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when your child hurts

Updated on July 11, 2013

Toddler or Teen You Hurt The Same

I remember being shocked that my Dad had worried about me when I was over 30 years of age , married with 2 lovely children.

I don't remember the cause of his worry, I just remember my reaction of shock and his reply "Oh you think it stops when your children grow up , do you?"

Well, yes, quite frankly at the time, I did. I felt quite touched that my dad still thought of me so much , yet sad that he was growing older and I could still be "A Pain in The Neck" for the poor man.

However., How right he was....

My children have children of their own, yet I have sleepless nights over things that I am not in control of. If I don't like the way my daughter handles a situation with her boys, I try to keep my mouth shut, and my husband tells me it is none of my business. What! My grandchildren! None of my business.?????

I have to be reminded by said husband that I would have hated any interference from any of our parents when we were bringing up our children. Of course, we must have done things that our parents did differently. I didn't give that much thought when I was 30.

Oh! What a difference growing older makes.

The one thing that stays the same is the love and the pain.

I love the way they live decent lives and they adore their own children.

I cry when things go wrong even though I can remember going through far worse trials.

I still hurt when they hurt. My dad was right. it doesn't end.

I have to be grateful for getting this far in life in just about one piece. The whole world seems crazy to me.

I guess the world when I was young seemed pretty crazy to my dad . God Bless Him.

He's no longer on the planet with us, otherwise I would run to him today and thank him for still worrying about me when I was a grown woman with a family of my own. May he rest in Peace.

As Our Children Grow.........

Little Emma tries to crawl------backwards!

Good fun but not for long.

Up she gets----AH!! that's better

Better to see what's going on.

Although she cannot stand for long

Hold tight -keep balance- .......s t e a d y -

reach out to chair-------BUMP------------down

Oh, never mind Mummyy's here. "ups a daisy"

Try again. Beautiful 3 tooth grin, smiling

back at me. All is well. I'm your mum.

Pony rides, bike rides back of daddy's

big motor bike. Everything taken in her stride.

Loving life. Boiled or fried..

Oops! one little wall oh what a fall

broken ankle, can't even crawl.

Never mind. 8years old a little heavy

but I can manage--.......'cos l'm your Mummy.,

Oh No!!!!!------Now it's not toys, the trouble is boys.

Where can we hide our beautiful girl ?

"No can do" says my dad, "no can

"She'll make her own choices, I remember with you"

ME! I thought I was good.

Anyway---- now I'm the mother.

Now my baby is an adult.

Falls down, jumps up. Resilient beauty.

The pain in her heart I can't fix with a band aid

But--yoo hoo --over here-----I'm still your mother.

She's so independent., walked before crawling,

sang before talking,but now I must try to stop her

run before walking. No rush-- take your time.

This type of pain will work its way out.

With the help of good friends and HEY!!!!

Over here!! I'm still your mother.



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  • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

    Dim Flaxenwick 8 years ago from Great Britain

    Wow ! Thank you butterflyWings.

  • ButterflyWings profile image

    ButterflyWings 8 years ago

    I'm bookmarking this one.

  • Shalini Kagal profile image

    Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

    Love this poem - there's so much mother love and caring - and fun too!