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5 Things That Adults Do That Often Confuses Teenagers And Me

Updated on July 1, 2010

Why this hub

For a long time perhaps the day i was able to start to understand the world around me I had a question in my very confused mind. So what was this question, well, it was, how the things work in this world , how to be a good boy more important what is a good boy. Days passed I grew up some how with this confusion fading away in due to other interesting things like play-school and all . Moreover the life was a bit easy too at that time , until the day i became thirteen. However the problems didn't start to show up immediately but still they grew up pretty fast.

I was transfered to a new school , as my parents moved to a new place , one of the first instruction at school were to  respect elders and be generous to others , not to tell a lie, and fighting is bad etc. etc. . While my way back to home I saw my same teacher shouting at an elderly poor fellow ; and i kept wondering how generous this act was. I reached home, my uncle who was a sales representative of a firm was with us. He used to sell cosmetic goods, i asked him they were any good and if i could use them he said no they were not that good . So out of curiosity my next bomb on him was that then how he sold them , his answer was " with a bit of cleverly manipulated facts " , and i was like "WHAT" and he said "a bit of lie kid , that's what is required today". All right the day ended, but it left me in a state of confusion, and same old questions were back , that whether all things are same as they look , and that how something that is bad, is good when it satisfies our own selfish needs.

So working on these lines of facts i have mentioned  a few common things that so called grown ups do that leave teenagers and adolescents in confused state of mind. Please tell me if you have had any of these and what solution you got.

Fighting and violence is bad, but every other movie shows my favorite film star who is the "good guy" always resolves his matter in a duel

" Look kid fighting is not the best way to resolve a a matter you must be kind to others "

Well this was one of the few advices that i got from various people. Well still if you look at the list of the movies that were really popular like Terminator, Die hard series, Movies of Bruce lie and many more all had the essence of violence deeply involved in them for there success. Now I don't say that these movies were made to spread the act of violence  but still they did. They created a sense of belief in the minds of viewers that violence is a effective means to get the things done.

We all know that how much we love these movie stars and how much influence they have in our lives. It is said that the man who tried an unsuccessful attack on US President Ronald Regan saw a violent movie days before he attacked him was considering himself as the hero, who was doing something really great.

We censor the love scenes from the movies but we do let the fight scenes as it is in them. As a result a young teenager who sees these movies and sees the love and praise that the movie star gets gets lured to this act of violence.

But after he had engaged himself in the act of the violence the world rejects him and this leads to another lost soul with lots of confusion and just no objective in life in most of the cases as the boy sees no one he can follow now. 

" Don't worry so what if you failed"

" Don't worry so what if you failed"  now this is something that all of must have heard for atleast once in our lifetime. But still whenever some one fails all he gets is sympathy and in most of the cases not the support from all those around him.

Now  some one of you may say that your experience was something different. but i am talking of the whole bunch of people those who influence our life. If a child fails and he is sad over it and keeps on crying then we all may go to him to show our kind sympathy , but if he or she is quite apt to it and takes it lightly we may say that the child is not at all serious towards his studies or for that matter whatever the field may be. If we keep telling them to move on in life and never see failure as a failure but a stepping stone then why condemn them on there failure, grounding them , boycotting them and all.

"you son of a gun, you bi**h, f**k u " never use this kind of language

How many a time have you used those so called slang to abuse someone. Alright i don't want the answers you can keep them with yourself. Well most of the people find it cool to use those words and might use them as often as we brush our teeth. But we all know and acknowledge it that doing so is wrong but still we do. So the reason that I can understand is that some where deep in our mind we have a conception that doing so is cool and sets us apart from the crowd.

Well doing so does set you apart from the crowd by marking your tongue with the black paint , but does it make you look col i don't think so.

Recently i heard of a news in which a teenage girl called her mother with that B letter word (bi*ch) after she was arrested by the police for drinking and driving. Now that girl or for that matter other teenagers are not born with this kind of a language, they learn it from there surrounding. Now here i would like to especially point out at our movie stars and bands like linking park  those who have a big influence our our lifestyle. Now in a lot every other movie with exception to a few animated ones and those of Disney in every movie the iconic hero or the villain would like to call each other with these adjectives instead of something more civilized, there names for instance. And then those bands there so called great singers and rappers would like use these abusive words as if they were something nice to tell to a audience who is majority of teenagers.Now one may argue that those are the requirements of the scene and etc etc but the facts remain the same that they are giving a message to the society that there is nothing wrong in doing so , using these slang when you are angry is as natural as sleeping.

I don't want a ban,or the scissor of the censor board over these movies all i want to say is that they are confusing the teens of our society. They can't make out that whether what they are doing is wrong or right cause in one side there are those people whom they idolize giving these slang and all and pretending to be cool and on the other side is there society which tells that this is bad but still practices it.

"Don't tell lie, never cheat anyone"................. " No matter what you do just sell this product. tell them that its skin freindly and is ....... so what i

So what if its a lie and so what if your lie hurts someone as long as your both the ends get to meet. As a child we are always told not to lie , never to deceive anyone and then we grow up we are told "...don't talk like a child we got to make this thing happen so we need to tell a few lies to deceive them...." . I don't really understand that how something that is wrong for one can be so rightfully right for the other even though the outcome of both are the same.

Today we get paid for lie, the better you can more are you paid. Actually a lots of the professions like advocates , management students have turned up to the best lie tellers and to wrap up there lie in a more acceptable form they call it there cleverness and management tactics. And for those who think that this kind of a lie has no effect on our society in adverse way , well you have nevernever been so wrong. Just look around and tell me how many people are there whom you would trust your eyes closed, what! not even a one, well the situation is such that you won't even be able to count yourself in this list.

For those pseudo clever people who would like to argue that the whole world those the same and so those who don't can't survive it, all i have to say is that the world was not made this way we have corrupted it and so now its our job to clean this slick . And even today some of the industries work only on trust like diamond trading were just a word "MUZZLE" is far more strong than any contract any one who disobeys it is banished. Now we can't banish everyone for lie but we can for sure stop lieing ourselves to put a example forward.

"oh! its just a game son don't worry if you lost"

"oh! its just a game son don't worry if you lost" this something I was told every time I lost in any sports. But looking at the kind of behavior that people do sometimes when the teams they support loose . The y are on the streets breaking things,looting and some times even murders happen. Now just because your team lost you are destroying the public property that is supposed to be for our benefit only.

Moreover sometimes even the sports person try to sell their dignity for a few thousand bucks and are involved in match-fixing and doping.

Now a teenager who looks at this is sure to get in a lot of confusion, that whether this the way to react or not to react, and that whether loosing a game is really such a small thing to happen


As a conclusion i would like to say that its not our teens who are going in the wrong direction and who have forgotten there morals and ethics, but the so called adults. They are the once who are misleading teenagers they are the once who need to change and be disciplined first. if that happens then the tenns would have no reason to argue to.


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    • wittywit profile imageAUTHOR

      Pranshu Kumar Chaudhary 

      8 years ago from INDIA

      thanks for your comments and agreeing to my views

    • rzibit profile image


      8 years ago from Bals

      hehe...I guess this is kind of right...nice hub


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