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120 Biblical Baby Names and their Meanings

Updated on June 17, 2014

8. Amos; "carried" in Hebrew

9. Daniel; God is my judge

10. Baali; my lord, lord over me

11. Baalis; lord of joy

12. Lael; to God, to the Mighty

13. Bera; a well, declaring

14. Beriah; in fellowship

15. Yoav; the Lord is father

16. Madai; a judging, a garment

17. Mahali; a harp

18. Manoah; rest, a present

19. Mesha; burden, salvation

20. Misti; uncomparable beauty

Biblical Baby Names

  1. Adam and Eve; of course the two would be the first on the list considering they were the first in the world. Adam is the Hebrew word for "man" and Eve translates to "to breathe" or "to live".
  2. Jabal; Arabic name that means mountain.
  3. Zillah; Hebrew word that means "shade"
  4. Seth; Hebrew name that means placed or appointed.
  5. Isaiah; God is salvation
  6. Joel; Yahweh is God
  7. Ezra; "help" in Hebrew


Beautiful Biblical Names

21. Myra; I flow, pour out, weep

22. Felix; happy, prosperous

23. Abi; my father, my father is Jehovah

24. Abiah; the Lord is my father

25. Abidan; father of judgement

26. Abigail; the father's joy

27. Abishua; father of salvation

28. Abishai; the present of my father

29. Achaia; grief, trouble

30. Adaiah; witness of the Lord

31. Ahiah; brother of the Lord

32. Ahira; brother of the shepherd

33. Amasai; strong

34. Ariel; lion of God

35. Delaiah; the poor of the Lord

36. Dinah; judgement, one who judges

37. Diana; luminous, perfect

38. Laish; a lion

39. Lasea; wise, thick

40. Leah; weary, tired


Biblical Baby Names are fresh and unique enough to be used today.

Have you given your child(ren) biblical baby names?

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59. Goshen; drawing near, approaching

60. Guni; a garden, a covering

41. Lebanon; white, incense

42. Levi; to join, adhere

43. Leshem; a precious stone

44. Lucas; luminous, white

45. Libya; the heart of the sea

46. Lysta; that which dissolves or disperses

47. Lydia; a standing pool

48. Lycaonia; she-wolf

49. Gaddi; my troop

50. Gaius; an earthly man

51. Galatia; white, the color of milk

52. Gedaliah; God is my greatness

53. Gehazi; valley of sight

54. Giah; to guide, draw out, a groan, sigh, produce

55. Gideon; he that bruises or breaks, a destroyer

56. Giloh; he that rejoices, he that overturns

57. Ginath; protection

58. Golan; passage, revolution

Originality Forever

The great thing about choosing a biblical name for your child is that they'll be original, uncommon and fresh forever. Or, at least well into the foreseeable future. Not only are the majority of these name unique, but they're incredibly rich and interwoven with history. These names carry a lot of weight with them.

If foreign is what you're looking for in a name these names will do you justice. Most, if not all, of the names of this list hail from Hebrew, Arabic and Greek cultures and languages. This is an excellent way to pay homage to a birth country, family ethnicity, or simply appreciation for diversity.

Why Do You?

Why have you chosen to give your child a biblical baby name?

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61. Hachaliah; who waits for the Lord

62. Hachmoni; a wise man

63. Hadassah; joy, a myrtle

64. Hali; a beginning, a precious stone

65. Hamonah; his multitude, his uproar

66. Hanani; my grace, my mercy

67. Hananiah; grace, mercy, gift of the Lord

68. Hannah; gracious, merciful, she that gives

69. Hazaiah; seeing the Lord

70. Hazael; that sees God

71. Hiddai; a praise, a cry

72. Hilkiah; God is my portion

73. Hosea; safety

74. Tabitha; gazelle

75. Tekoa; a trumpet, that is confirmed

76. Tobiah; the Lord is good

77. Tyrus; strength, rock

78. Naarah; young person

79. Nahaliel; valley of God, inheritance

80. Nahallal; praised, bright


99. Uriah; the Lord is my light

100. Uriel; God is my light or God is my fire

101. Salah; mission, sending

102. Sarai; my lady, my princess

103. Saphir; delightful

104. Sela; a rock

105. Sheba; oath

106. Shelomi; my peace, my happiness

107. Shiloh; peace, abundance, sent

108. Shisha; of marble, pleasant

109. Shiza; this gift

110. Susanna; lily, rose, joy

111. Kezia; angel, cassia

112. Kelaiah; voice of the Lord, gathering together

113. Priscilla; ancient

114. Rachel; God's ewe

115. Rebekah; fettered by beauty

116. Reu; a friend

117. Ruben; behold a son

118. Ruth; friend

119. Rhoda/Rhodes; a rose

120. Roman; strong, powerful

81. Naomi; beautiful, sweet, agreeable, pleasant

82. Nathanael; the gift of God

83. Neriah; light, lamp of the Lord

84. Nethaniah; the gift of the Lord

85. Noah; rest, consolation

86. Jaala; a little doe or goat, ascending

87. Jada; knowing, wise

88. Jairus; he will lighten or diffuse light

89. Jahdai; guide or he directs

90. Jael; agile, a goat

91. Jasher; righteous, upright

92. Jasiel; the strength of God, whom God made

93. Jemima; as handsome as the day

94. Jerah; the moon, smelling sweet

95. Jericho; his moon; his month; smelling sweet

96. Jesse; gift, one who is

97. Vaniah; weapons of the Lord, nourishment

98. Zabbai; pure, wandering, flowering


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    • Jennifer Mugrage profile image

      Jennifer Mugrage 2 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      I voted, "I'm devoted to my faith," but cultural and aesthetic reasons also come into play.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Nice research!