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101 Things All Kids Should Do Before They Grow Up

Updated on September 3, 2012

Childhood is the best time in anyone's life. The world is so full of wonder and possibility. So often, we grow up and look back on our younger years and wish we were able to do more before school and work took over our lives. This is a list of things every child should experience before it is too late. Use this as inspiration for things to do with your own children or just reminisce about the fun times you had as a carefree and happy child. .

  1. Visit the zoo
  2. Ride a horse
  3. Make mud pies
  4. Start a lemonade stand
  5. Visit a farm
  6. Pet a farm animal
  7. Pick apples in an orchard
  8. Grow a flower, plant, fruit or vegetable
  9. Catch fireflies
  10. Go camping and make s'mores
  11. Make up a ghost story
  12. Invent something
  13. Visit Disney Land, Word or Euro Disney and shake Mickey Mouse's hand
  14. Spend a day climbing trees
  15. Go to a drive-in movie
  16. Bake pies, cookies or cupcakes
  17. Make dinner for the family
  18. Put on a magic show
  19. Put on a play
  20. Stay out until bedtime playing tag
  21. Count the stars and make a wish
  22. Search for a four leaf clover
  23. Go on a treasure hunt
  24. Help the elderly
  25. Travel to another country
  26. Eat something exotic
  27. Start a band
  28. Take care of a pet
  29. Spend a day at the library
  30. Meet an astronaut
  31. Make snow angels
  32. Catch a snowflake with his tongue
  33. Make marshmallows
  34. Sit by a fire and read stories
  35. Make camp in the backyard
  36. Build a fort
  37. Have a family sleepover in the living room
  38. Meet a cowboy
  39. Play board games by candlelight with the family during a thunderstorm or power outage
  40. Make her own Christmas ornament
  41. Color on the walls (you can put paper on the walls first!)
  42. Collect seashells
  43. Try to find the end of a rainbow
  44. Watch fireworks
  45. Make ice cream
  46. Wear something crazy to school
  47. Change the color of her hair (using spray, chalk, or any natural temporary coloring)
  48. Take a boat ride
  49. Take a ride on a train
  50. Fly
  51. Learn at least a few words in another language
  52. Have a penpal (or email pal)
  53. Keep a journal or diary that you don't sneak peaks into!
  54. Learn to swim
  55. Learn to ride a bike
  56. Visit the capital
  57. Eat dessert for breakfast (just this once!)
  58. Have breakfast for dinner
  59. Make play dough
  60. Make friends with the quiet kid
  61. Jump in a leaf pile
  62. Learn to knit or sew something
  63. Spend a weekend without technology
  64. Interview his parents and get to know more about them
  65. Have a swing contest
  66. Build a sandcastle
  67. Make a plate or cup with clay
  68. Go on a roadtrip
  69. Go to a parade
  70. Make a list of things he wants to do before growing up and save this list
  71. Roll down a grassy hill
  72. Go on a picnic
  73. Jump in puddles and get very muddy
  74. Carve a pumpkin and save the seeds to roast and eat later
  75. Open a savings account to keep tooth fairy and allowance money
  76. Go fishing
  77. Make breakfast in bed for his parents
  78. Send a thank-you card to an adult just because
  79. Do a large puzzle
  80. Rake/mow the lawn - and help a neighbor or relative who can't
  81. Chase butterflies
  82. Go on an egg hunt
  83. Join the boy/girl scouts
  84. Visit at least one of the world's wonders
  85. Swim in the ocean
  86. Earn an award or trophy - even if its one you made up
  87. Have a best friend
  88. Plan a party
  89. Play a sport
  90. Help paint the house
  91. Perform a science experiment
  92. Play in the bath until she is very wrinkly
  93. Have a water balloon or snowball fight
  94. Spend a day singing
  95. Have a piggy bank or rainy day jar
  96. Make helping-hand coupons for mom, dad or grandparents
  97. Make a family tree
  98. Build his own pizza from scratch
  99. Find out how his parents met and fell in love
  100. Go outside and pick a bouquet of flowers for someone
  101. Write a note to her future self and save it to read in 10, 15 or 20 years in the future

What do you remember most about being a child? Is there anything in particular you really want your child to experience before he grows up?


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