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100 Earthy Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Updated on February 5, 2013

If you want your child's name to be in tune with nature, check out this list of 100 earthy baby names for girls, and although they can be hard to find, earthy baby boy names as well!

These nature-inspired baby names are gathered from flowers, birds, gems, colors present in nature, stars, bodies of water, city and state names, plants, seasons, and more! You will have fun going over this list and you just might find that perfect name you have been looking for!

Earthy baby names are becoming quite popular with eco-conscious parents who want their children's identity to reflect the beauty of what our planet has to offer. It is a way of paying respect to and practicing awareness of the earth's vulnerable bounty.

Earthy Baby Boy Names

  1. Alder

  2. Ash

  3. Austin

  4. Basil

  5. Blade

  6. Blaze

  7. Cliff

  8. Colt

  9. Dakota

  10. Denver

  11. Eagle

  12. Elm

  13. Falcon

  14. Fisher

  15. Forest

  16. Glen

  17. Gray

  18. Hawk

  19. Hawthorne

  20. Hopper

  21. Houston

  22. Hunter

  23. Indus

  24. Jade

  25. Jasper

  26. Lake

  27. Leaf

  28. Mason

  29. Montana

  30. Nile

  31. Noah

  32. North

  33. Oliver

  34. Parker

  35. Phoenix

  36. Rain

  37. Ranger

  38. Rock

  39. River

  40. Sage

  41. Shadow

  42. Silver

  43. Stone

  44. Storme

  45. Thorne

  46. Thunder

  47. Tucker

  48. Walker

  49. Wolf

  50. York

Earthy Baby Names for Girls

  1. Amber

  2. Amethyst

  3. Astrid

  4. Avalon

  5. Blossom

  6. Brooke

  7. Butterfly

  8. Canada

  9. Cricket

  10. Crystal

  11. Daisy

  12. Dawn

  13. Ebony

  14. Everest

  15. Fawn

  16. Garnet

  17. Gemini

  18. Harmony

  19. Holly

  20. India

  21. Indigo

  22. Ivory

  23. Juniper

  24. Kenya

  25. Lark

  26. Laurel

  27. Lily

  28. Marigold

  29. Orchid

  30. Onyx

  31. Marine

  32. Midnight

  33. Noel

  34. Nova

  35. Olive

  36. Poppy

  37. Robin

  38. Rosemary

  39. Ruby

  40. Sahara

  41. Sienna

  42. Sierra

  43. Skye

  44. Sparrow

  45. Summer

  46. Sunny

  47. Tawny

  48. Tulip

  49. Willow

  50. Winter

Did you find the earthy baby name you were looking for?

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