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7 Steps to Childcare

Updated on June 18, 2012

Childcare, the real meanig :

Is that enough, just to provide the basic necessities and look after a child, as if it's the only duty of parents?


Is it good to be very serious and strict with children, depriving them of true love and affection? What is the real meaning hidden in Childcare?

Childcare is not a child's play for anyone who really cares for them and understands them. Make the child know it's actual capabilities and build the self-confidence in it. It is very important for the parents to contribute or sacrifice a little for their children. This small contribution pays big dividends in it's later life. It makes a big difference in building the child's personality and future.

Brain of a child records all the events and instances it faces and sees in it's childhood. Later in life, the results of this will be seen. When it reaches the teenage or during the age of adolescence, they start refelecting whatever is recorded in their minds. The problems will be indirectly related to those incidents they came across in their tender age. freindly !

Many a times, children run away from their homes and become homeless just because they haven't been given enough freedom and not cared well by their irresponsible parents. The hostile environment at home and irritating behaviour from parents, forces them to take these extreme steps. They may attempt to suicide also. Further, in life they may be troublesome anti-social elements, smokers, drug edicts or some kind of sadists also.

Be supportive to child :

The 7 Steps :

It's the duty of parents to help the child to be a good and responsible citizen.

Here are 7 steps for an effective Childcare :
1. Be a role model or an example for your child.
2. Give the emotional and positive support to child.
3. Develop self-esteem and self-confidence in it.
4. Encourage and praise for the good work done by it.
5. Try to eliminate negative things or matters from it's mind.
6. Be firm in stance and consistent in communication.
7. Trust the child.



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