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11 Benefits of Pregnancy that all mothers yearn for when the pregnancy is over.

Updated on November 8, 2012

Looking at the bright side of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an extremely unique period as another life form and grows inside the belly of the mother. It is a period of new life and new beginnings. It is a whole nine month period full of joys, tears, anxiety, happiness and also worries. But despite this pregnancy is a period that most mothers miss and feel that they will not mind going back there. Personally, I would love to experience the whole pregnancy thing again and again, but for now am content with my precious little one.

What is it about pregnancy that mothers love and miss after they deliver their bundles of joy? What are the benefits associated with pregnancy?

1. Mood swings. Pregnancy is the only period of life that a woman can get away with blowing their emotions out of proportions. you are so mad that you hit someone or you crash plates or vases, never mind everyone including you will blame the hormones for such emotional dramas.

2. Encouragement and support. This is one stage in life that a mother will receive lots of encouragement and motivation from family, friends and outsiders, especially when the baby bump starts showing.

3. Polite and kind people. No one wants to provoke an expectant mother, so it will be only natural for everyone including strangers are extra polite and king to the pregnant mother. Though she messes up and does something wrong, there is no yelling just kind and soft rebukes that would not scare a fly.

4. Kicks. Oh, the kicks from the unborn baby are the most beautiful things that ever happened to an expectant mother. From the butterfly kicks to the strong purposeful kicks at the ribs, a woman is always full of joy when kicked from within. It also signifies that the baby is progressing well.

5. Crying bouts. A pregnant woman is has the freedom to cry when and where she wants because of small or big things and no one will dare brand her a cry baby.

6. A better partner/ husband. This is one of the few times that your husband or partner will be very understanding to you and get to be extra careful when dealing with you in terms of how he acts or talks to you.

7. Queuing. This will become a thing of the past once your baby bump starts showing. pregnant women are not supposed to line up in banks, malls, or other places, they get their services done as first as they appear. This is one thing that I really enjoyed, I stopped lining up at the banks and other utility centers as someone(mostly the guard or assistant officer) always came up to me and directed me to the start of the line.

8. Sleep. An expectant mother is required to rest as much as she can and this comes mainly in the form of sleep. The mothers-to-be who are staying at home get to benefit a lot on this as they get to sleep without having to wake up to an alarm clock in the morning.

9. Healthy eating. Pregnancy comes with a lot of consciousness on what one eats. A pregnant mother will be extra cautious of everything she puts in the mouth since she knows that the little one growing inside of her is depending ion her for nutrients and survival. So it calls upon healthy eating habits, nutritious foods and fruits, reduced or elimination of alcohol, drugs intake and smoking.

10. Cravings are respected. Its past midnight and suddenly the pregnant wife wakes her husband to demand for cookies or ice cream, the hubby has to get them for her no matter what the present circumstances since it is not the wife who wants it but rather it is his baby craving for that particular thing. Hence the lady gets to have everything she desires by just pointing out that the baby is craving for this and that.

11. Reduced pressure at work. Whether at work, school or at home, the pregnant woman will experience that there is reduced pressure for her to perform( out of respect of her condition) and thus this will make her working and living conditions easier due to the fact that no one is keeping her on her toes.

A child is a blessing from God and every expectant woman out there should view her pregnancy as a blessing and for the nine months that she is pregnant. In this nine month journey, a woman should always look at the positive side and endeavor to get the best out of it in every way.


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