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Teenagers on a Dangerous Path with Drugs

Updated on January 29, 2012

Children, Drugs and the Warning Signs


Drugs and the Warning Signs

We were all teenagers at one point in our lives, and most of us have experimented with some type of illegal drug, whether it was marijuana, or crack, or some other type controlled substance.

Different era's produced different types of behaviors, for instance in the 1940's and 1950's we didn't hear to much about drug use except maybe the occasional pill popping, back in those days. However in the 1970's it seems, that this was when the hippies and the flower children took off, smoking grass, or marijuana, and eating schrooms, taking acid, blotter, micro dots, and all types of other narcotics.

Then in the 1980's is when teenagers were drinking plenty of alcohol, beer, and wine they were smoking a great deal pot, or grass and taking acid of all kinds. It was nothing to see, in some areas of any town teenagers walking down the street with a 40 oz bottle of malt liquor beer in their hands.

In the 1990's and 2000's was the era when everyone smoked plenty of marijuana the thing was to get high and live the free life, and drinking alcohol and popping pills basically anything they could get their hands on to get them high, they dropped downers by the dozens like barbiturates, lortabs, and shot heroin and also cocaine into their veins.

They snorted large amounts of cocaine until the got nosebleeds, they huffed paint out of brown paper bags, and later in the 2000's we began to hear about embalming fluid, which also goes by the name if water or sherm, because of its clear color, some of its affect on the person consuming it, was that it made them feel as if they had missing limbs, legs, and arms, they become very violent and are capable of killing someone if they provoked.

The people who took and are taking embalming fluid usually smoke it, inside of a cigarette which has been dipped in the fluid. After smoking the cigarette, they become very violent, and aggressive, seriously dangerous to everyone that they come in contact with, and they have no problem trying to hurt someone for no apparent reason, a total disregard for another human beings life.

There is no upside to taking drugs, unless you call being busted for possession of a controlled substance, and doing time an upside, oh sure, you get to go away for what will probably be a long needed rest I wouldn't go as far as to say that the rest will be relaxing unless you call fighting for your life on a daily basis relaxing.

The down side to drug use is that some adults indulge in using them they say its just for entertainment reasons but as if that weren't bad enough, some of them choose to use drugs with their teenage children, creating a downward spiral for the child and the means to an end for the youngster. Young people have no idea what they are getting themselves into when they experiment with drugs, because simply put, they can't control the urge any better then an adult can.

Ultimately most of the time the teenager will end up out in onto the streets with no where to go, because they have burned every bridge that they have crossed, and by that I mean they have robbed and stole from every family member and friend until no one wants them in their homes, because they cannot trust them not to steel from them.

If you are a parent with a young teenager still living at home and you suspect that they may be using drugs but you really can't tell, here are some tell tell signs that will help you to find out whether or not your teen is using drugs. One of the first giveaways that your child might be smoking pot is that they are always hungry, there will be a foul smell coming from their living area, bedroom, out perhaps an outside area where they like to hide for privacy.

They tend to like being along and can become very easily agitated, if bothered by something that doesn't interest them. If your child is smoking something other then marijuana for instance crack cocaine they will always need money, because crack is a very expensive high, your teenager may be doing something else to support their habit.

Crack users tend to steal from their family members; they steal anything expensive gold and other jewelry, or televisions and stereos. Once your child is strung out ton crack cocaine they have no pity for whom they rob, they will rob their grandparents, their own mother, their father or sister or even their brothers to get what they need to get high.

Crack heads have even been known to become very violently abusive, for instance they will pull knives, or draw a gun on you if they know that you have money and are refusing to give it to them. They usually foam at the mouth, like rabid dogs if they have been up for several days without sleep, and are starting to come down and need more drugs to continue getting high.

They will rent out their cars in exchange for drugs, and then report the car stolen. I once knew a 16 year old girl who sold her 2 month old baby girl to a drug dealer, in exchange for $300.00 worth of cocaine. The state ended up recovering the baby and removing her from the unfit home and then they charged the mother with reckless endangerment and abandonment she was sentenced to 8 years in a state penitentiary. She had a total disregard for human life, when it came to crack.

I have seen youngsters on street corners pandering for change, and then later I see those same youngsters coming out of known crack houses, I have also seen young girls selling themselves for money for crack. My thoughts are where are their parents? I would assume that their parents feel as though they have done all that they could do, and gave up on them. Which is not the answer in my opinion, a swift intervention is the answer seek family counsiling and ask about drug rehab and then stop all support and enabling of their distructive behavior.

Insist that they seek treatment or else you will not provide money nor assistance of any kind until they seek treatment, often drug rehab may be an option. Inform the police that the child is underage and has run away from home and that they should be picked up on sight and placed into a juvenile facility until other arrangements can be made.

Parents are now being held accountable for their children’s truancies and for them not going to school, so my advice is to set a court date with the family courts and inform the judge of the situation which you're going through, and asked that the court assist you with the situation so that you won't be charged for the actions of your delinquent child.

Here are a few more tips that something may be going on with your child, if they develop a cigarette smoking habit it usually is a clear sign that they may be smoking something other than cigarettes, they normally use cigarettes and alcohol to balance their high. Heroin use is a little bit easier to detect, but it will depend on how they are using it for instance, if your child starts to wear long sleeves in the summertime and that is out of character for them, you might want to try and see what they are hiding underneath those sleeves and if there are needle marks on their arms.

Often teens will speedball which is a combination of cocaine and heroin intravenously, and 9 times out of 10 most of them will overdose at least once in their life time. Needle marks are a sign that they are shooting up drugs unless they are diabetics, and bloody noses are a sign that they may be snorting cocaine. in large quantities. Sudden weight loss is usually cased by not eating because cocaine is an appetite suppressant. Heroin will cause your child to throw up if it is almost pure, and then they will dose or nod off to sleep.

Methamphetamine is a form of speed and can cause the child to hallucinate looking on the ground to see if they dropped drugs, it will keep them awake for 3 to 4 days at a time, but by then they are at risk of a heart attack or stroke or even death. Never try and detain a teen that's under the influence of a controlled substance, of any kind it could get you hurt, simply call out the reinforcements like the police, or several relatives because there is safety in numbers.

I hope that this article is useful or informative to someone, and if you find that it is useful then please give it a vote up. Thank you for reading my story.

Stay Blessed,

Sincerely, Viv Darling


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  • shea duane profile image

    shea duane 6 years ago from new jersey

    Interesting hub, but alcoholism was an epidemic in the 1030s, 40, and 50s. It is still today. Under 18 DWI arrests are generally not reported in police blotters because the 'accused' is under 18. Alcohol is as serious a problem in the US as CDS. Great topic though.


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