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6 Questions, That should be Asked, If You Feel that Your Child has Been Violated

Updated on January 26, 2012

Silent Prison

Important Question You should Ask Your Children

1. Do you know What Sex is?

2. Has anyone ever touched you inappropriately?

3. Have you ever had Sex?

4. Has anyone ever behaved inappropriately with you?

5. Has anyone ever touched you in your private places?

6. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

These are questions which should be discussed with every child by the age of 12 years old.

1. Do you know what Sex is?

By the age of 12 every child has been exposed in one way or another to the topic of sex, whether it was a television program, that they shouldn't have been allowed to watch, or they may have spoken to a friend of theirs who has already been educated on the topic. The child should know that sex is something that shouldn't take place until they are out of high school, and either have gone to college, or after they are married. Sex is a gift between two people who are committed to each other through marriage

2. Has anyone ever touched you inappropriately?

This is a question that absolutely must be discussed with the child by the age of 12 years old, because they need to know that they can trust you completely, and tell you anything, you are there to support them in any and every way possible. The child should never be afraid to talk with their parents about anything that may be troubling them.

3. Have you ever had Sex?

Every child needs to be educated about sex and the consequences of having sex at an early age. every aspect of the consequences should be discussed and analyzed, and then always try and keep the child's attention on bigger and brighter things, to keep them away from having to much time on their hands.

4. Has anyone ever behaved inappropriately with you?

Children are often away from their parents and out of their sight, and someone, somewhere is always watching and lurking in the shadows for an opportunity to pounce at your child. should this ever happen, the child needs to know that there is no reason they should be afraid or feel ashamed, if an incident should occur. The child has to feel safe enough to talk to their parents openly, so that the perp can be brought to justice. Quite often the child is to afraid to tell anyone, or perhaps the person who took advantage of them is a relative, 9 times out of 10 it is usually someone that the child knows. Or they may feel as if no one will believe them.

5. Has anyone ever touched you in your private places?

Often a child will have something inappropriate happen to them, someone will either touch them in a bad way or try and take advantage of their innocent. The child must be aware that these things could happen to them and the must be prepared to avoid certain situations at all cost, but should something happen to them again the must feel as though they can talk about it with their parent or a school adviser. Another question that I thought of is question number 6 which is:

6. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Every parent needs to know whether or not their child has an interest in the opposite sex, because if so, then there are many other things that need to be discussed with the child as well. They need to know it's a fact of life, but that it has a time in life and 12 years old isn't the time.


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  • profile image 5 years ago

    Great hub! I wish more people would bring this to the for-front. I would like make suggestion. From personal experience, please tell your children what inappropriate touching is. Also ask if anyone has asked them to keep a secret. Again great up. Thank you.

  • Ashleymckinnon profile image

    Ashleymckinnon 5 years ago from Coleman, WI

    Excellent Hub. I have a lot of friends and family who have been violated and I'm glad there are resources like this available for parents. Just one pointer. You don't need those commas in the headline. Works just fine without them :)

  • KellyPittman profile image

    Kelly Pittman 5 years ago from Walker, LA

    Whew. A scary topic for a parent, huh? I had to have this conversation with my nine year old daughter. She asked me "What is the hump?" - I was so shocked but knew I couldn't ignore this. First, I wanted to know how she heard about this word. Sadly, her classmate was sexually abused by her own father and had told my daughter that her dad was in jail "because he did the hump on her". I then sat down and had the hardest conversation I've had with my kids so far. Too early? Yes I wish it could have waited, but I used this to open up a line of communication between me and my kids. I made sure they knew that if they have questions like this to not be afraid to ask me. I promised I would tell them the truth. Voted up and useful.