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50 Ways To Beat a Cold Or Flu

Updated on February 7, 2014
Fifty ways to beat a cold or flu
Fifty ways to beat a cold or flu | Source

Nobody likes being ill - no matter what type of bug you pick up, chances are that the first tickle in your throat is something you either pretend you didn't feel, or throw as many drugs as possible at.

Although taking time off work or school is sometimes needed, if you have a busy job or a household to run, it's not always an option.

So we've compiled some great ways to treat a flu or cold and help get it out of your system as fast as possible - many of the items below can be used in conjunction to get rid of that nasty virus.

  1. Antibiotics - Use as a last resort so your body doesn't build up resistance to them.
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar - Mix with hot water and inhale.
  3. Avoid Alcohol - It dehydrates you and won't help.
  4. Avoid Coffee - Also dehydrates you.
  5. Avoid Dairy - Milks, creams and cheeses can block up your system and impact on the speed of your digestion, expending more energy.
  6. Avoid Exercise - Your body is working hard to get rid of the sickness, so making it work on something else leaves you wide open to getting worse.
  7. Avoid Flying - Changes in air pressure put even more stress on your respiratory system.
  8. Blow Your Nose (Gently) - Don't sniff back mucous, make sure you blow regularly. Don't blow too hard though, as it can cause ear ache.
  9. Blueberries - A great source of vitamin C and very good for you.
  10. Catch It Early - As soon as you feel the first tickle, make sure you start treating yourself for a cold.
  11. Cayenne Pepper - Helps your body heat up and sweat out the toxins.
  12. Cold & Flu Tablets - You can buy over the counter tablets which can help alleviate symptoms.
  13. Dark Chocolate - The natural kind. Great for a bad cough.
  14. Don't Talk - Talking, yelling or even whispering can irritate your respiratory system even more.
  15. Echinacea - Long been used as an herbal remedy for colds.
  16. Elderberry - You can have them fresh, dried or in a syrup. They are a natural immune system booster.
  17. Epsom Salts Bath - Not only can a hot bath help you relax, epsom salts can speed up the healing process and help you detox.
  18. Essential Oils - Sniffing oils like eucalyptus can help unblock a stuffy nose, and diluted peppermint can be dabbed on hands and feet. Make sure you check dilution amounts and poison information before using essential oils however, as some need to correctly administered.
  19. Fennel Tea - A great way to relieve respiratory issues.
  20. Fenugreek - In capsule or tea form. Great for clearing congestion and particularly for pneumonia.
  21. Gargling - Helps moisten a sore throat.
  22. Garlic
  23. Ginger
  24. Ginseng - A great way to ward off a cold is nibble the roots or take an extract.
  25. Great Tea - Helps keep you hydrated and relieve symptoms.
  26. Honey - Helps soothe and protect a sore throat.
  27. Hot & Cold Packs - Apply around congested sinuses.
  28. Hot Soup - Chicken is usually the recommended type.
  29. Humidifier - Helps you breathe easier.
  30. Hydrogen Peroxide - Drop a 3% mixture in the ears to help ear infections and relieve respiratory issues.
  31. Keep Clean - Keeping your hands and body clean helps prevent the buildup and spread of germs.
  32. Lemon Juice
  33. Licorice Tea - Licorice in all forms is good for a cough.
  34. Nasal Spray - Helps flush out toxins in your nose and unblock it.
  35. Onion - Although some claim this is a hoax, many people have had success using an onion close to their bed, claiming that it can absorb germs (just as it will absorb smells in your fridge.) Simply slice and leave on your bedside table.
  36. Oranges - Full of vitamin C and fiber.
  37. Pineapple - Helps break down and loosen mucous.
  38. Propped Up - Sleeping propped up can reduce coughing fits.
  39. Rest - The more sleep and rest, the faster you'll recover, as your body has more resources to fight with.
  40. Salt Water - Salt water is a great way to keep yourself feeling fresh as well as relieve sore throats. Swish it around your mouth when it's feeling yucky, to clean it or gargle.
  41. Shower, Bath & Bed - A very hot shower followed by a tepid bath is said to increase antibody activity in your body. Go to bed straight after and let the antibodies do their work.
  42. Skin Cream - Your skin can get dry while you're sick, especially around your nose if you're blowing regularly. Use a calendula or Vitamin E based cream to help it stay healthy.
  43. Socks - A lot of heat is lost through the feet, so keep your feet warm to keep yourself healthy.
  44. Steamy Shower - Helps with respiratory issues.
  45. Turmeric
  46. Vick's Vapor Rub - Can be rubbed on the chest, or feet.
  47. Vitamin C - Although studies indicate it may not help everyone, it can help reduce the length of a cold.
  48. Wasabi - Can help your body sweat out the toxins. Not for the faint hearted!
  49. Water - Drink lots and lots of it!
  50. Zinc - Available in tablets, liquid and other forms, it helps prevent the production of proteins that colds need to reproduce.


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