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A Help for the Kids with Learning Problems

Updated on September 2, 2011

There are different signs that you can see in kids with learning problems. They don't learn to speak straight in right time and age, they are finding difficult to recognize letters and numbers, can't even say a simple word, being confused with sounds, and can't even follow simple instructions.

Helping your Child

What can you do if you're seeing that your child is having a problem in learning. First, have him/her checked by a specialist if s/he is having a problem with his/her hearing ability or sight and ask for a diagnosis. If it is really a learning problem, you child needs you emotional support. Remember, learning problem doesn't affect your child's intelligence.

Grab any program being provided by the schools for your child, like tutorials. Ask the teacher for help. Maybe the teacher can let your child seat in the front row and give your child a longer time to finish the home works. During examinations, aside from written instructions, you may ask the teacher to read it aloud to your child and let your child answer them verbally. A child with learning problems may become forgetful and unorganized. Get another set of books that your child can use at home. When doing assignments in computer, teach your child of the spell checker.

Spend few minutes with your child in reading. A child with dyslexia is better ask to read aloud so you, parent, can guide and give suggestion on how your child can read correctly. You can also read before your child and ask him/her to follow you. Let your child highlight or underline the words he/she is finding difficult to read.

In Mathematics, teach your child in practical ways like measuring ingredients in cooking, using meter in carpentry, or in buying in the market. Better use as well graph papers and diagrams. If your child has a difficulty in writing, try using thick pencils and papers with wider lines. Magnetic letters can help your child in spelling.

There are several ways to help children with ADHD. Before talking to them, look first in the eye. Let them do their assignments in a quiet place and let them take a break. A child with ADHD tends to be hyper active. Let a child do something worth doing like fixing broken things or cleaning the house as well as gardening.

Become Successful

Nurture your child's talent. Pursue his/her abilities. Whatever your child does, no matter how little, as long as he/she gives effort on it, praise it, and give rewards. When you are giving your child a task, give it little by little so that he/she will see that s/he has accomplished something. Make use of figures and diagrams of tasks so s/he can do one task in a time.

It is really important for a child to learn how to read, write and compute. You can be sure that when you give your child a moral support and guidance, your child will learn - maybe just in a different way. Just be positive.


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