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A Granddaughter's Gift

Updated on June 18, 2009

Our granddaughter Helena Grace

Helena with Nanna and Grandpa
Helena with Nanna and Grandpa

Helena Grace


A Granddaughter’s Gift

We loved her before she was born and tried to imagine what she would be like.  We prayed for health and safety in utero and when she was born.  Nothing could have prepared us for the joy and love she has brought in to our lives.

Helena Grace was born in the fall, at the end of September.  I heard her first cry, quite by accident, but I was there.  I met her even before my daughter held her in her arms for the very first time. 

She gifts us with smiles.  She gifts us with giggles.  She gifts us with funny expressions she makes. 

Wendy and Brian (Helena’s parents) would never be the same again.  Life was much fuller and richer when Helena graced them with her presence (no pun intended).  They adore Helena and are caring and wonderful parents to her.  They keep up with the latest in baby news, follow the Canada Food Guide to the letter and prepare homemade baby food from scratch.  Helena has tasted food that her nanna hasn’t even tasted such as avocado. 

Helena is now eight months old and able to do things most eight month old babies are not able to do.  Some of her early achievements were sitting, crawling and climbing.  Her first two teeth came early. 

Everyone lights up when Helena comes in a room.  The whole atmosphere of the room changes for the better.  Tension eases and smiles replace it.  Helena loves the attention she gets.  She poses for photos and must be the most photographed baby on earth. 

There aren’t words to describe all the gifts Helena brings to our lives.  Her smile is infectious and her laughter is heartwarming.  She’s a charmer.  She is inquisitive and likes to investigate new things each day. 

Helena Grace has enriched us so much in these past eight months.  I am sure she will continue to surprise us with her uniqueness and character. 

You truly are one of a kind Helena, a one of a kind gift, the best gift of all. 



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    • westernangel profile image

      westernangel 8 years ago from Canada

      Hi Rochelle, Yes, grandchildren are a beautiful gift :)

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 8 years ago from California Gold Country

      Grandchildren are a beautiful gift. So special.

    • westernangel profile image

      westernangel 8 years ago from Canada

      You''re right Phyllis. How many grandchildren do you have? They are each individual and unique and so precious. :)

    • profile image

      Phyllis 8 years ago

      I don't think there is anything more precious than grandchildren.

      Wait Angie, until she calls you grandma, it still tugs at my heart.

      I would not trade my grandchildren for anything.