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Easy Jobs for Teens

Updated on December 28, 2015

Why is it so hard?

Starting off in the world of money making is difficult as a teenager because you have to prove yourself. But how on earth can you prove yourself when no one will give you a job?? It's the same old paradox of "What came first? The chicken or the egg?". But alas, it is not impossible. Look around you at all these adults. Did they just magically appear on this planet with jobs? Of course not. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Hardwork and Creativity pay off

If you are lazy, don't even bother looking for a job. You're a drag on society and a waste of time. But since you are here even reading this, I'm betting you have the ambition and intelligence to succeed. You don't mind busting your butt to show you are a hard worker. You want to get out into that world and make something of yourself right? If you look at your friends who sit at home playing video games and whining to their parents about all their wants and think to yourself "there is something wrong here", you are on the right path. With ambition, everything is possible. You don't HAVE to be creative, but it will certainly help you. You see, when everyone follows the same path, opportunities become oversaturated. The best way to success is taking the road less traveled. Being that you are a teenager and wanting to get out there and make some money, you are already ahead of that game. Too many teenagers would rather whine and beg at home than actually get out there and do the work themselves.

Ok, so we know you are a hard worker and just need someone to give you a chance. Read on my friend.

Hard Working Teen

Where To Start?

Oh the possibilities are endless my friend. It's preferable that you do something you actually like. Though that's not an absolute. You like money in the end, so any of them will accomplish that goal. But yes, just keep in mind you will be happier if you choose jobs that you enjoy.

Lets start off with some no brainers. Lawn care. Got a grass cutter? Probably not but I'm sure your parents do and would loan it out to you once you explain what you are trying to do. If they don't have one, hit up your friends parents. Friends parents are also a gold mine of opportunity. Start with them by asking if you can cut their lawns. They probably have their own kids do it for free but it doesn't hurt to ask. Besides, most people like to throw a bone out to people like you that are just getting started because they have been there before.

Once you have a working relationship with someone who has thrown you a bone, it should be downhill from their. Ask them to help spread the word that you are looking for more clients. Enough on that, you see where that's all going.

At the bottom of this Hub is a video with tips for starting a teenager lawn mowing service.

Sell Yourself


Yes recycling. There are two forms of this. Collecting items you can turn into the scrap yard or the recycling center and obtaining "broken" things to repair and sell.

Scrap yards and Recycling: Many communities have a recycling center and will pay money for aluminum cans, paper, etc. You can start in your own home and then venture out by asking others for their items. If you live near a scrap yard, that would be ideal. There are adults who scrap fulltime as their job because it can make a lot of money. Each scrap yard will list the amount they pay per pound for certain metals or items. You would be surprised the kinds of items you can make money off of.

Repairing broken items: Scour your neighborhood on garbage day for items that are being thrown out that you could fix up. A chair with a broken leg is an easy fix. You could spend the first six month of the year collecting and fixing items and then have a yard sale. Yes, its that simple.

Upcycling & Repurposing: This is a new trend. You take something like a broken piano and remake it into a desk. This requires some talent and creativity. But I've found Pinterest to be a wealth of information. Just go there and type in upcycling to get ideas. Or lets say you found an old car tire and are wondering what you could do with it. Just go to Pinterest and type in Upcycled Tire and thousands of ideas pop up!

Upcycled Car Tire

The Internet is a GOLD MINE

You are lucky you are growing up in the generation you are. There was no internet when I was a kid so this resource is new, fresh and lucrative. But very scammy as well. As long as you have a reasonable amount of common sense (ie, never pay money to work) you should be good. There are no shortage of ways online to make money. But many times people who lack any common sense whatsoever have gotten scammed so now they believe all jobs online are a scam. Not true.

Let me tell you a little about me. I work from home part time and I also own a business part time. I started out selling random things on Ebay. I would take the money that I made to buy items cheaply (lots of research to find those gems) and sell those. I would keep reinvesting that money over and over again.

One of my current favorites is to buy items from the Amazon Lightening Deals program. Amazon already has (generally, not always) good prices. But lightening deals are deeply discounted items that are available for only a few hours and only a limited quantity. I check the lightening deals every single day to find something that is discounted enough and popular enough that I can then flip on Ebay. You also don't need a credit card for Amazon. You could just buy one of those prepaid Visa cards from the gas station. Once you make your first $100 profit, I highly suggest you reinvest this back into Amazon Prime. This way you get free shipping.

Working for Hubpages

Did you know you could also work for Hubpages? You can write descriptive articles (like the one you are reading!) and make money. It requires a little bit more computer and internet knowledge than the other ideas. But as a teenager with a growing young mind, its much easier for you to pick up on this technology now than as an adult. Here is a more indepth article on the ins and outs of this Making Money on Hubpages.


This is another no brainer but definitely not for everyone. If you don't like kids, don't do it! But babysitting is an awesome way to make some money and build working relationships that can gain you even more clients. Plus the more you get out there, the more ideas and opportunities that will come to you. Make you babysit Susie one night and find out that the parents have ZERO time in their day to cut the grass. You can then start working that angle. Or maybe you get there to babysit and the house is completely messed up. Clean up the kitchen while they are gone. When they get home and see what an awesome job you have done, tell them that you also offer cleaning services. Again, the possibilities are endless. Just get out there and do it. There is no shame in seeking work and money. Its what makes the world go round. At first it might be a little uncomfortable but remember, everyone out there is doing the same thing. Your parents don't work their jobs for fun. They work for money. But hopefully they enjoy their job too. There is a famous quote that says "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life". Think about what that means.

Lawn Mowing for Teenagers 101


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