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10 Things to do in Bed: Besides Sleeping

Updated on May 17, 2015

Remember this site is aimed at the family both old and young.

Yes there are many things to do in a bed besides sleep. Take if from the guy that does the laundry. I will pulls the sheets of the bed, washes them and then makes the beds again. When you think about it there is more to a bed then just sleep. Although that seams to be the most important one.

This is coming from the same guy that looks forward to tucking his kids in. OK so at this point just the youngest one. Being able to pray with him and turning off the light. The oldest is at college and the middle one stays up later than I do. He gets up an hour after me though. How he does it I am not sure. In the good news this is more in the wife's hands.

But I once again digress. We are talking about things to do in bed that do not involve sleep. And I hate to dash you hopes but all my sites are G rated so everything on this site is for the whole family. From the youngest to oldest to enjoy. With that said go forth and enjoy a few things that you can do in bed besides sleeping.

Iron Man book
Iron Man book

# 1 - Read to the kids in bed

I also read by myself but that's not as important

Growing up my parents would always tell my sister and I stories in bed. Dad would tell us Chip and Dale stories. And mom would tell us about Cindy and Sidney. These made up stories were always interesting. But they always seamed to have something new. There would also be plenty of books to read as the library in town was in walking distance. Then again everything for me was in walking distance.

It was because of all the reading that I did. This reading, encouraged by them, is why I would always have books around. Add into that my wife who reads even more than I do. And you may see how our kids always have books to read and also want / wanted for the older ones to read to them.

The oldest even had to find other libraries as she had read through all the books of interest at our local library. Granted this was in the kids and teen section. But still that's a lot of books to burn through.

You saw the picture above - So I thought I would give you the options to look further into this book.

Also there is a Father to Daughter book. Yes I do own both.

Deck of Cards
Deck of Cards

# 2 - Play cards in bed

Yes I have a deck of cards on my night stand. This deck is usually used for games of solitaire. When I play solitaire I try to limit myself to three to six games only. Otherwise I could be at it all night. And I don't want to play 52 pick up in the morning. Nor do I want the wife to have to clear all the cards off the bed if she comes to bed after me. Which with my new schedule is most evenings. OK world its true I have been getting to bed at about 9 PM our time on the week nights. Even on week ends I rarely make it past 10 PM.

Are you wondering what kinds of games I tend to play either by myself or with others? Then check out the link below for some of the most common games played in bed.

Our radio
Our radio

# 3 - Listen to Music

When listen to music in bed it is usually to fall asleep to. For a long time it was just the radio that I would listen to. The option to have it turn its self off was a nice improvement. Then came the Walkman that played cassettes. At college I often times fill asleep listening to the soundtrack of Ghost Busters. Oh look I now have a CD player that I can listen to music on. Another device that I tended to listen to in bed. The one I had made it easy to listen to just one song and thus the ability to learn through repetition. Now I also have an MP3 player. The hardest part of this is that I don't always relax as I am skipping over songs to get to one I want to listen to.

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

For variety this is a great choice. And to be honest I don't have 8 Gig of MP3's now. But I do have more then 4 GB that I like to listen to.

Word Searches
Word Searches

# 4 - Cross Word Puzzles and Word Searches

To be honest Word Searches were always my favorite. Crossword Puzzles were boring. And to a point they still are. But they are also good as a way to make you think. And for me that is what I needed after the brain surgery.

Yes they were a thinking device. And the doctors wanted me to do things that made me think. My mom heard this part of the conversation when I ignored it and got me a puzzle book with 50 puzzles and another one with 150 puzzles. She was happy when I handed over the book of 50 puzzles to her completed. The one with 150 is going a bit slower and is only up to about # 37. But I tend to work on about five at a time and will look through it a few times a week just to work on them and keep myself thinking. The Crossword Puzzle book in the main image is the one I am currently working on.

The Word Searches are also a great learning tool for the kids. These will help them to say words and then finding them on the page. A way for them to work on their spelling. The image used for this area is one of the Word Searches we use together.

