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6 Effective Ways to Increase Height In Children

Updated on December 6, 2018

Everyone wants their children to grow tall and strong as it is an indication of overall good health. A child's height is determined on the basis of genes and nutritional intake. Genetic factors account for about 60-70 percent of height growth and external factors like nutrition and exercise accounts the remaining 30-40 percentage. Therefore it is possible for parents to make their children grow tall and strong through these really effective ways.

Let us have a look at these 6 effective ways to make your child grow taller.

1. Balanced diet

2. Jumping rope

3. Sleep

4. Exercise

5. Avoid supplements

6. Stretching and Hanging

Balanced Diet

During the growth years it is necessary to give your child all the nutrients their body needs. This includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. The food they consume has to be healthy so that they grow up tall and strong. As a part of healthy diet add lean proteins which includes meat, fish, poultry and dairy products. Make them stay away from junk food like fried items, cool drinks, burger and carbs like pastries, cake and pizza. In combination with protein diet calcium and vitamin D should be given, this will benefit your child's growth. Zinc stimulates growth hormones effectively. So try to add zinc rich foods like peanut and squash seeds in their diet.


Jumping rope

Jumping rope is a full body exercise. It is an amazing exercise to do which has a great effect on height and makes your child healthier as whole. While jumping entire body stretches, which promotes growth. It will keep your child fit and active. It strengthens the bones in legs and also increases the quantity of HGH, the growth hormone, which is responsible for growth in the body.



Children require 10-12 hours of sleep daily. Getting enough sleep plays a direct role in making your child taller. This is because our body releases HGH while we sleep. Production of this hormone will go down if they do not get enough sleep.

It is suggested that

Newborns upto 3 months should sleep 16-18 hours each day.

Infants between 3 months to 1 year should sleep 14-17 hours.

Toddlers between 3-5 years should sleep 10-13 hours.

Kids between 6-13 years should sleep 9-11 hours.

Teens between 14-17 years should sleep 8-10 hours.

Adults between 18-64 should sleep 7-9 hours.

65 years and above should sleep 7-8 hours.



Daily exercises helps to grow height and maintain healthy weight. It also promotes HGH production. Activities such as bike riding, running and outdoor sports helps to keep your child grow tall. Children should get atleast one hour of exercise daily.


Avoid supplements

Use supplements with caution. Before taking any height growth supplement, read all the ingredients and talk to your doctor and make sure this will not endanger your child's health. There are only a few cases where supplements may increase height in children. However there is no medical or clinical evidence that one can grow taller by the intake of supplements. It is better to avoid these supplements.


Stretching and Hanging

Stretching is a great way to increase your child's height. Get your child start with simple stretches like wall stretch and legs stretch. Toe stretching is also great for elongation of spine.

Hanging is a playful and amazing way for height growth. Encourage your child to hang from bars and do plenty of exercises.


Although, there are many great ways to make your child grow taller. A good diet must be accomplished with regular exercise and enough sleep. Take care of your child and make him grow tall and strong.


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