten.

Baby just knocked over the stack of five cups!
Baby just knocked over the stack of five cups!

10. Big Bad Wolf

Build your tower and if baby isn't interested, make sure baby is next to the tower. Say "I'll huff and I'll puff," and blow the tower over the baby. Clap and cheer afterwards to get baby's surprised look to turn into a laughing smile!

What's Your Favorite?

Which one of the ten activities is your favorite?

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Thanks for Reading. Have Fun and Be Safe!

Have fun playing with your baby. Please be careful and make sure none of these games will be harmful to your baby. Use small paper cups that are light weight. Please be careful and use wise judgement whenever you play with babies and toddlers. While we have enjoyed these games, play at your own risk; we will not be held responsible for your actions. Be safe and have fun playing.


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    • Jason Matthews profile image

      Jason Matthews 7 months ago from North Carolina

      @MsDora, Thanks for reading and for posting your encouraging comment!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 17 months ago from The Caribbean

      Creative and interesting! Many moms and babysitters may find useful suggestions here.