# 5 - Pray with my wife - If we are just talking I tend to go to sleep.

pray together
pray together

But sleeping is not what this is all about. So the two of us tend to pray together. First it is something the two of us do together. Second It's a good reason to sit up. If you are sitting up and concentrating on what you are doing there is a less likely change that you will fall asleep. Granted not impossible. When praying together it is sometimes like talking together. you learn what the others concerns are and what they may need or want. If nothing else it is time I get to spend with my wife that I don't have to share with the kids or the pets.

just some of my hub material
just some of my hub material

# 6 - Play on the computer

This is something that the kids do more then the parents. My son will watch movies and music videos. The daughter will do her home work. And the youngest has not started to use the computer while in bed. To be honest I tend to play games more than anything on the computer if I happen to be ling in bed. Yes simple card games. The one thing though each person will do is have a little something under the laptop to help with the heat it gives off. This piece is also used on the dining room table as a place setting.

Either way you look at it being able to relax and play or whatever is easier then sitting at the desk at work. Using the computer for eight hours a day or more. And yes world I do both.

One thing I always do is back up the material from my lenses. The image shown here is just the first 24 of those back up folders.

# 7 - Serve breakfast in bed

The hard part of this is timing it so the food is warm and you don't wake them up

I know I have tried this more than once. For me its usually just as I am about to take the food up the stairs the wife is coming down them. Of course this doesn't stop me from trying. Of course we are currently out of eggs and milk. That may slow me down a bit but not stop me. Time to do a bit of shopping and then go to it.

Time passes...

Back from store and working on food for the sleeping, but soon to be awake, wife. OK so I had everything but the eggs. And come to find out the cheese was in the freezer.

# 8 - Warm up a bucky or plug in the heating pad for the spouse

Bucky in Microwave
Bucky in Microwave

Before starting this section I warmed up our two bucky's for the wife.

The bucky's that we have seam to be just big bean bags that you toss in the microwave for two minutes to warm up. And to be honest that's what the feel like. Big bean bags. You will also notice by the picture what they look like.

The wife tends to use them on her forehead and the back of her neck. I tend to use them on my shoulder. Our son has a tendency to take them "bean bag" out and use it that way. This is not the right path to go down. They're designed to work together. You were only meant to take the outer part off when tossing it in the wash. Comfort and safety go hand in hand.

I also mentioned a heating pad. but those are easy just plug them in and adjust the temperature. The main rule to follow with a heating pad is Don't fall asleep with one on! Experience talking here. I once got a heat blister on my shoulder by doing this.

# 9 - Folding laundry

Yes folks I will close the door and turn on the music. Then I will start folding the laundry. Mine and the wife's are easy I can just put them away as I go. But with the kids I can lay them out in groups. I will fold them using the stairs. Each person's stuff will get its own stair or stairs. Starting at the bottom with the youngest and going up to the oldest. Yes that top step is mine. The hard part of the stairs and the main reason I use the bed lay out is the folding is on level one and the bathroom is on level two. And you guessed it people have to step over and around the laundry. And if they are in a hurry the laundry gets stepped on and sometimes knocked down a few rungs. Not to mentions the cats wanting to get by.

A side note for college kids. When I was in college and the dryer was full of clothes I would fold them and leave them on top of the dryer for whomever they belonged to. I do know some others that would get them wet or pour detergent on them so that they would have to go through the wash and or dryer again. So think of the other student and yourself. If this was your laundry what would you like the other person to do with your load of clothes?


# 10 - Sorting paper work - bills

If you are like me you keep track of your bills.

This means keeping them sorted

1) By who they are from

2) By month

3) By year

This also means that you go by other set standards and keep a certain amount of years back just in case.

For me I will keep a stack of all bills for the current year. Every few months I will lay them out on the bed and get them organized. This means they are sprawled out over the whole bed so that I can see them. The first thing to do is get them all together. The second is to get them in order of dates from January through December. Or the current month whichever we are in.

One other thing I will do while doing this is close the door. Not so much to keep out the people but to keep out the cats.

After sorting there maybe somethings that need to be shredded.

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder
AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder

As stated above there are only so many years back I will keep records of. This shredder is great for getting rid of those prior years.


You can sleep on this one

Of the 10 listed above which are you most likely to do in bed?

See results

I know you are tempted to drift off to sleep - But please leave a comment before doing so

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    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from State of Confusion

      @thebookhill: Yeah pretty much all of them music can be involved with. Sometimes it nice just for the music.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great list! Have done all of them. I prefer the breakfast in bed and listening to music.

    • MJ Martin profile image

      MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

      4 years ago from Washington State

      What a wonderful list, many of them I do too! Mostly the laundry, and meditating.


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