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6 Movies to Inspire Fathers

Updated on November 17, 2022

Here are some great, entertaining, inspirational movies that any father, will enjoy and learn about life, family children and many other things. Whether you are new father or have been a father for some time these movies will entertain and inspire you.


This is the best inspirational film. It is filled with humor, action, relationships and a few different stories. It is about four police officers who are fathers, but struggle to understand their role as fathers, and how to connect with their child. They eventually come to understand and embrace what being a father to their children means.

Unconditional (2012)

This is a movie about a woman whose life is shattered by the death of her husband. She loses her faith as a result of this. She met up with an old school friend who helps her regain her faith and helps her through an extremely difficult time in her life. He turned out to be an inspiration to her when she sees how he is such a father figure to all the children. These are kids who are from a very rough neighborhood and have very difficult family situations. This is absolutely a wonderful great movie for all to see.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This movie is based on a true story of Chris Gardner who is a salesman and father that went through many hardships to build a better future for himself and his son. In this movie, stars Will Smith and his real life son, Jaden Smith to demonstrate the father and son relationship and how far a father will go to care, protect and be the father, his child needs despite financial difficulties and terrible circumstances. At some point, he had to sleep in the streets and even go to homeless shelters. He definitely had the perseverance to pursue happiness in spite of what was taking place. This is a real amazing movie that will enable the audience to be empathic and sympathetic of the struggles of others.

A Simple Twist of Fate

This movie is really sweet and inspiring. Steve Martin stars in this film. He was once married and looking forward to being a father, but something happened and it crushed his heart and dashed his hope of fathering a child. Then he moved to a small town, is now very lonely and a school teacher whose life is empty. Then one day a little girl walked into his place because her mother was hurt as a result of a snowstorm. The mom of this girl eventually dies and now he longs to adopt this little girl and raised her as his own. But a local politician attempts to come between them and the special relationship they share. This movie really shows the genuine relationship of love between a man and his adopted daughter.

A Letter to Dad (2009)

While eating hot-dog in the city, Dan felt that he met Sue, a woman who he considers one of the most beautiful woman ever. He asks her out and six months later he planned on proposing to her. However, his relationship with his father affected his decision to follow through with it. He wrote a letter to his father explaining his troubled childhood after his father left his family and how his life was affected by the divorce of his parents. As a result of taking this risk in sharing his pain and emotions,it opened the door for a better relationship with his father. This is a really treasured movie and it is based on a true story.

Daddy Day Camp (2007)

This is the sequel to Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy. Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in this adventurous movie. This is very funny and entertaining to watch, but has some very key lessons.

Which Movie is Great for Fathers and help for them to understand fatherhood?

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