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3 great tips for baby first steps.

Updated on April 29, 2011

3 Great tips on encouraging your baby to walk.

3 Great tips on encouraging your baby to walk.

The joy of being a parent is overwhelming but nevertheless it does not exceed the wonder and joy of watching your baby develop and take his first steps. when do babies start to walk is a question that will linger in many parents as their babies starts to develop. As a parent you are always anxious and excited waiting for your little one to start walking his wayin and out of rooms, your heart cannot wait to hear the pattering of small feet around the house and it reaches a point where you wonder what you could possibly do to help your baby start the walking process.

From the age of 6months a child exhibits some interest of moving around or getting down on his stomach. From this age to around 1 year a child will practice his mobility till he perfects his standing and moving around movements.

As a parent, there are certain things you could sdo to encourage your child during this stage of development.

· Walk with him. Take him by both hands and be patient as he tries to take the first two to three steps and let him lead you. This will definitely put a smile on that chubby face at the thought of him taking a walk with his parent.

· Get rid of the walker. The walker has both its pros and cons. But as a metter of fact it delays the walking development of a child. A baby who gets used to moving around when in his walker will not potray confidence when left alone to walk or stand without the walker.

· Encourage the child. For each step or development achievement your baby your baby shows, reward the child by praising him, clapping, kissing, hugging or even singing for him. This helps in boosting the moral of the child and he will be more eager to learn to do more by himself.



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