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A Disturbing Difference between a stip club, and an R movie in Theaters???

Updated on March 21, 2009

A possible Solution to this tweeners and parents!!!!!

       I’m wondering if you would consider an idea, which would produce revenue for the State of Massachusetts, possibly with other states in America.  The idea is to ban minors from watching rated R movies in theaters, by closing the loop hole of minors under 17 not admitted without parents clause. 

 The state of the economy is bad, and  I understand that, your considering of raising the gas tax.  Although, if you would consider a humble suggestion.  The suggestion is to ban minors from watching Rated R movies, with their parents.  The system was put into place to prevent minors from being mentally abused.  This system is outdated and needs to be revamped.  The Cinemas in general is do nothing about this growing problem. Cinemas are in business to make a money themseleves, and the owners don’t care.
 The idea hopefully is to put a law into place, to prevent minors from being exposed to rated R movies in theater, with their parents or guardian.   With this problem arises an argument of what is the difference between a public rated R movie theaters , and a public strip club.  You cannot take a child into a strip club with a parent, without being accused of child abuse, but a parent everyday takes a child to see a Rated R movie, which exposes him or her to moral questionable suggestive behavior.  A second argument is what is the difference between serving alcohol to a minor, and serving violent images, explicit sex scenes, rage, and adult language to a minor.  Its illegal to serve alcohol to a minor, because it can cause life long damage to him or her.  In the same token a disturbing film, will cause life long damage to mental judgments or visual distortion to a minor.  In fact, a parent or guardian can get busted in the household for serving alcohol to a minor, but a parent or guardian can’t be touched when he or she exposes a minor to a violent public big screen movie. 

 What is the difference between the two, nothing they both influence and stimulate the same way.  Children will be influenced by just about anything their exposed too.  Minors cannot commit crimes on their own, they had to have learned it somewhere. 

 A disturbing trend which is becoming more and more common.  This trend of parents, with kids in rated R movie theaters has led minors  to committing crimes against each other.  Crimes such as, shootings, beatings, and having sex with each other etc.  Situations like these are getting worse through every younger generation.  (According to 7 news an 8 year old boy from Brockton shoots his an 11 year old friend in the back of the head with a pellet gun).  Where do think he got the knowledge do this act?  We as responsible adults need to take action, and be responsible as role models for our younger generation. 
 What I’m proposing is to issue or make a law, which fines the movie theater with a $1000.00 fine for each minor whom is inside a rated R movie room.  Furthermore, charge the parents with a $100.00 fine for each minor present with the parent or guardian.  According to Life Site (Dartmouth Researchers discovered that approximately 22 million minors went to see a Rated R movie.   That means 440,000 minors were inside watching rated R movies with their parents last year alone.  If you calculated 440,000 minors and gave them all fines of $1000.00 you would increase the states revenue with adding $44,000,000.00 that would make a difference to the states budget.  

 In conclusion 48 percent of minors are introduced to violent acts every day.  Violent acts that are mimicked time and time again with the young and the older generation.  Using this tool of fines would reduce costs to the prison system, along with the welfare system.  In fact we as the people of the commonwealth should be leading the way to a better future for our younger generation.  I come accoss to the public with this suggestion...




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